Defend Authenticity Part 2 – Errol Tan’s Amuse Honda S2000

To follow up and finally conclude the “Team Silver” photoshoot is Errol’s Turbo Amuse Honda S2000. Like I mentioned before, I shot both Errol and Brad’s cars on the same night so we were rushing around trying to get as many shots in as we could before the sun went down completely – that was all about an hour.

Just an update to keep you guys in the loop on some of the photoshoots coming up – I’ve got four more sets that I have to edit from last week and the weekend and I’ve also got three coming up this week. So it’s going to be another busy week of shooting and editing. I’m usually pretty good with shooting, coming home and finishing the editing by the end of the same night but now I’m backlogged. It doesn’t change much except for the fact that I’ll probably be getting the shoots up a little later but that’s what I was hoping for anyway. I didn’t want to rush things too much or else I’ll have done all this shooting and still have nothing for the winter months. Some cars to look forward to are a 2JZ GS and a K20 EK… but I’ll leave it at that.

Back to the post… I haven’t really seen Errol’s car much before the shoot. I think I had seen it at the one beyond meet that I went to, but not much before then. When I first heard about Errol getting an Amuse kit from JDM source, I actually didn’t believe it. Mainly because the Amuse widebody kit is rare to see, let alone have anyone get it and install it. Before the kit though, the S2000 remained fairly stock and when Race City was still open, Errol would usually be there whipping it around the way an S2000 should be driven. However, Race City – the place where an S2000 belongs is also the place where the S2000 was almost put out of commission…

Fast forward to today and it is a new car. JDM source found the Amuse widebody kit and Errol took it as a chance to rebuild the car again. The kit is absolute perfection in terms of aggressiveness and detail and it really makes the S2000 look like it’s on steroids.

Errol left the car at the body shop for a long and grueling 8 months before it was completed to what it is now after the crash at Race City. The kit is fitted and painted extremely well.

Lining up for rollers. This was actually at the light right before the dual shot I posted up on the Facebook page a few days ago. You can see Brad peeking through on the other side.

Love seeing this car roll. Much like the NSX – it looks good from most, if not all angles.

Close up of the Amuse front bumper. Aggressive but also very clean.

A fitting license plate paired with ASM bolts to hold it in place. Brad and Errol hold the same type of view when it comes to modifying their cars – they want functional and quality pieces and accept nothing less. They are two of the biggest JDM fanboys I know and it’s no bad thing either. Like I mentioned in Brad’s post – a vision that starts off with high expectations and patience usually delivers high quality and rewarding results.

Errol sits on a fairly aggressive set of Enkei RPF1’s which suit the Amuse kit surprisingly well. It’s a very different choice than the usual TE37 or CE28 option, but it’s great.

A closer shot of the aggressive fender and part of the side skirt. The wheel/tire fits in there perfectly.

A side profile shot of the car with the Amuse kit is also one of my favourite angles. I remember when I finally believed that he got the kit, I asked everyone (except Errol lol) if he had gotten a GT wing for it too. When you think Amuse widebody, you also think big GT wing. At the time, Errol isn’t rocking one but it also looks very good without out it too.

I ask Errol occasionally whether he’s planning on it and he definitely is – so I think it’s only a matter of time before he has one on there. When I was parting out my STI – he inquired about buying my Voltex GT wing but the wing mounting points didn’t match up right unfortunately…

You can just barely see it but he also rocks a Mugen bucket on the driver side along with a Mugen steering wheel.

A head on shot and you’ll see right away that it’s boosted and it’s not just all show. I love the look of it from the front.

Under the hood is of course the turbo set up and the second engine in the S2000.

Good ol’ BOV

And one more roller to end it off right.

Maybe next year we’ll finish off the “official” team silver and add Alex’s Integra into the mix. I don’t doubt that there will be a bunch of changes to all three cars over the winter months…. Thanks to Brad and Errol again for coming out!

That’s a wrap for that! It isn’t stopping anytime soon either…

Defend Authenticity Part 1 – Brad Atkin’s EM1

And here’s another photoshoot we did on Wednesday night – it was actually a dual shoot with Brad’s Civic and Errol’s S2000. Originally we were supposed to do just Brad’s on Wednesday and then Errol’s the night after but I was able to knock both of them out at once in just a little over an hour. The reason for that is because the sun is setting incredibly fast now – so when we get started at 6:30ish, by 7:30 the sun is almost completely gone. I have yet to shoot in full darkness and I don’t do so mainly because I still don’t have strobes and partially because I’m kind of lazy to learn it. I’ll get to it someday… Until then, I’ll work with the natural light.

