Volkswagen: Close to Home

The events prior to going to Zero Limit and checking out the status of my car was doing a shoot of a Tiffany/Mint Green coloured GTR and going to Volkswagen for the annual “Close to Home” mini show that we usually go see.

I’ll post the Close to Home event first – seems more fitting to do so and I don’t know why either. It’s at the Fifth Ave VW dealership so it doesn’t end up being too big but big enough for everyone to come chill and have a good time. There’s BBQ, some games to play and of course – voting and awards. We went quick to snap some pics and then we went off to the shop.

I personally hate taking pics of cars when their owners are planted in a lounge chair directly behind or beside the car. It makes it awkward for probably the both of us – so why do you do it? I’m staring through the viewfinder, you’re staring into the camera and really, all I want is a picture of your car – not you smiling in it too. That is one of the reasons why I didn’t get as many pics as I could have. That, or a huge group of people are standing behind some nice builds like their guarding it or something. Don’t be that guy.

Anyway – here’s what I got. And I’ll put this out there right now – I know practically nothing about the Volkswagen scene. I do appreciate and love that shit, but I can’t name specifically anything made before a GTI MK5. LOL

IMG_2304 copy

IMG_2305 copy

This was interesting. I can dig it.

IMG_2307 copy

Oldschool van

IMG_2308 copy

Don’s Golf R on Volk LE37’s. An interesting look for sure – completely different than what you would normally put on a VW, especially since it’s more of a “JDM” wheel. It looks far better in person than the pics that I saw though. Love the colour of the car though.

IMG_2310 copy

This one had a Porsche BBK on it.

IMG_2311 copy

Another interesting look. VW guys can always pull off the craziest shit and no one will ever say anything.

IMG_2312 copy

IMG_2313 copy

This was probably my favourite car of the show. Simple, bagged, nicely staggered wheels and to the point.

IMG_2315 copy

Another one of my favourites. GTI MK6(?) on EDIT 0.05’s by 3DSM (Thanks to Zeev for correcting me on these).

IMG_2316 copy

IMG_2318 copy

Hippie interior. Like.

IMG_2320 copy

This VW had a sick rootbeer paintjob. Super clean and paint matched centers on his wheels.

IMG_2321 copy

An interesting look. Fully vinyl’d and coloured on. Fitment is awesome, I think it would’ve looked a lot cleaner without all that but whatever.

EDIT: I’ve been correct – thanks to rodman. The car is actually plastidipped and has been that way for about 10 months. First car I’ve seen upclose that has been fully plastidipped.

IMG_2324 copy

Moving onto the oldschool beetles.

IMG_2325 copy

Loved this colour.

IMG_2326 copy

And this…

IMG_2327 copy

No idea what this was but the paint was amazing.

EDIT: Another informative comment by Don Camacho – this is a Karmann Ghia. It later won the people’s choice air cooled car that day. Thanks Don!

IMG_2328 copy

IMG_2329 copy

IMG_2330 copy

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2332 copy

IMG_2335 copy

Closing out with an engine shot.

Tomorrow – the Tiffany GTR!