TiBurnt x Craft Square – Part 2

Just a small update…

Al over at TiBurnt recently added a new part to his collection – titanium countersunk washers – to go with the bolts for the Craft Square mirrors and sent them to me to finish off the set. In first post about the titanium bolts, I said I was initially OK with just have the black stock washer but now that they’ve been replaced with these, I’m not looking back. It’s the small details that I love changing because it’s something that can be easily missed but if you happen to see it, it’s awesome.

The stuff coming from TiBurnt is some of the best stuff in the business right now and for them to have sent these to complete the set for me is huge. I’m a firm believer in supporting those who support you – and while it may be a small gesture to them, it’s big to your customers. I’m not saying every company needs to give out products but trust that if you can find a way to hook your customers in whatever way you think of, they’ll never think about supporting another dude again. Once again – big thanks to TiBurnt – keep making cool shit!

A few shots of the sides of the washer showing the colour gradient

Anotha one…

A shot from the inside. No side is left untouched.

And on! Just a perfect match of carbon and titanium gradient.

From a little lower. Apologize for the dirt around the washer – I didn’t clean it before the shot. Also excuse the chipped Craft Square sticker… I’ll replace that someday soon…

Never Enough Carbon: Craft Square GT Mirrors

One of my last shipments for the FRS finally came in! I’ve kind of been looking for these since early Summer this year but have never really jumped on any opportunity. Every time I inquired about it, there was anywhere from 5-10 months of a wait time and I really didn’t want to wait. Waiting 3-4 months for wheels is long enough, and I couldn’t really convince myself to wait almost a year for just mirrors…

Fast forward to the beginning of December and Reggie messaged me to let me know that there was a guy selling a few sets and I jumped at the opportunity!

From what I hear, the mirrors are extremely back ordered because each piece is hand assembled  and they take their time in making their parts. Totally understandable and they do look a lot better than the APR mirrors that a lot of people usually resort to when they find out they’re half the price and readily available. I really didn’t want to go down that route… APR puts a bad taste in my mouth for some reason. They are the Rota of the carbon world to me… Albeit, probably not as bad but that’s just how I see them.

IMG_5182 copy

The box. Had to take a pic of the box…

IMG_5190 copy

And a few random shots of the mirrors for those who care

IMG_5191 copy

These are the ones with the optional blue lens which is bad ass as hell lol.

IMG_5192 copy

A few months ago, I was talking to Jackie about mirrors and I almost settled on a set of JUN Auto universal mirrors… I ended up not going that route because a custom base would be needed and that held me back. Jackie also said it looked stupid so I just didn’t do it lol.

IMG_5194 copy

More pics of the weave…

IMG_5198 copy

One last shot. I’ll try to install them tomorrow if it isn’t too cold in the garage… We’ll see. I’ll have pics up soon!

TRD Carbon Fins AKA Overpriced Ricer Parts

Finally after almost a year of lusting over these bad boys, they are mine! The TRD carbon fender fins are just one of those things that you don’t really need but you really want them. It serves no real purpose other than it looks bad ass on your fenders (TRD claims it helps with straight line down force but who really cares about down force on a pair of fins?).

The fins come in FRP or carbon and if you’re already thinking of getting the, you might as well go big or go home. The problem for us good ol’ Canadians is that you can’t really find these anywhere that won’t try and rape your wallet. See, the good vendors in the US are selling the carbon versions for about $500 shipped, give or take. Considering these aren’t really big pieces, $500 is pretty steep for a part like this IMO… But it carries the TRD name, so you gotta pay to play. $500 shipped USD is a good deal, but due to our lousy dollar, it makes for a pretty bad price no matter which way you slice it. Next, you have all other US vendors that are charging $699 – not shipped – for some insane reason. It’s no wonder you guys keep bumping your thread in the forum classifieds – nobody wants to pay your outrageous prices. Lastly, you have a few vendors here that can get them for you, but they run into the same problem as you did in the first scenario – the lousy dollar… On top of them needing to make a buck as well (not that it’s their fault or anything).

Anyway, I usually browse the forums and classifieds to see if by any chance there is some good-hearted individual that may possibly be selling a part that I’m lusting over. 9.5 times out of 10, they aren’t. and 9.5 times out of 10, it’s usually some replica of a replica of the genuine part. But that’s a different story… Last week, I happened to do my daily browsing of classifieds and a dude in Toronto was selling these BNIB for a steal of a deal. He had them for a while and I assume he bought them when the dollar was still good, so I ended up sharing that same benefit.

Today is Monday and I feel like total shit cause I didn’t get much sleep last night. That paired with a cold and stuffy nose, I just stayed home. What better medicine is there than to get car parts on a sick day? (The answer is nothing except more car parts).

IMG_3779 copy

The delivery man showed up bright and early, handed me my goods and I unpacked them right away. Look at that TRD carbon goodness…

IMG_3780 copy

Up close of the fins…

IMG_3784 copy

A shot of the weave. I know they’re only fins, but they’re super light for what they are.

IMG_3785 copy

The carbon weave follows all the way to the back as expected.

IMG_3786 copy

Weird thing is that Subaru is stamped on this but it’s a TRD part… We just won’t say anything…

IMG_3789 copy

Time to get rid of these pieces of junk. Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of the stock ones when I found out the TRD ones existed. The grass is always greener on the other side…

IMG_3790 copy

It came off in 15 seconds just by prying it a little bit to remove the clips and some adhesive.

IMG_3792 copy

A few clips left behind that just needed to be plucked out, some adhesive that needed to be cleaned and some good ol’ dirt.

IMG_3794 copy

All cleaned up and ready for the new piece!