While I’m posting a lot of these shots all at once and one after the other, I’m saving some for the long and cold winter months too… Just to have some stuff to post up once in a while. In the past, I would post new parts that I would get for the car or some new ideas that I have but it’s going to be a little different this year since I have no time or money to put into the LS with a house and wedding coming up. Until then, I’ll post pictures of other people’s cars and live vicariously through them. But like I said before, I’m glad I was able to get the LS to the stage it’s at now – even though it’s just air and wheels – it’s 100x better than driving around a stock LS. The little while that I was doing that – it was nice, but it was like I was just taking my dads car everywhere haha!

By the way, I’ve been getting a certain feeling that my blog is starting to really feel like a ‘feature page’ lately with all of these shoots… But make no mistake – it isn’t. Typically, I would do shoots throughout the summer and post them here and there, but this year I didn’t. I was totally lazy and not wanting to do anything car related for a while and with only a few weeks left, I’m in desperation mode. For now, I’ll keep pushing out these shoots until I’m done and get back to regular programming afterwards.

Enough blabbering – let’s move onto the good stuff – Brad’s K20z3 EM1!

I personally love shooting silver cars the most. They reflect light perfectly and absorb enough to make it pop in most lighting situations. Black cars tend to eat up too much of the light and white cars bounce too much of it off.

Silver is the perfect medium.

Prior to this shoot, Brad had orange TE37’s on and that’s what I was fully expecting to be shooting. That was until I saw the conversation in our Whatsapp group… Errol asked Brad: Did you change wheels yet?? Brad replied: Sorry Jason, I know you hate black wheels. “FUUUU” I said to myself.

Either way, the shoot ended up turning out great and the black wheels pop. Brad argued that they’re diamond black but it makes no difference when I point a camera at it. They’re still black.

HOWEVER, this diamond black set of TE37’s is his 6th set of wheels. I like to classify Brad as a “seemed like a good deal at the time” collector. Actually – those were his exact words when I asked why he didn’t keep the orange and he replied that he hated them.

Up front is fairly simple and clean. Nothing too extravagant on Brad’s car – but it’s always remained that way since I met Brad: More functional and simplistic.

Still going forward with the mindset that Brad is a “collector” – none of the parts he collects or uses are fake/replica parts. I don’t usually point this out nor do I really care (OK I kind of care, but if it’s nice then I care less LOL) but Brad is an extremist when it comes to authentic and quality parts. It’s not a bad thing at all – in fact, it ultimately fosters a vision of a great build if that’s the mindset. Most often you’ll see cars that are amazing and I’m willing to bet that nothing but quality parts are accepted to be put on the car. The second the vision starts to sway in the direction of replica parts, you immediately start cutting corners. However, I’m not one to start the debate on fake or real parts… So I’ll leave it at that.

Looked great rolling too.

Perfect fitment paired nicely with Azenis.

The side profile shot of Brad’s car is also very subtle but there is enough there to make you look a second time. A powdercoated Autopower cage in the back with his rear seats still intact. The rear seats are actually wrapped with fabric from a JDM DB8 Integra Type R.

Close up of the diamond black TE37’s. They look great on silver.

The headlights – you may have noticed on the front shot of the car – are retrofitted with OEM E46 M3 bi-xenon projectors, so there’s no housing glare from PnP HID’s here. I love all cars with retrofitted projectors – it makes it look so much cleaner. I wish all cars came with projectors…

A quick engine shot and this was the last shot of the night, as it started getting darker and more difficult to get a shot without a flash. The EM1 is actually Brad’s second car that he bought completely stock back in 2007 and the K20z3 is the 4th engine in it.

I’ll end it here with Brad’s shoot and it’ll kind of roll smoothly into Errol’s set – another great build in the making.

Shoot number 5 now in the bag! Thanks for coming out Brad!

Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – *BONUS*

One last bonus part on Jackie’s car because I somehow scrolled passed these while going through his pics. I think this counts as a great bonus post – this was one of the first times I shot Jackie’s car ever. These pics were taken way back in August of 2009. I was still pretty new at shooting and I loved taking advantage of my wide angle lens – you’ll see what I mean in the pictures. I had only been shooting for about a year before and I knew nothing about rolling shots or how to adjust aperture, how to position a car and what angles looked good… Looking at these pics are kind of embarrassing to me only cause I hate looking at sucky pictures LOL.

