Extras: Civic x NSX

Been a while since I had time to get on here again. Time is hard to come by nowadays… Anyway, I found a few more extras from Ben and Chris’s shoot where I took some shots of their cars together. Not a whole lot, but enough for some content 🙂

I’ll hopefully have some updates on the FRS soon… I’m awaiting one more piece to the puzzle after almost 2 months of waiting… If I’m lucky, it’ll be here near the end of the week and I’ll be installing on the weekend! Until then, enjoy some shots of two of Victoria’s best together.

IMG_8057 copy

IMG_8060 copy

IMG_8063 copy

IMG_8416 copy

IMG_8404 copy

Limited Edition: Chris’s Boosted J-Swapped EG

At long last! The first of my two photo shoots from my visit to Victoria, and the first one up is Chris’s boosted J-swapped Civic… It’s quite different from the everyday K-swaps that are ever-so-popular in the Honda community. How could I have passed up the opportunity to shoot one of the island’s cleanest and most unique builds? I couldn’t – and the best thing about Chris’s car is that it’s a car that you’ve probably never even heard of unless you’re close to him or his friends.

I’ve seen Chris’s cars through pictures that Jackie has sent in some of our chats and could really only admire through those pictures. It’s one thing to appreciate a well-built car through iPhone pictures, but it’s a totally different feeling to see it up close and admire the work that has been put into it. My trip to Victoria was well worth it and the two cars alone show that the island literally at the end of Western Canada does have something to show, and they aren’t any half-assed builds either.

Chris hasn’t really had a true photoshoot that has been shared on social media or anywhere for that matter, and it’s surprising because a build like this deserves recognition. Chris is a super low-key guy and I get the sense that he really just does what he does because he enjoys it and nothing more. Him and his wife, Tiffany, were super friendly and accommodating while I was there – I’m looking forward to coming back during the summer!

Enough of my chatter… I’m sure you guys are dying to see this as much as I am dying to show you!

IMG_8221 copy

We’ll start off with a roller to get this going like always.

IMG_7793 copy

The best thing I found out about this build was that it was Chris’s first car that he purchased back in 1997. Great builds take time and patience and this is another great example of exactly that…

IMG_7803 copy

The biggest head turner of Chris’s Civic is the massive J-series engine from a TL Type-S bulging from the center of the hood and a Vortech charger connected right beside it…

IMG_7805 copy

Part of the LEVEL one family.

IMG_7807 copy

Password JDM canards on the front bumper to help make the front end aggressive.

IMG_7812 copy

Chargespeed wide fenders

IMG_7813 copy

IMG_7826 copy

Even from the side, Chris’s EG is mean as hell. You can see the piping from the hood, the canards and First Molding lip flow to the Chargespeed fenders and the lines flow all the way to the rear Spoon wing.

IMG_7838 copy

With the hood opened, Chris replaced all of the stock plastic bolts for some better hardware…

IMG_7840 copy

And the custom Vortech power plant in all it’s glory.

IMG_7843 copy

The J-series straight from the 2003 6-speed Acura TL Type-S.

Another cool tidbit about Chris’s car is that this obviously hasn’t always been the only engine Chris has ran… This is actually his fourth engine. His first engine was a D-series, the second one was an turbo LS, his third was a built B16 turbo, and now a boosted J-series. Quite the progression, if you ask me!

IMG_7853 copy

The back has been gutted for room for his Auto Power drag cage.

IMG_7857 copy

For you diehard Civic fans out there, you might have noticed by looking at his front bumper that it’s not a typical EG front bumper… Any guesses? Look carefully – if you scroll down, you can confirm your guess or find out if you’re stumped…

IMG_7859 copy

The answer is – the vents are from a 99-00 EK bumper. Chris actually does body work and molded those in himself and they look seamless as you can see from the above two pictures. You’ll also probably notice the Vision type DC mirrors swapped in too.

IMG_7876 copy

Another look at how aggressive and beastly this car looks from afar…

IMG_7943 copy

Jackie and Chris swapped cars to get to the next spot so he could give me a ride in it. The car is currently pushing about 400whp and in a light and small chassis like the EG, that’s no joke. Jackie mentioned that it was difficult to get traction in the lower gears but once it gets going, it goes…

Side note – you can see the JDM EG6 cluster as well.

IMG_7889 copy

The Spoon SW388 wheels suit any classic Honda perfectly and this is no exception.

IMG_7895 copy

Here you can see a perfect shot of how massive this engine is in the EG chassis.

IMG_8116 copy

IMG_8127 copy

We ended up finding a nice spot near the entrance to the area after the Ferry that made for good spot lighting.

IMG_8134 copy

Some behind the scenes shots… The group is trying to find the best dual lane road to take rolling shots on. Turns out Victoria doesn’t have many dual lanes but we ended up finding some good stretches of road! Sneak peak at my next subject… 🙂

IMG_8135 copy

The chariot for the day was Jackie’s lowered TL on some spacers that even rubbed! LOL… Jackie is notorious for just dumping everything.

