Live from Japan: Super Street Fresh Meet 3: Part 2

Here we go! It’s exciting having more than one post with actual content in a month around this time. Thank god for guys like Galen that go on trips AND take pics lol.


I can’t help but think of Jack and Eric when I see this duo together. Nearly the same except for the colour… Pretty dope!


An R33 on TE37’s – a rarer sight to see around here since it’s not as popular as the R32. It’s also difficult to find one nicely done if you do fine one. A Soarer and a Supra. Heavy line up…


A closer look at the Supra on Meisters



An R32 in Calsonic Livery/decals


A Spoon/J’s themed Fit/Jazz on some wide TE37v’s and fender flares


Up front  an aggressive splitter/rod combo.




Right behind that one was another… In a different theme altogether


Also sitting low on TE37’s


Also sporting a J’s Racing GT wing. I’m a softy for these…


The front is an aggressive carbon J’s Racing front and hood.




The duo together.



More of the RB BMW



All black FD RX7 on Meisters



How can you just walk by this people?!


Red Bull livery


Like I said… TE37’s on everything!


A duo of classics




C63 AMG on Work CR’s with the fender just barely touching


The rear quarter has seen better days I’m sure



Crazy. Breaking this guys neck in the back too.







A very nice example of a clean S13 on Work Meisters. The colour is perfect too.


Do I need to say it again?


Interesting parking set up lol.


Infiniti G37/Nissan Skyline V36 slammed to the ground




And we’ll end the Super Street meet with a very clean Supra on CE28’s. Tokyo Auto Salon content coming up!




Just a shameless plug post – some good visual/art porn for you though.

As you know, I tried my hand at vector art for weeks only to fail pretty badly. I personally think I did decent through YouTube tutorials and DeviantART write ups. I never got as far as the outline and one shade of colour before I got frustrated and gave up. I think I spent more time cursing at the screen than doing actual work.

Those of you that may have tried self-teaching may or may not know my pains. If you do, then you’ll surely appreciate the below. If not, I envy you. I’m personally not one to give up on stuff like this, but I just couldn’t devote the time and resources to it to be successful at it. ALL I wanted was to make a vector of my own car and then that’s it LOL.

Anyway, Ricky has gone the extra mile and did what I couldn’t do and it’s amazing how fast he’s progressed over the last few weeks. He went from spending a few days to complete a project to now churning them out in less than a day. With only a few pieces under his belt, it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s creating masterpieces. Don’t get me wrong, these are amazing already but just seeing the progression with these pieces alone means there’s lots more to come.

He’s currently accepting commissions to do more work. I encourage you to hit him up and get him to do a render for you. When you support artists, it helps them become better artists. A year from now, you’re gonna want him to do another and another and another! I heard from a little birdy that there’s plans for more than just a file with your car art… *cough*merchandise*cough*. Behold!


My FRS. Attention to detail and really his first completed piece. I’m honoured to have had my car be one of the first and to be the stepping stone to other great pieces…


Shortly after, he did a very cool progression render of Don’s ex Golf R in its’ various stages.


Next, he started playing around with more popular cars that we’ve surely seen over the interweb. LibertyWalk Ferrari. You can already see the progression of detail.  Print

Not too long after, an RWB Porsche. Again, more detail in the wheels and reflection. Absolutely beautiful colour.


And his latest piece – a LB Audi R8. This time with some background to give it some more pop.

Hit him up and get some work done!

Happy Canada Day!

Man, it feels like I haven’t been on here forever… And I really haven’t! I apologize in every post for not posting, but I seriously never have time lately. Adulting is hard and I have no motivation to shoot anything lately. I need something amazing to spark that flame of inspiration in me again and I just haven’t seen or found it yet.

It’s been a while since Diana and I have hung with the guys so we decided to make some time today to go have some lunch and ice cream in Cochrane. It’s Canada Day today so it’s a nice break from work and the usual weekend errands that otherwise take up time before another week of work starts up.

I decided to bring my camera along to take some pics – nothing fancy – but something to get some car stuff back here.

IMG_7949 copy

I never really posted it, but we bought a new car a few weeks ago and picked it up last week! Can anyone guess what it is?

IMG_7950 copy

Maybe this will be helpful?

