Tim Lee’s Supercharged Honda Civic

Sorry for the delay in posts lately… It’s another burst of busy for me lately and I haven’t had much time to sit down and do much blogging. Not to mention it’s also officially super shitty outside with the snow outside now. We got our first dump this weekend and it’s sticking around now for a while. The number one thing I hate hearing on the radio or the news is “There is a snowfall warning in effect” because it makes it so much more worse than it actually is. Sure, we’re getting 15cm or snow throughout the weekend but if they would just say exactly that – “We are expecting approximately 15cm of snow from Saturday through to Sunday”, then people wouldn’t be all scared and butthurt drivers. It sounds exponentially better than “There is a snowfall warning for this Saturday and Sunday and we are looking at getting 15 cm of snow”. Warnings in general make people freak out. It seems like for the past few years, they like to put out warnings every week… If it was 50cm of snow, then I’d be cool with it.

Anyways – the end is also coming to all of the photoshoots that I was in such a hurry to do a month or so ago. They’ve gone so quick and it’s not even December yet lol! I say it for every one that I post up but this is also one of my favourite shoots from the year – that’s not to say the other ones I’ve shot weren’t good, but it’s hard to separate great builds from other great builds, if you know what I mean. For example, if we put the last few Honda’s that I’ve shot against each other in terms of the best build – it wouldn’t be an easy choice. In fact, I’d probably spend days upon days thinking about it and when I finally do reach a decision, I’d probably end up changing it again anyways. That’s how awesome these cars are IMO and it’s a shame that they haven’t gotten much recognition. Maybe they don’t want it, but I’m happy that I can share a bit of it with everyone.

The last Honda photoshoot of 2013 for me was Tim lee’s S/C K20 Honda Civic. This, like all the other ones I’ve shot is quite a rare sight to see. Of all of them, I think I’ve seen this a total of once in my life, and that was at the illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine. Before that, I had never seen it and I have never heard of it… That’s how often Tim takes it out. It’s one of those cars that are just built so perfectly and put together so meticulously that you want to drive it so much that you just don’t – if that makes any sense.

As you scroll through the pics you’ll just see how immaculate the car is. The paint still looks like it was just painted yesterday, the pieces are all in perfect condition and it’s just really refreshing to look at and take it all in. It’s a work of art, really. Some people build cars because they want to drive it for what it was built for. Others do it to create masterpieces that might be best left alone – maybe drive it around the block once or twice. Whatever the case may be, Tim’s car is the perfect example of that type of art.

Inside the cockpit is a Spoon steering wheel but what part of the car even looks like it’s been used? Tim’s car is one that will age by the year, but will remain aesthetically pristine. Every other part on the interior are all replaced with JDM eg6 parts.

Nothing but wet paint on the outside. All put together perfectly – almost like Honda would have built it. The Spoon wing out back, wings west front lip and type R sides and rear lips are perfect to finish the exterior off.

Behind the Spoon SW388’s are Spoon twin blocks. The word “Spoon” will probably be used a hundred times in this post.

I actually really loved his license plate. Translation from Chinese to English is literally “No Money” – which is what this lifestyle will mean if you are involved in it. This is probably one of my favourite vanity plates of the ones I’ve seen because it’s so true and funny haha… And to top it off, he’s got Mugen bolts holding that plate on.

Can’t forget about the Spoon seats. What would this build be without Spoon seats?

Oh and Asimo too. Honda boys need Asimo.

It doesn’t stop on the outside. Under the hood is a Comptech supercharged K20. Tim’s car was originally owned by Terry – owner of the turbocharged K20 ITR I shot not too long ago. When Terry owned it, he was the one that did the K20 swap. Once Tim took ownership, he finished it off by adding the supercharger and finally adding all the Spoon goodies on it.

Not too far from the shoot location, there was a brand new warehouse. We initially found it when we shot Hoang’s car but we were hesitant to go in because we were afraid there was some alarm system guarding the place even though it was unlocked. This time, we decided we’ll just give it a shot – if anybody came by and asked us what we were doing, we would just say we were taking some pics, the door was unlocked, and so we decided to go in quick. Take a peek at how prime this spot is.

There were multiple doors we could go through and we just had to pull the chain to get in. It reminded me of the scene in 2Fast2Furious where all the cars are in the bay and they rush out afterwards…

Nathan and I were parked outside.