IMG_8335 copy

A pit stop and another preview shot of the second photo shoot to come…

IMG_8342 copy

These rolling shots were next to a nice and peaceful lake. Suited these shoots perfectly.

IMG_8357 copy

IMG_8401 copy

One last shot to end it for Chris’s car. I will admit that I do have a few more, but I will have to revisit those later and repost them up when I get the chance. I know Chris and Ben have been itching to see the shots… The other shots will serve as a good refresher later!

Adrian Perry’s Honda Civic Coupe

Alright time to go ahead with another one. It’s actually sad that I’m going through these now that the snow is on the ground… Mainly because there is no… well… snow on the ground in the pictures. I remember even complaining about how cold it was during these shoots and I take it back. I take everything back about it being cold and having to wear a sweater. If there is a God, I hope you’re listening because I hate winter. I hate it so much. It adds absolutely no good to life except the fact that we may be able to make snow angels, but I would happily give up snow angels for sweat and snowball fights for sun tanning and shorts. Mark my words – if I ever won some substantial amount of money, I would move to a place it never snowed and got below +10C. I would. I would also purposely post pictures of my feet up outside with the sun glaring into the camera every day.

In other news – Adrian’s car is up next.  Another absolutely mint car that just shines every time I get the chance to see it. He also recently switched over to Alex’s Volk CE28n’s from his other set that he’s been rocking for a while – Work RSZ-R’s. I personally liked both looks so I don’t think he can go wrong with either of the wheel choices, but these were looking mighty fine too. You’ll also notice that it also very simple aesthetically, but deep down – there’s a lot more going on (I’m also talking about the car, not Adrian LOL).

Fitment is perfect. Height is perfect. FMIC is drool.  Simplicity.

I love how the red looked in the sunset as well. The CE28’s compliment the car well. But when you think about it, there are very few cars that the epic and legendary wheels like CE28’s or TE37’s look bad on.

Side profile shot.

The rear of Adrian’s car is where it stands out from the rest. The piece in the bumper is a Golden Eagle rear diffuser – the main purpose of this is to allow air through the back of the bumper so it doesn’t hold air coming through and act like a parachute.

This looks deadly in the rearview mirror.

The bay is where all the magic happens in Adrian’s car. He’s pushing around 400whp at 20psi. No slug.

Everything is clean and minty as F.

Up close of the front set up. God, I love the colour of the CE’s.

JC’s car off in the distance. Looks good low and on stock wheels. Fact – cars look better lowered on stock wheels than lowered on fake wheels. Don’t fake the funk.

A cool shot outside of JC’s car as we were rolling down John Laurie.

One of the last shots of the night. When we shot this, it was actually pitch black outside and the only light coming through was from the two doors you see behind the car. It wasn’t even that much light either… so I decided to try out light painting again. The last time I did it was maybe 5 years ago during the winter with my Civic as well, so I quickly set up and since I had my tripod, this was possible. I got Adrian to draw a random shape and this is what we ended up with. It was actually surprising how perfect he got it, considering you can’t see the light trails when you’re actually doing them…

That’s a wrap for Adrian’s car! I “heard” that a few days after the shoot he was having some issues with the motor or something, so whether that’s true or not – I hope that it’s all fixed!

Throwback: Giuseppe’s Nissan Skyline

Ah the final throwback. Giuseppe’s super immaculate Nissan Skyline. Giuseppe is one of the most down to earth and nicest guys in the car world that you can meet. Personally, I’m one of those guys that can damn well appreciate most things unless it’s straight up butt ugly and it looks like it came out of the dump. Giuseppe is actually (most likely) a nicer guy than me – and I don’t admit that often – that I have never heard him hate on anyone’s car, even if it came out of the dump and looked butt ugly.

I met Giuseppe for the first time during my first car show in 2008 and at the time, he still owned the Skyline and it was still in mint condition. Over the years, he’s made minor changes like removing his wing, changing up the wheels and for this particular shoot, he just had a full color change done – it used to be gold before. Whatever state it was in, it was always immaculate and it’s hard not to respect Giuseppe’s car.

A quick funny story during this shoot – we were all parked in a lot and ready to roll out to the shoot location. He was backing up, I also started backing up not knowing he was behind me and he was yelling my name, and as I was rolling back he started yelling louder and louder until I stopped. I looked into my side mirror and he was freaking out because I almost backed into his door. I was literally maybe an inch away before I actually hit his brand new paint job. I felt so bad the entire shoot and I know he was probably freaked too, but knowing Giuseppe – he probably would’ve bought me pizza at the end of the day anyway. Ha!

No rolling shots of this beaut though… Still nice to look at 🙂


Perfection. There aren’t too many Skyline’s around here in this condition. In fact, I think Giuseppe’s Skyline is the cleanest in the whole city.





Love the color.


Unfortunately that’s all the shots I got of his car since three of us were shooting that day and it was blistering hot. I wish I had gotten more but nope.. 😦

Done for throwbacks! Hopefully that kept the blog somewhat updated while I’m in Mexico. When I get back, I’ll post pics of the trip!