#uptonohood: Jack’s LS Powered 240SX

Sort of getting back into the groove of things, last week we were able to get out and do at least one photoshoot that I’ve been wanting to do all year. You might have already seen the video below of Jack’s burnout that I ended up getting some static shots of at the end of the shoot before we parted ways.

Like I mentioned before, I saw Jack’s car at the illmotion Sunday School show and it’s just one of those cars that catch your attention because it’s so unique and well done. I’d say over the last year or so, I’ve really been liking the idea of an LS-swap over a lot of the other swaps happening. Of course, the infamous 2JZ swap is another one that you can’t really dispute, but the idea of putting American muscle in a Japanese chassis is just too cool. If or whenever it came down to it, I would choose an LS to swap into the FRS… But that day is so far out (and potentially never going to come) that I’m not even going to mention it again.

Anyway, I think the whole shoot was kind of set up by chance and coincidence. I had never met or talked to Jack before this shoot. This is starting to sound like a love story, but I assure you, it is not. I posted my coverage of the Sunday School show and shine like I do every year, and every once in a while, I’ll see a car that I just have to shoot. When I posted Jack’s car, I casually mentioned that I wanted to shoot it because it was so bad ass. Steve saw it, mentioned me in one of Jack’s pictures saying “This is the car you want to shoot!”. Next thing you know, Jack slid up in my DM’s saying let’s shoot. Fast forward to last week and I can say another bad ass car is in the books.

As per usual, Diana and I meet up with JC and we get this show on the road…

IMG_4172 copy

I think we all got super lucky with the timing on this shoot. You’ll see why as we go, but when we started, there was just enough light – no glare, and the temperature was decent.

IMG_3814 copy

Jack mentioned that he wanted a Fall-looking shoot with leaves and all that fancy stuff. We met in Bowness and there was more than enough leaves to satisfy the criteria as you’ll see later…

IMG_3818 copy

A few hours before the shoot, Jack asked if we wanted the hood off or on. In most cases, I’d say leave it on because it completes the look of the car. In Jack’s case, JC and I agreed to keep it off because #uptonohood. lol

IMG_3822 copy

Why would you wanna cover this anyway? 5.7L LS1. So cool.

IMG_3834 copy

Jack’s car sports a very clean and aggressive set of WORK VS-KF’s in burning black with a Wilwood BBK behind it on an S15 5-lug conversion. I think this is the most spotless wheel/brake combo I’ve ever shot. I’ll admit, most times I’ll clean up the wheels and brakes a bit, but no lie – I didn’t touch a thing here. I love it.

IMG_3860 copy

That was it for the warm-up shots. I like to just have the car somewhere random so I can just get a feel for things. It sounds weird, I know – but I always find that when I shoot, my first couple shots are mediocre until I actually get into it. Jack’s car looks great either way though.

IMG_3876 copy

Next, we moved into the actual park. The gate blocking it was unlocked so we just pretended we didn’t know and lifted it up to drive right in… 🙂

IMG_3836 copy

Just in case you were wondering why the title of the post was #uptonohood…

IMG_3842 copy

Super clean.

IMG_3872 copy

This makes me want one so bad lol.

IMG_3911 copy

Falling leaves. My assistant (AKA wife) was behind the tree throwing leaves while I took some shots. lol

IMG_3938 copy

The scenery here was perfect – super low key, nobody around to really bother us and we didn’t get in the way of people either.

IMG_3947 copy

The white really pops with all yellow/orange as well.

Some of the rare parts you see include the JDM aero bumper from JDM Source paired with a Chargespeed front lip.

IMG_3844 copy

A set of Bride Euroster’s sit inside a very clean interior.

IMG_3854 copy

I think a few days after the shoot, Jack changed his wheel out for a Personal Grinta wheel.

IMG_3957 copy

I loved this particular shot…

IMG_3962 copy

Peep the falling leaves again. This time, all three of them were chucking leaves everywhere…

IMG_3983 copy

And here we see them cleaning up after their mess. Jack ended up throwing leaves near the front of the car and it ended up all in his engine bay. LOL

IMG_3985 copy

Cleaning up the last few bits of it…

IMG_3988 copy

Got dish?

IMG_3993 copy


IMG_4001 copy

A few more before we left the trail…

IMG_4006 copy

A better look at Jack’s super clean bay. All of the fabrication work was done by Jack himself over the last two years. His friend Jay provided the garage space and did the necessary welding.

IMG_4017 copy

We moved closer towards the water for a few more shots just to take advantage of the unlocked gate… A good shot of the S13 Circuit Sports LED tail lights and the Bomex bonneville rear valence.

IMG_4022 copy

JC and Diana on the sidelines providing support…

IMG_4027 copy

A portion of Jack’s bumper was black before this shoot. After comparing the two, I’m kind of torn on which one I liked better. The all white is super clean, but the black toned bumper he had on for the show was a little more raw looking. Both looked very good.

IMG_4033 copy

IMG_4037 copy

One more shot of the rear fitment

IMG_4039 copy

The gold JDM Source sticker fit in nicely with the fall theme…

IMG_4049 copy

Next up, we decided to head under the bridge. If we were already trespassing, we might as well take advantage of it 🙂

IMG_4061 copy

IMG_4078 copy

IMG_4089 copy

Here we see JC the doorman moving the gate for us while Diana photobombs the shot. JC also not looking too impressed that I was taking a picture…

IMG_4091 copy

Jack driving out and JC closing the gate again…

IMG_4092 copy

Walking back to the cars.

IMG_4129 copy

Next, we did some rolling shots and as I said earlier – it was the perfect time to do it. The light and sky were perfect and the white pops beautifully.

