#WagonLife Part 2: Jimmy’s BMW 328i Wagon – Winter Edition

Had a chance to do another photoshoot with Jimmy on the weekend but this time it was inside VEX and his new winter wheels for his wagon. Originally, we were supposed to get together to do a Fall shoot on his TE37’s when the leaves were all orange/yellow but Mother Nature decided to skip Fall altogether and just get straight to winter. It never fails around here…

There was a bunch of snow on the ground and while the leaves were indeed yellow – it wouldn’t be much of a Fall shoot with snow on the ground too. Instead, I asked Jimmy if he had space inside the shop to shoot and well… There was more than enough space in there… I took some separate shots around the shop that I’ll share later, but we’ll stick to keeping this post to be Jimmy’s car only.

This shoot was a little different for me as I haven’t really shot inside a shop before – I was excited for this because it allowed my creative juices to start flowing. The thing about shooting inside a shop is that you’ve got limited angles and a lot of distractions that are not easily avoidable. You’ll see that once you start scrolling, you’ll notice a lot of other cars in the pictures and things laying around. When I photograph cars, I really like to use my surroundings as part of the picture rather than trying to avoid it altogether. I find that if you can manipulate the things around you properly, it creates a sense of separation rather than it just being “in the way”. You’ll find that in my pictures here – I used a lot of vignetting – which I don’t normally do – but I think it helped create a nice sense of isolation for Jimmy’s car in the shop and by colour-grading it to be a little more cool and crisp – your eyes always look at the car before everything else. As I previously said, I’m not trying to make you guys ignore everything else in the shop because they’re there as part of the picture – However, I do want the first and last thing you look at in the picture to be Jimmy’s car. The windows and the shop lights helped create spot lights and illumination for me to play with which was really fun to do… Let me know what you guys thought of this set.

Jimmy sitting really low on the BBS’s

One of my favourite shots of the day was this one. The rear garage door windows and the white lights paired with the white paint was perfect.

A shot here used a lot of shadows and miscellaneous parts sitting around the shop but Jimmy’s car still stands out perfectly well.

Jimmy’s TE37’s sitting on the bottom left corner of this pic… We’ll get pics of these on someday…

A close up Jimmy’s new BBS RGR’s and studded Hakkapelitas. Ready to dominate winter.

It’s hard to not love this front end – it’s so aggressive and clean.

The iconic BMW headlights

Is this Need for Speed or what?

VEX had A LOT of room for activities and lots of spaces I could go and walk around to get multiple angles. This was another good example of that.


Can anyone recognize the JDM Icon on the left there? Or was Jimmy’s wagon too distracting to even notice?

Hint: it’s red. lol

The sun was perfect that day as it shined through the windows. I always get lucky with the light when shooting with Jimmy.

A rear shot of the RGR’s

Up close and personal

I really need this wagon in my life. That rear is just so good. But I’m also an ass man… So I could be biased.

And a quick shot outside in the yard to show you I wasn’t kidding about the snow in the middle of Fall. Orange/yellow leaves and snow on the ground. Brutal.

End. You likely haven’t seen the last of Jimmy’s wagon – I’ve still got a date with him and the TE37’s so whenever the weather cooperates with us is when we’ll shoot – whether that be this year or next…

Adios! Stay tuned for some side shots of VEX in a separate post…

#WagonLife: Jimmy’s BMW 328i Wagon

Ah how great it feels to be back behind the camera shooting some sick cars!! If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen my proposal on getting my poop in a group. If you haven’t, well basically since I’ve moved over to #TeamSony, I’ve lost the ability to use my Canon lenses which were an integral part of my arsenal over the last decade. I need an adapter to use them on Sony and thankfully, I have the amazing support of guys like Jimmy to help me reach my goal sooner. I’ll maybe dedicate the “thank you’s” to a separate post, but I did want to say that this was the first of many photoshoots coming in the next few months. I know the blog has been stagnant over the last year and a half, and I hope to bring some life back to it now that I have a little more time.

After my post on Saturday morning, Jimmy messaged me literally minutes after and said he was in. We went out to shoot later that afternoon hoping to dodge the rain and we quite literally beat it by a few seconds. On our last location, it started pouring and by then, I had an ample amount of photos already. JC helped me tag team this one and although he usually helps me with rolling shots – we couldn’t do that this time due to my lack of a wide angle. I could’ve done it with the 35mm but it just wouldn’t be the same.