Side profile. Love the stance on this.

Lighting was nice in this spot. It was a little harsh against the white drywall but it worked well with his all black car.

The lighting made for awesome detail in his VIS carbon hood.

Overhead shot of Tim’s engine bay. Super clean.

Head on.

Look at how great those SW388’s fit.

View from the back. So immaculate… I love the look of perfect black paint. Now is a good time to note that Tim also got the car repainted in the NSX’s Berlina Black. Perfectttt

On the way out.

Rolling in the sunset to finish Tim’s awesome photoshoot off. This was a gooder.

Thanks to Nathan again for helping set this one up as well and for Tim for coming out! Always a good time.

Michael Kwan’s Toyota Supra MK3

Again – another photoshoot in the bag yesterday afternoon. A beautiful afternoon – might I add.

In 2011 when we went to DTP in Vancouver, I met Michael Kwan – at the time, he shot for illmotion in the BC area and it wasn’t until we got there for the show that I saw his car. Absolutely mint MK3 Toyota Supra – original paint and everything. His fitment at the time was just out of this world and up until today, it still retains the neck-breaking status that it had 2 years ago. Michael has done an absolutely awesome job at keeping his Supra in great condition and it’s not something that is easy to do. Especially when you have such an amazing car – most of us would just want to drive it.

After seeing his Instagram post last week of his Supra – I immediately commented asking to shoot it. And immediately, he responded and agreed. Fast forward to yesterday – JC and I met up with Michael and were on our way. I know I’ve said it before, but damn I love shooting coloured cars. Red, Blue, Indigo… They just pop so nicely when they’re clean and put together properly.

Michael has been putting the Supra together slowly over the years and he’s looking to add flared fenders to the rear to compliment his front carbon fenders – which by the way, look mean as f*** when he’s behind you.

Let’s get going…
PS – Access to the full high res set here:
Michael Kwan’s Toyota Supra MK3


The first location that we were at – under the new C-Train overpass. Love this spot.


Perfect stance and fitment. Aggressive.


And a shot from the rear.


Up close of the wheel and brake combo. Work Meister S1 3Pc + Wilwood BBK





JC and I chillin’ off to the side. Hot as F yesterday too.


Another shot showing off the beautiful red paint that Michael has done an awesome job keeping in immaculate condition.


JC and I messing up the place up. Got us on video too haha


Under the Crowchild overpass. It was tough to shoot at this location because it was all muddy and nasty everywhere still from the flood. Hard to believe it was all covered in water here just a few days ago…


Up close of his immaculate carbon front fenders.


And dat lip.


Another shot. Couldn’t get enough of the fenders. The weave was on point.


Shot of the underpass where it was flooded… People biking now.


And a shot of Michael’s Supra from where we were standing.


Posted up at Mercedes. lol


OK here come the rollers. I love rollers – and Michael was itching for rolling shots. So I took a bunch – I’ll just post them all up at once!


Coming down Bow Trail.


This one was my personal favourite – this was the one I posted on my Instagram yesterday. The green from the trees, the blue from the sky, the red of his car and the gold on the wheels. Such a beautiful combo!


A shot I took intentionally trying to get JC’s car in the photo. Check that lip.


Another great shot down the Bow Trail pass.



Last one. The sun was coming down hard all day – I’m so glad I got a polarizer lol. I have a few more shots that I’ll go through over the next few days and post them up…

Oh yeah… Happy Canada Day everyone!

Voltex TLC

For a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that my wing has been kind of hazy and not as shiny as it used to be and I always thought it was just because I hadn’t washed it or wiped it properly and I ended up leaving it. I had some free time today and decided to wipe it down with some QD – turns out it’s not dirt or anything, it’s hard water spots that have etched itself into the clearcoat and hazed it up. It’s a pain because the surface is super rough and not smooth like it should be, you can’t just rub it away either because your arm would probably fall off before it did anything.

Luckily I have my PC polisher and some leftover Optimum polish I was able to use. The polish is used to remove 1500-2000 grit swirls on paint, but I’ve found that it’s good enough to remove tons of things like haze on the headlights as long as it’s not too bad, a majority of light swirls and marring on paint and of course, getting carbon fiber back to the nice shine it used to have back on day 1.