IMG_7964 copy

A 2017 Rav4 Hybrid! I’m actually so stoked over this car, it’s a little ridiculous. It’s the first time that Toyota has introduced the Hybrid technology in the Rav4, but Toyota is no newcomer to the Hybrid game. It’s just fun to drive for some reason and I didn’t think I’d be stoked over an SUV, but this is new and exciting to me. The mileage is amazing… We’ve driven everywhere in this thing and have racked up 450km on it and still have about 300km to go. Too rad.

IMG_7951 copy

While sitting inside the garage, I admired the FRS from afar.

IMG_7954 copy

And the neglected one now… The Corolla still does the job but it’ll likely be my winter car now.

IMG_7960 copy


IMG_7969 copy

IMG_7971 copy

Everyone showed up shortly and Gopesh introduced us to his new buddy – Shogun – an American Bulldog. 4 months old – too cool.

IMG_7975 copy

Back to back with Punit’s GS450h. So shiny.

IMG_7976 copy

We arrived in Cochrane about 25 minutes later. We took the scenic route but didn’t get a chance to stop anywhere for pictures.

IMG_7978 copy

IMG_7980 copy

They look too good!

IMG_7982 copy

IMG_7988 copy

IMG_7990 copy

IMG_7992 copy

IMG_7995 copy

IMG_7997 copy

Some shots on the way up back to Calgary.

IMG_8000 copy

IMG_8001 copy

IMG_8003 copy

Shogun being shy and not wanting to come out…

IMG_8007 copy

IMG_8008 copy

IMG_8009 copy

IMG_8010 copy

IMG_8012 copy

Nice view, nice weather. Thankfully it didn’t rain!

IMG_8013 copy

Ending it here with Shogun! Thank you to everyone still sticking around! Hopefully I have time to do more car stuff soon!

Driven 2016: Part 5

The last installment to my Driven coverage. Like every year – it’s been tiring, it’s been long, and it’s been fun. Even though it was an early start for the show this year, everyone came out with their game faces on and really helped put on a great show.

Thank you to all of you that have been sharing my posts, for sending me pictures (that I’ll post shortly!) and most of all, for enjoying them and tagging me in all your stuff. Most importantly, thank you to everyone for bringing your A-game to the show and making this even more enjoyable than the year before.

This post finishes up the rest of the full car shots that I was able to get and some detail shots I got while running around with my 50mm… Enjoy!

IMG_6882 copy

IMG_6795 copy

The engine bay shot of the STRD Civic… Monster.

IMG_6815 copy

Another shot of Giuseppe’s incredible R32. Seeing his car in pictures is one thing, but the presence that his car has in person is something else. It’s the only R32 that can get me moist – no homo, Giuseppe.

IMG_6892 copy

IMG_6893 copy

A really clean IS in the Legit Society booth.

IMG_6894 copy

Another clean widebody Genesis in the Legit Society booth. Everyone’s got bolt on fender flares and I’m over here like “why would I want to cover up those sexy curves?”.

IMG_6895 copy

IMG_6897 copy

R33 Skyline from Legit Society. Not the most popular Skyline chassis around, but it can look good if executed right.

IMG_6899 copy

IMG_6900 copy

I liked this Varis Evo. I feel like it needed a GT wing to balance out the front… But you know me…

IMG_6903 copy

IMG_6905 copy

IMG_6904 copy

Kelvin’s 240SX on white TE37’s. My fave.  IMG_6906 copy

Brandon’s RSX-S on white TE37’s sitting right beside Kelvin’s. Twinsies… Brandon’s RSX-S is exactly how I wanted to build a RSX back in the day. Black with white TE37’s.

IMG_6909 copy

Another shot of Dicken’s Evo X. Great colour combo.

IMG_6910 copy

IMG_6913 copy

Romel’s Celica. God this thing is so clean… Every time I see it, it’s under a car cover tucked away in the corner of the garage with body panels and stuff all over it. Then once a year, it comes out looking like mother fuckin’ Beyonce and shits on the show. Peep his new TRD aero jacket addition up front. JDMMMMM

IMG_6914 copy

Benny’s F20 swapped AE86. Looks exactly the same from the day I shot it centuries ago… I wouldn’t have changed a thing anyway. Perfection.