IMG_3797 copy

All in! For such a simple (and expensive) mod, I don’t know if I like them because of how much they cost or how bad ass it looks.

IMG_3798 copy

Flows nicely if I do say so myself…

IMG_3801 copy

Side shot.

IMG_3802 copy

That TRD sticker

IMG_3805 copy

And one on the driver side.

IMG_3810 copy

And just one last one because you can only take so many pictures of fins before it gets repetitive. Well, that’s part 1 of 4 and this happens to be the smallest one. I’m glad I was able to get these before I parked the car so I can shit on cars without carbon fender fins. Just kidding. LOL

Tim Lee’s Supercharged Honda Civic

Sorry for the delay in posts lately… It’s another burst of busy for me lately and I haven’t had much time to sit down and do much blogging. Not to mention it’s also officially super shitty outside with the snow outside now. We got our first dump this weekend and it’s sticking around now for a while. The number one thing I hate hearing on the radio or the news is “There is a snowfall warning in effect” because it makes it so much more worse than it actually is. Sure, we’re getting 15cm or snow throughout the weekend but if they would just say exactly that – “We are expecting approximately 15cm of snow from Saturday through to Sunday”, then people wouldn’t be all scared and butthurt drivers. It sounds exponentially better than “There is a snowfall warning for this Saturday and Sunday and we are looking at getting 15 cm of snow”. Warnings in general make people freak out. It seems like for the past few years, they like to put out warnings every week… If it was 50cm of snow, then I’d be cool with it.

Anyways – the end is also coming to all of the photoshoots that I was in such a hurry to do a month or so ago. They’ve gone so quick and it’s not even December yet lol! I say it for every one that I post up but this is also one of my favourite shoots from the year – that’s not to say the other ones I’ve shot weren’t good, but it’s hard to separate great builds from other great builds, if you know what I mean. For example, if we put the last few Honda’s that I’ve shot against each other in terms of the best build – it wouldn’t be an easy choice. In fact, I’d probably spend days upon days thinking about it and when I finally do reach a decision, I’d probably end up changing it again anyways. That’s how awesome these cars are IMO and it’s a shame that they haven’t gotten much recognition. Maybe they don’t want it, but I’m happy that I can share a bit of it with everyone.

The last Honda photoshoot of 2013 for me was Tim lee’s S/C K20 Honda Civic. This, like all the other ones I’ve shot is quite a rare sight to see. Of all of them, I think I’ve seen this a total of once in my life, and that was at the illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine. Before that, I had never seen it and I have never heard of it… That’s how often Tim takes it out. It’s one of those cars that are just built so perfectly and put together so meticulously that you want to drive it so much that you just don’t – if that makes any sense.

As you scroll through the pics you’ll just see how immaculate the car is. The paint still looks like it was just painted yesterday, the pieces are all in perfect condition and it’s just really refreshing to look at and take it all in. It’s a work of art, really. Some people build cars because they want to drive it for what it was built for. Others do it to create masterpieces that might be best left alone – maybe drive it around the block once or twice. Whatever the case may be, Tim’s car is the perfect example of that type of art.

Inside the cockpit is a Spoon steering wheel but what part of the car even looks like it’s been used? Tim’s car is one that will age by the year, but will remain aesthetically pristine. Every other part on the interior are all replaced with JDM eg6 parts.

Nothing but wet paint on the outside. All put together perfectly – almost like Honda would have built it. The Spoon wing out back, wings west front lip and type R sides and rear lips are perfect to finish the exterior off.

Behind the Spoon SW388’s are Spoon twin blocks. The word “Spoon” will probably be used a hundred times in this post.

I actually really loved his license plate. Translation from Chinese to English is literally “No Money” – which is what this lifestyle will mean if you are involved in it. This is probably one of my favourite vanity plates of the ones I’ve seen because it’s so true and funny haha… And to top it off, he’s got Mugen bolts holding that plate on.

Can’t forget about the Spoon seats. What would this build be without Spoon seats?

Oh and Asimo too. Honda boys need Asimo.

It doesn’t stop on the outside. Under the hood is a Comptech supercharged K20. Tim’s car was originally owned by Terry – owner of the turbocharged K20 ITR I shot not too long ago. When Terry owned it, he was the one that did the K20 swap. Once Tim took ownership, he finished it off by adding the supercharger and finally adding all the Spoon goodies on it.

Not too far from the shoot location, there was a brand new warehouse. We initially found it when we shot Hoang’s car but we were hesitant to go in because we were afraid there was some alarm system guarding the place even though it was unlocked. This time, we decided we’ll just give it a shot – if anybody came by and asked us what we were doing, we would just say we were taking some pics, the door was unlocked, and so we decided to go in quick. Take a peek at how prime this spot is.

There were multiple doors we could go through and we just had to pull the chain to get in. It reminded me of the scene in 2Fast2Furious where all the cars are in the bay and they rush out afterwards…

Nathan and I were parked outside.

Side profile. Love the stance on this.

Lighting was nice in this spot. It was a little harsh against the white drywall but it worked well with his all black car.

The lighting made for awesome detail in his VIS carbon hood.

Overhead shot of Tim’s engine bay. Super clean.

Head on.

Look at how great those SW388’s fit.

View from the back. So immaculate… I love the look of perfect black paint. Now is a good time to note that Tim also got the car repainted in the NSX’s Berlina Black. Perfectttt

On the way out.

Rolling in the sunset to finish Tim’s awesome photoshoot off. This was a gooder.

Thanks to Nathan again for helping set this one up as well and for Tim for coming out! Always a good time.