Anyways – this was the day we went out to shoot near Bridgeland and Eau Claire Market then back to Speedtech. Like I said in the earlier post – I miss Speedtech because a lot of my random shots were taken there. There’s no other place to do that anymore so now we loiter in random places haha.

At this time, Jackie’s fitment was just crazy. I remember it was something that people were not accustomed to and he was really pushing the limits of wheel fitment along with a select few in the States. A few of these pictures were posted on facebook and various website and a majority of comments were negative to his fitment and his wing.  Almost exactly 4 years later this is what everybody wants, with a dash of -10 degrees of camber and a side of Rota. This is still the look that Jackie holds steady today – not a stranger to negativity from the world wide web, he does his thing the way he wants to. If you have a vision of quality, the patience to get it done and be able to ignore people that tell you it looks bad – you too can create something that everybody will eventually come to love.

Here’s the last part of Jackie’s throwback…

Stretched tires and pulled fenders? RIDICULOUS!  Who even does that in 2009?

This was one of the photos that made it’s rounds around the internet. Comments like “wing is way too big”, “car is too low to drive”, “what’s the point of the cage if he can’t drive that low?” were common. Post it up today and I’ll guarantee all those guys that hated on it 4 years ago have already jumped on this bandwagon looking for the widest set of Rota’s and springs to get them looking like this.

One of the shots I never edited. Most of the pics I’m posting are straight off the camera with little editing to exposure only. I should spend more time on them later down the road… This shows a good shot of his prototype Spoon hood.

Look how mint everything was 4 years ago. Cars take a beating over just a few years…

Breaking necks at Eau Claire. Love the angle of Jackie’s S2000 here.

Another shot that was reposted quite a few times. Shows how low his car is.

I hate this picture only cause the composition is all off but I decided to post it anyway haha

Breaking necks of the couple sitting on the bench too.

And finally – this was probably the most popular shot of that shoot and it’s still floating around today. Any time you see a car around trailers, you’ll see them with their hood under the trailer like they’re low. To be honest, I could fit my LS under a trailer at full high, so I personally think those pics are lame.

We got Jackie’s car fully under the trailer and it wasn’t a “high” trailer by any means. I got Jackie to get under the trailer and squat down with the car to give a comparison. Jackie’s wing is only a few inches higher than the top of his head. Frankly – not many cars could even go passed their windshield. At the time, Arif was with us and when we were in the process of getting it under, we turned the car off while Jackie sat inside for the brakes. Arif and I slowly pushed the car in while watching for clearance and eventually we got it under in the first attempt.

Here’s a pic at how close he really is to the trailer. His wing less than an inch away from the hitting.

Another shot so you can see that his whole car is under the trailer and not half way out on one side or anything.

That’s it for Jackie’s throwback! It’s probably going to be the only 4 part throwback I ever do unless I shoot someone else’s car this much again haha. I was talking to Jackie the night I edited these pics and we discussed another shoot. I want to try to make a small trip to Victoria and shoot his car when it’s completed again along with some of the other Vic cars. His car has gone through a colour change and I have yet to capture that… Fingers crossed!

Throwback: Jackie Law’s Honda S2000 – Part 3 of 3

Part III! (And also my 400th post! Wow time flies) This brings us to August 2011. At this point in time, Jackie was on an aggressive set of Advan RG’s in gold, and it was a different look and colour altogether from what he used to run. His point still hadn’t changed much from when he had the candy blue TE37’s, and he had yet to undergo the colour change to Moonrock.

However, at the same time – he had also recently picked up another S2000 as a daily when he didn’t want to drive his main S2000. It was fairly stock – lowered, lip, stock wheels but good enough since it was an S2000 for a daily – far better than most of the dailies we use. He wanted a shoot of both of them together and like usual – I agreed and we went on our way.

You may or may not know that I’m not a fan of shooting multiple cars, especially anything more than 2 – simply because it’s difficult (for me, anyway) to position and get it the way I want. His shoot – like I mentioned in the previous post – turned out great like always. The subject is a big part of the picture and for me, if it’s not something that I really love then it’s difficult for me to be inspired enough to shoot it. I’m picky.

Lets get to it

Both of them side by side.

Who could hate that face?

Keep in mind, I left most of these pics unedited. In this shot, you can see Aldrich’s WRX, Ryan’s 1M and Jeevs’ A4.

I loved this shot because the daily looks almost lower than his main.

Of course – rolling shots!!! And dual too! Barb drove his daily with these rollers.

JLAW in the flesh

Barb top down cruising in the daily

And the both of them. Both of them look so good together.

Last one to end this series! Hope you enjoyed!