Lesson of the day – a lot of people say that their clear coat on their carbon stuff is wrecked and most of the time it’s just a lack of care, despite what they may argue. I’m guilty of that because I usually just washed and dried. With proper polishing and waxing, the clear coat on the carbon should – provided it’s not some shitty product – last a loooooong time.

Some before pictures. Here’s the edge of the wing. It’s hazing and you can see that weird stuff.

The rest of the wing. It looks pretty bad in person and it’s all over the wing. It doesn’t even come off if you rub your finger across either.

The upper deck of the wing.

Another closer shot of the hazing and etching. It probably doesn’t help that the wing also takes quite a beating even for daily driving from just being in the flow of the air and rain.

After polishing with Optimum polish, I finished off with P21s and left it on there for about 20 minutes. This jar has lasted me a good 4 years and it’s just on it’s last stretch. A great wax for sure.

After the polish and wax. No more hazing or etching. The weave looks perfect.

The rest of the deck. I like this picture because you can’t really tell where the point of focus is. It’s right in the center, but it’s tough to see since a white wall is reflecting off of it and there’s really nothing that’s preventing the reflection since it’s back to normal.

That edge again. All good.

Again – another shot of the deck. All done! Take care of your carbon pieces people.

Gangster Award Goes to…

Last Sunday we went to the Prostate Cancer Show & Shine and show some support for the guys that put this on. We didn’t put enter our cars into the show because, as you can see from the pictures, we probably wouldn’t have fit in very well haha. However, there was one GTR there and an Eclipse that looked like it came straight from The Fast and the Furious. Black paint with gold sparkles, yellow accents and interior, suicide doors and all. I didn’t end up taking a picture of it because I wasn’t sure if I was going to even try and edit it. In retrospect, I should have taken it so I could have posted it here for you guys to see because my description is pretty useless.

Anyways, the show was definitely something different than what we were used to. Everything from classics, muscles, and completely custom and hand built cars were out that day. I’ll admit that I almost felt like I was looking at the same thing over and over again. Mustangs, Shelby’s, Camaro’s… It all started looking like the only thing that was changing was the color of the car. I guess that’d be the same if they came to our shows haha. Although, the cars and their pristine condition and the power they were all pushing was amazing. These are the cars that are truly garage queens – they don’t really get driven unless it’s to a show or to rip around the block real quick to put a smile on the owner’s face. Everything from the paint to the leather on the seats, the dash and floor mats looked like they’ve never been used. I personally couldn’t own a car and never drive it no matter how much I loved it in it’s perfect condition.

As we were walking, we stumbled across this Camaro… my jaw literally dropped. It’s like a little bit of JDM lived in this guy and his car. Let’s take a look…

Perfect swirl-free paint finish. Almost looked like it was murdered out but wait…

Carbon lipped wheels. I have no idea what wheels they are but I loved it. He had the size and offset on point with 315’s on the rear. What made me the most excited was that they weren’t gaudy, blingy or obnoxious wheels. This car was already my favourite – what more could I ask for?

As we were drooling over his car, the owner came by and opened up the doors for us. Take a close look at everything in this car. It looks as though nothing has been used. The carbon accents flow inside onto the steering wheel, gauges, and he’s wrapped the center console area with carbon too. Take an even closer look and you’ll see paddle shifters. Fully functional, 4 speed paddle shifters.

A pulled back shot to see his seats. Again, pretty mint except for the little wrinkles from driving to get gas from his house I bet. Nicely bolstered too.

The details don’t stop there. We didn’t notice it at first, but he had a full carbon hood as well. Painted to show the classic racing stripes, except the racing stripe was the exposed carbon. At first we thought it was just vinyl but a look underneath shows that it actually wasn’t. The paint job was absolutely perfect.

A look in the engine bay and it once again – it looks like it’s never been used or touched. There are no scratches on anything and this had to be the cleanest bay hands down at the show that day. You can see his bumper is also carbon – painted the same way the hood was. His trunk was also carbon and the stripes went all the way down to the back. Now if you scroll back up to the first picture, you’ll see a little “lip” – or what we would call it anyway, and that was full carbon as well.

I hope the guy won something because it was definitely an eye catcher. Super nice dude to talk to as well. Well done, sir.