IMG_4134 copy

IMG_4203 copy

One of my favourite shots – the colours blend well here. It overlooks the city perfectly. It almost doesn’t look like plain ol’ Calgary…

IMG_4264 copy

Next, we stopped at a nice stretch of road for burnouts… The first attempt was a little off. I was not prepared properly so I didn’t get much besides smoke and tire marks…

IMG_4267 copy

The aftermath of the first burnout. I asked Jack to turn around again and do it one more time…

IMG_4272 copy

This time I was prepared, and we got to it. You can see the tires starting to smoke up slowly…

IMG_4276 copy

A little more…

IMG_4279 copy

And some more…

IMG_4283 copy

And he peeled out of there.

IMG_4297 copy

After this, JC and I booked it. When we were running, we noticed a car that wanted to come down this road but looked like he was scared. He backed up slowly, then stopped, then continued backing up… I think he was a little nervous cause we were running at him at the same time. LOL

IMG_4236 copy

One last roller to end it off like usual… Another good shoot in the books. I’m usually not a fan of late night shoots, but whenever I do drag my butt out to go do one, they end up turning out better than I expect LOL.

Check out his IG @boostinfested to follow more of his build!

Sometimes a guy just wants to Netflix & Chill in the evenings, man! (PS, when you’re married – Netflix & Chill actually means Netflix & Chill).

Video: Jack’s LS Swapped 240SX Burnout

It’s been a bit dead this past week due to a wedding we had to attend and some family coming over so I haven’t had much time to do anything. We’re slowly getting back into our groove again and with the colder weather on its way, I’m on a mission to get as many photoshoots in as I can again. No surprise, really – I always procrastinate till the end when it’s almost too late.

Anyway, last night we went out to shoot Jack’s LS Swapped 240SX – one of the cleanest builds in YYC right now. I think the first time I saw this in person was at this years illmotion Sunday School show and I just had to shoot it.

As a teaser, here’s a little clip taken from my 6S Plus with the 4K video option enabled. Not sure if it makes any big difference on a monitor that can’t display 4K, but it’s there. JC took the clip while I took some shots… I’ll try to have the photos all edited by the end of the weekend and have it up early next week. You guys are going to love these shots!

PS – I believe you have to go to the site to view HD…

Eric’s 240SX – S3 Magazine!

Well – it’s been about 6 months since I’ve shot Eric’s 240SX and it has finally made its way to print in S3 Magazine! I’m super stoked – for Eric to get his whip into a magazine and for my shots to go into print! The only other shot I ever got into print was in Import Tuner years ago of Terence’s S2000.

I was pretty anxious to finally see it so I went by the shop to meet Eric and pick up a copy. I wish I had my camera with me because his car was on the hoist and pretty much in pieces – new wheels, new aero, more body work, and some fresh paint coming again. I’m hoping that this time, I get the chance to shoot it while it’s still fresh – not that there was anything wrong with shooting a torn and battered version because it was definitely different than what I usually shoot.

Anyways – here’s some shots of the print – if you guys happen to come across any S3 magazines – make sure to cop it and let me know where you find it! I’m also excited to finally post all the pictures from that shoot since we had to keep it under wraps until now.

IMG_1672 copy

IMG_1668 copy

The first page.

IMG_1669 copy

IMG_1670 copy  IMG_1671 copy

And the last page. Let’s move onto all the shots from the two nights… The burnout shots come from round 2 of our shoots. I’ll start there.

IMG_0139 copy

Getting ready for the burnout shot.

IMG_0141 copy

Trouble starting the car since it was pretty much ready to be put away for the winter last year…

IMG_0144 copy

Finally got it started and we were off…

IMG_0145 copy

Smoke building

IMG_0147 copy

IMG_0148 copy

Got to the point where any shot after this was basically nothing but red lights from his brakes.

IMG_0150 copy

A surrounding shot.

IMG_0151 copy

IMG_0157 copy

The aftermath.

IMG_8565 copy

Here is the first time we went to shoot. He was just getting the car ready to bring it out.

IMG_8568 copy

IMG_8636 copy

Onto the highway…

IMG_8654 copy

Rollers! Love the way the wheels just shine.

IMG_8668 copy

IMG_8733 copy

This is probably one of my favourite rolling shots ever. Just turned out so awesome – the wheels looks wicked.

IMG_8748 copy

Stitched up.

IMG_8757 copy

IMG_8765 copy

Cracked rear over fenders from all the drifting. He’s got new ones coming…

IMG_8774 copy

IMG_8779 copy

IMG_8793 copy


IMG_8798 copy

IMG_8805 copy

IMG_8810 copy

IMG_8811 copy


IMG_8813 copy

IMG_8817 copy

Wherever we went, you would just hear the car scrape like it was nothing lol. It hurt me inside but I’m sure it’s normal for Eric..

IMG_8825 copy

Some quick drifting around in an empty lot

IMG_8832 copy

Again – that’s how low it is everywhere.

IMG_8841 copy

IMG_8851 copy

IMG_8858 copy

IMG_9821 copy

And here we begin round 2.

IMG_9823 copy

More of his lip was missing by the time we shot it the second time lol

IMG_9836 copy

Cold as F that day… exhaust smoke…

IMG_9841 copy

IMG_9846 copy

IMG_9864 copy

Twin shot. I also loved this shot. This would make a good canvas. If only I was rich I would make a canvas out of all my favourite shots of each car I shoot.

IMG_9875 copy

Night time rollers. All Wangan-esque.

IMG_9951 copy


Anyways – congrats to Eric for building a sick 240 that really gets used the way it’s built and intended for. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to shoot it and getting it into print!