Random Filler

Like always, the weekend went by too fast. Not to mention it was the long weekend and it went even faster.

Went to Edmonton Friday morning and went to the mall and stuff, got some cool things – things that, by the way I could have probably gotten here haha. Just some good time away I guess. The best part of it all was ihop… I wish Calgary would get it. Chocolate chip pancakes are amazing.

I’m also pretty upset cause we put JC’s coilovers on today and I forgot my camera. I was doing some spring cleaning before heading out, I charged my battery and everything and right when we get there, I remembered that I forgot. I shot some pics on Ricky’s cam but I can’t even get the pics from him either, so I’ll probably post that up when I get them down the road. Pretty good install all in all – went super smooth, and we also went to Nando’s grill after. They have the most amazing chicken I’ve ever had that I’m not sure why I’ve never been there before!

Anyways, it’s worthless to talk about it without pics. Just got my new shelves up beside my TV and a shot of the crystal bonsai tree I picked up while in Edmonton. Looks like broccoli but pretty sick!


My sister has been wanting to paint her room for a while now and she decided on Tiffany blue. It’s quite bold and I’ve been thinking that Tiffany blue walls alone would be too much and that it needed something to brighten it up a bit.

I drew out an idea with feathers falling down the corner of the ceiling and then down to the side. She agreed and so I did that this morning. A pretty fun project. I’ll try to remember to keep this updated as we get it furnished with her new stuff.