Jimmy’s wagon is an excellent example of a perfect family mobile with the room and power to boot. This would be his first shoot with me as he’s awaiting tires to mount on his new wheels before we go out again. Hopefully by then, I’ll have my new gear to get some different perspectives on it. Saturday’s weather provided perfect overcast for the white/block combo and a dark and moody scene to add to the look.

As Jimmy dries off his car (it’s still drizzling at this point), I took some candid set up shots…

Over the years, my “style” has evolved and I went from trying to shoot in open spaces and getting complicated with angles to now using the existing environment to add a more natural feel to my photos. I always feel like if you spend more time looking for the best backdrop/surroundings, you spend less time post processing things that you don’t like or need.

From the side, Jimmy’s wagon sits aggressively on KW V3’s and Weds Sports with the M-performance brakes in blue popping behind the black.

A lot of the angles I tried to get of Jimmy’s car includes at least the rear portion of it to show how different the wagon can look compared to the sedan. It’s the same, but so different at the same time.

Head on, you can’t even tell the difference obviously but it’s the head on shot that usually works almost every time with BMW…

This was one of my favourite shots of the day and shows the length of the wagon and how aggressive wagons nowadays can look if you do it right.

From the rear quarter, you can see the aggressive stance and fitment of the Weds Sports – although his new set is a little more aggressive than this…

No finger gap. That’s the way.

It’s almost like Jimmy’s car was right at home here…

An upclose of the brakes and the Weds

One of the things I was initially worried about was the lack of creativity I could have with cars with my single 35mm lens but as you can see – it turns out there are thousands of ways to be creative with the one lens alone. I was getting used to using it on people and it was fantastic for that, but trying it out on Jimmy’s cars using different perspectives and angles almost makes it look like I had more than one lens.

That, or his wagon just shines in front of the camera and I didn’t even have to try. 🙂


Another upclose…

And finally one of the most interesting shots that came out from that day was this rear quarter shot. I’d say it was on purpose, but I think it was all just coincidence. The sun peaked at just the right moment to cast almost the perfect shadow below the car while highlighting all the perfect body lines that BMW had planned for it. My polarizer was turned just the right amount to capture an almost oil-slick look to the windows.

It’s almost like I had a whole lighting crew with me there at that moment, but it was just good timing. I love this shot.

We’ll be back again soon with Jimmy’s cars with new wheels hopefully by the next time you see it, along with other new cars to add to the mix that I’m excited to share over the course of the summer. Glad to back and it’s good to have you here 🙂

Red Pill or Blue Pill? Maserati Quattroporte vs BMW 750i

Finally some car-related content for you guys! Finally stretching out my legs and did a photoshoot. This time it was for my uncle and his two cars – a Maserati Quattroporte and a BMW 750 – two big body cars that I would probably put air on and some 22’s. LOL

Ricky and I double-teamed this one and took a bunch of photos early in the morning for this in an empty parkade downtown – a location some of you may be familiar with and/or may have seen with some other shoots I’ve done. It seemed like a well-suited spot for these two cars – downtown, high rises, classier cars, and pretty much an undisturbed location for a Sunday morning.

We used Ricky’s rig to take some rig shots to get the rollers out of the way which turned out pretty good. Then we took turns taking stills of each car around the parkade. I think overall – a good photoshoot, albeit a little different than what I usually shoot – still a good experience.

The Maserati is a new kind of car for me – an Italian, luxury 4-door chariot. The uncanny front grill of the Maserati is what really stands out. It’s a more sporty version of the typical big body sedans you see – like the Lexus LS and Mercedes S-class. It’s a longer car than the BMW 7-series but it doesn’t feel like it. The car just smells Italian – you get inside and all you smell is the leather – and if you enjoy that smell, then prepare your nostrils for their own smellgasm. It growls when you start it up and continues growling until the end of your trip when you shut ‘er down.

The 7-series, while technically kind of in the same class – is almost a completely different car. It’s more refined, more quiet, and soft. It’s the kind of car you take when your body aches but your mind is racing to get somewhere, you want to feel like you’re driving on a soft cloud but just as fast as Goku’s Nimbus.