IMG_6915 copy

IMG_6916 copy

Ricky’s GTI slammed on SSR’s in Spectrum Silver. It’s a shame that they can’t shine like they should indoors. The colour is still one of the best.

PS: did you know – days later, Ricky found hundreds (if not thousands) of baby spiders in his wheel well? Fucking NASTYYYY. It’s for sale now (I’m making the executive decision for him).

IMG_6917 copy

Some shots with my 50mm… Trying to be artsy I guess.

IMG_6918 copy

Can’t forget about Rich who dropped beats all day long. He even took my request to play Clarity. You must always play Clarity at a car show.

IMG_6922 copy


IMG_6924 copy

ZE40’s… Face 4… Yum.

IMG_6926 copy

Trung’s S2000

IMG_6927 copy

Craft Square

IMG_6929 copy

More ZE40’s on Jimmy’s M3

IMG_6933 copy

JC and Barb manning the table. Remember – all proceeds (100%!) go to Red Cross!

IMG_6935 copy

Rich AKA Candy Boy.

IMG_6936 copy

Josh’s slammed A4 wagon. I absolutely love Josh’s car.

IMG_6938 copy

Meisters are perfect for this set up.

IMG_6942 copy

Arif’s colour matched fender cut outs.

IMG_6944 copy

Eric’s S15 static on Work T7R’s

IMG_6945 copy

Dat fitment doe. #stancenation

IMG_6947 copy


IMG_6948 copy


IMG_6951 copy

Yes, you saw above…

IMG_6949 copy

Mugen intake

IMG_6952 copy

Awesome detail all around in this AE86

IMG_6953 copy

IMG_6959 copy

GT wings!!!

IMG_6961 copy

Rocket Bunny. I absolutely love the 350Z and RX7 kitted with RB.

IMG_6965 copy

Whoa. I literally just surprised myself as I scrolled through and saw this pic. I don’t even remember taking this – I didn’t really take as many shots as I should have of my own car… I love it because this is as black and as shiny as it’ll ever be.

IMG_6966 copy

Punit’s GS450H

IMG_6968 copy

Can’t forget about JC’s table set up. Not sure if you guys were able to go around and see it, but this was my favourite table set up from JC so far…

IMG_6970 copy

Sapporo beer and Pocky…

IMG_6971 copy

With some Sushi to go with it. Perfect!

IMG_6972 copy

What Rota’s? NO ROTA’S.

IMG_6975 copy

Nostalgic Hero slap on Benny’s AE86

IMG_6976 copy

IMG_6977 copy

Rear shot of the Honda Beat. Peep that titanium exhaust.

IMG_6981 copy

Alex’s engine bay. Impeccable attention to detail – if you didn’t know, you could easily walk right by all the beauty that is contained in here…

IMG_6983 copy

If you looked closely, you could also see all the Mugen bolts holding everything together. Hell, there are Mugen bolts where you can’t even see them.

IMG_6985 copy

Another shot of that wet wet.

IMG_6987 copy

Another shot of JC and Barb.

IMG_6992 copy

This one is for Errol. A shot of Dannie Riel with my creeper lens…

IMG_7005 copy

IMG_7011 copy

Barb made me grab my perv lens btw so that we could go and get some pics of the bikini competition. We ended up getting there too late and I was all the way at the back so I didn’t get much. But here were the top 3. Sorry guys, no body shots…

IMG_7018 copy

Back to the RB 350Z. Beautiful…

IMG_7019 copy

And a rear quarter shot of the RB RX7

IMG_7022 copy

And one from the front. It was a tight space to get a good shot but it is also worth noting the awesome paint job from Nick Prah once again here…

IMG_7025 copy

One more of my whip.

IMG_7026 copy

And the last few pics on my camera were at the request of Arif. He specifically asked that “lifewithjson guy with no A” to come take some extra shots of his car… The sun was shining through perfectly so why not?

IMG_7028 copy

IMG_7030 copy

A better shot of his new J’s hood.

IMG_7033 copy

And voila.

We are finished!! I think I have just a few more things to post from Driven that isn’t as pic heavy, but those will go up shortly. Thanks for tuning in!