Both big cars – just different attitudes. I like to think of the Maserati as the unruly stepchild that just wants to do whatever the hell he wants. While the BMW is the piano-playing, well-dressed and polite brother that never misses a beat. You’ll see the characteristics in the photos…

IMG_9033 copy

Starting off with the best photos! Rig shot of the Maserati

IMG_9049 copy

Rig shot of the 7-series. I particularly enjoyed the colors in this.


And one rig shot that took us a few tries to get. We ultimately ended up failing because we couldn’t get the two cars rolling at the same speed, so the 7-series always ended up being blurry.

What I ended up doing was taking a still shot of the two cars while the rig was still attached. I then took a shot that had the Maserati rolling, I cut out the still of the 7-series, pasted it in and edited to make it look like they were both rolling. Voila!

IMG_9310 copy

PS – the pictures are in no particular order. I just inserted them however they were uploaded…

IMG_9317 copy

IMG_9332 copy

One of the things that I personally dislike about the newer 7-series is the fact that it doesn’t look like a big body sedan like it used to. The older 7-series was broad and had a strong presence through the use of bigger headlights and tail lights with the body lines coming all the way down into the trunk. In fact, when the latest generation of BMW’s came out – they all practically looked identical. The 3, 4, 5, and 7 are so similar that it you have to look for certain cues in their styling to really tell them apart.

IMG_9344 copy

IMG_9350 copy

IMG_9353 copy

IMG_9355 copy

IMG_9361 copy

The front nose of the Quattroporte is probably the one of the most significant features of the car – like all other Maserati’s.

IMG_9387 copy

Hong Kong-esque

IMG_9088 copy

You can see the sportier side and more aggressive side of the Maserati in these photos.

IMG_9125 copy

IMG_9114 copy

IMG_9134 copy

The signature 3-oval side vents

IMG_9139 copy

IMG_9148 copy

IMG_9152 copy

While on the other side of the parkade, the 7-series just looks ready to pick you up and take you where you need to go…

IMG_9159 copy

Personally one of my favourite shots of the day was this one. I love when I can capture a new angle I’ve never taken before that just works so well.

IMG_9175 copy

It’s hard to tell just how big the Quattroporte is in comparison to the 7-series. It’s actually about an inch longer at the wheelbase and lower than the BMW.

IMG_9184 copy

IMG_9216 copy

A profile shot to see the lines of the Quattroporte a little better.

IMG_9232 copy

Another cool shot of whether you’d rather take the red pill or the blue pill. Really, the decision comes down to whether you want to get there fast and furious or luxuriously and elegantly. Let’s be real though – neither are slouches with twin turbos under the hoods of both beasts – you either choose the V6 or the V8 at the end of the day 🙂

IMG_9231 copy

IMG_9240 copy

IMG_9251 copy

IMG_9278 copy

While the Maserati is all aggressive and go-go-go on the outside, they certainly don’t skimp on the inside. Wood panels, nice Italian leather, and of course the smell that comes with it – not quite the same in a BMW…

IMG_9285 copy

IMG_9288 copy

IMG_9289 copy

IMG_9295 copy

IMG_9299 copy

Maserati made damn well sure you know it’s a Maserati. If it’s not on the trunk, it’s on the fender, and if it’s not on the fender, it’s on the rear quarter panel, and if it’s not on the rear quarter panel, it’s on the rear seat controls… I could go on…

IMG_9302 copy

LED tail lights

IMG_9305 copy

On the other hand, the BMW sports a lot more technology than the Maserati on the inside. Birds eye view back up camera, HUD on the windshield, electronic gears, the list goes on.

IMG_9360 copy

And we end with a shot of the wheels of the Maserati. When it comes down to it, which car would I prefer? Well, in this case we had both and if we could have the option of choosing the red pill or the blue pill on a daily basis, well I wouldn’t complain. Having both pills can also work out…

The True Bavarian Beast: Tommy’s ga”M3″over

Finally getting to some photo shoots!! I’m pretty stoked about the next few ones that I have coming up for you guys because they are quality, quality, quality. That’s the number one thing that really inspires me to shoot to the best of my ability – someone who puts in the time and let’s not forget money, into their cars because they don’t believe in compromise. Builds that move forward with that mindset naturally gravitate towards being amazing.

It’s truly rare to find a build that reflects the owner – Tommy is the exception – there are no cut corners and no lack of quality in his choice of parts or workmanship when it comes to fitting them. Let me step back a bit… Tommy is Diana’s (second) cousin for what it’s worth, so I’ve known Tommy and his M3 for a few years now and in many ways, I’ve heard and seen about his build but never truly got to take it in or appreciate what it was all worth. I’ve seen his car every year for the past few years in Driven, and every year he walks away with an award – no surprises either, as you’ll see when you start scrolling through the pictures. His car has made significant progress as time goes on and my God, the progress is definitely notable. No amount of words in this post could sum up the details in his M3… But I’ll try my best. Tommy is an extremely modest guy – you wouldn’t really guess that this was his car, but once you start talking to him, the pieces start to fit together.

This photoshoot happened the day after Driven – perfect timing since the cars are as clean as they can be. Tommy and I have been trying to touch base over the last few years to get the photoshoot done but our schedules never really matched up. I *think* I caught it in its prime – unless of course Tommy has more planned. Anyway, this was a super fun shoot – I do regret not taking more shots (lack of engine bay shots – fail on my part)… But Tommy has agreed to lend me any of his BMW’s for a photoshoot anytime… Yes, there are more in his stable. 🙂

Enough chit chat! More M3!

IMG_0589 copy

We’ll start it off with a roller…

IMG_0325 copy

Upon first look, you might not be able to see everything that I might have alluded to earlier… But it’s coming.

IMG_0311 copy

He sits on a set of 19″ BBS FI’s and an upgraded Brembo GT BBK behind them in white. When BBS first released the FI’s, I wanted them so bad. When I saw the price of them, I decided that I didn’t even like them that much anymore. Note: lying to yourself doesn’t make you feel better.

IMG_0369 copy

A closer look will show you it’s no regular M3… Those familiar with G-Power will know what I mean.

IMG_0440 copy

IMG_0365 copy

A somewhat closer look at the wheel and brake kit. Also a good look at the Vorsteiner GTS-V bumper. Beauitful.

IMG_0474 copy

Even closer and you’ll see BBS lugnuts

IMG_0527 copy

Check that rear… Paired with a Varis rear upper and lower diffuser. I personally love that he brought Varis into the build – they are killing it in the aftermarket game right now.

IMG_0423 copy

The majestic beast sits quietly on Ohlins TTX36 coilovers

IMG_0443 copy

Inside, the details just keep coming. Afterall, this is where all the fun starts, right? Tommy upgraded the seats to BMW Performance Seats retrofitted with power and a full wrap with Alcantara.

IMG_0554 copy

Paired with his BMW Performance seats, Tommy chose Schroth Rallye Cross 4-pt harnesses. Surrounding the interior is BMW Performance carbon trim.

IMG_0557 copy

Behind that is a rare BMW OEM GTS roll cage powder coated in white with a BMW OEM GTS rear seat delete.

IMG_0444 copy

And below all that sits a Halotron fire extinguisher – a nice finishing touch.

IMG_0461 copy

Some more details with the rear include a Vorsteiner double sided carbon trunk. The paint has been faded so you can see that lip of carbon as well.

IMG_0464 copy

IMG_0627 copy

Another roller 🙂

IMG_0469 copy

A closer look at the rear of Tommy’s M3 and you’ll see the matte look to the exhausts… which only means Titanium. Akrapovic Evo exhaust to be clear.

IMG_0522 copy

IMG_0536 copy

One more look at the wheel/brake combo. Just massive… You can also get a small peak at the carbon side skirts

IMG_0543 copy

This view – probably a very quick view if you happen to be in front of him at the track – shows a little more detail… BMW Performance carbon mirror caps. “Something” behind that grill…

IMG_0547 copy

Before this all ends, I want to say (as I said earlier) that I fully regret not taking engine bay pics – I don’t know what got over me. So I’ll lay it all out here for all of you wondering…

Tommy has fitted his M3 with a G-Power SKII CS Supercharger – as previously hinted by his replaced badges. Along with all of that, he’s added Vishnu Proceed with Meth injection and WPC treated OEM rod bearings and bolts. The M3 on its own is no slouch – with the help of G-Power… Oh the places you’ll go.

IMG_0550 copy

A closer look at the aggressive front.

IMG_0767 copy

A side profile. That hood hump. It’s also a good angle to see just how massive those rear rotors are.

IMG_0455 copy

That carbon roof…

IMG_0651 copy

Done! Huge thanks to Tommy for giving me the opportunity to shoot his car – he brought along his brother-in-law (Randy) as well who owns a sick Lotus Exige… Coming soon.