Drool: Aimgain VIP GT Lexus LS460

Finally found pics of this beauty. I’ve seen it all over instagram but could never find high res pics of it – which it fully deserves. I got it off of Anthony Vargas photostream after diligently entering keywords into google until I found it.

This was the kit that debuted not too long ago at the Tokyo Auto Salon and tons of guys have jumped all over it – more specifically – the guys in Hawaii. Those guys do it up big in the VIP scene and it’s crazy how fast they work too. This car is from Cali though, which is also not a huge surprise since they’re hard hitters in the automotive scene too. I love that VIP is growing and it’s growing fast.

Anyways – pics speak louder than words. Might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s definitely a sight to see.

Not fully aired down on the first few pics…

Wald grill insert.

Love the aggressive lines on the Aimgain GT kit.

Luxury Abstract Jungo’s in 22″ with anodized teal Futura BBK behind them. Massive.

The rear of this kit is my favourite. Everything from the 3-piece lip spoiler to the rear bumper. Flows so well with the LS lines.

Looks like the rear fenders are kind of mashed, but still great fitment.

God. How do you even say no to that?!

Last pic. Awesome presence IMO… I love it.

Now if only I could find someone to lend me some money to do something with the LS while I finish furnishing the house and fund the wedding… Looking at my LS makes me depressed now. Winter blues…

Photoshop: Wald Black Bison Lexus CT200h

Still no new content from me! Kind of a disappointing summer so far in terms of weather and photoshoots. We’ve barely had a summer and any nice weather – it’s like Calgary is slowly turning into Vancouver. Not that I’m complaining cause I could live with rain most of the year over snow. At the very least, that would mean we could still drive our cars here and there. I think in total, we’ve had about a week or two (at best) of actual hot, summer weather. The only summer that I feel like I had was when I was in Los Cabos.

Anyway – there are still tons of things going on and I’m bummed I have to keep ditching because other things keep coming up. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a photoshoot this weekend for some long overdue content here.

In the meantime, I decided to photoshop the Wald Black Bison CT200h on gold WORK VS-XX’s to help wet his appetite on possible future plans. I personally think that this is the direction VIP is going now and it’s coming fast and furious. People are less afraid to do crazy shit and more willing to spend big bucks on customizing everything from fenders and rear valences to custom control arms, radiused fenders, and creating something completely new from an already existing body kit.Like every other trend out there, we are wanting to follow Japan’s footsteps and we’re always a few years behind. Japan has pretty much perfected the aggressive VIP styling now and if you look at the past Tokyo Auto Salon cars you can see big changes.

Now that most big name VIP companies are introducing aggressive kits, it’s sparking new interest here and I love it. On a side note – in a few short months, there are 4 LS460’s with the some of the most aggressive kits out there. Aimgain VIP GT, Black-Pearl Complete, K-Break Zero Custom, and K-Break Platinum. Before we get to that photoshop, let’s just take a look at the 4 biggest players in the LS community right now.

Nat’s Black-Pearl Complete kit front and rear paired with Wald side skirts and fenders.

Justin’s super fresh LS with the complete Aimgain VIP GT kit. Front is not on yet, but should be soon. Leon Hardiritt Friedens with Futura BBK all around. After fitting the Aimgain fenders, he realized it was actually smaller than stock so his wheels wouldn’t fit anymore. Since the LS460 has such a small market for suspension components, he turned to T-Demand. He not only got T-Demand front control arms… Instead, he just replaced them all. If you know VIP, you know that T-Demand suspension components can almost buy you another used LS… True baller status.

Dat’s newly acquired K Break Zero Custom bumper sitting pretty waiting for paint and install. Rears and sides not in pic.

Justin (also from Hawaii) comes out in full force with the K Break Platinum full kit. He is in the process of extending the side skirts to fit the long wheelbase model since there is no “L” version of the kit.

These are the 4 builds that inspire me to build the LS with the absolute best. Although it’ll be a while till I’m anywhere near their level, they are great builds to follow for sure.

Now onto the photoshop – this is where I feel that Wald did an incredibly good job with the Black Bison kit. The Black Bison kit for the LS is kinda, sorta ugly so I never looked at it again. It’s the perfect mix of aggressive and mild styling – if you want to go aggressive, but hold back a little longer – Wald made this for you. *Cough*JC*cough*.


Amazing rear valence design with quad tips. paint accent and rear fog.Wald-International-Lexus-CT200h-Black-Bison-First-Images-side-details

Great side profile that still retains the original lines of the CT without changing much. Wald always does a great job with the side skirts.wald-international-lexus-ct-200h-is-insane-photo-gallery-47245-7Finally – the front view. The biggest thing in the VIP community now is to incorporate LED lighting – and lots of it. Individual LED fogs running down the sides of the bumper with an aggressive front opening and side ducts. Still retains CT lines under the headlights and flows right through to the fender and continues to the rear.

What do you guys think? If you know JC’s contact – go and tell him to do it. Everybody needs a little peer pressure once in a while. πŸ™‚

Photoshoppin’ Dreams

Yesterday I was all depressed because I found out that the Cockpit LS in the post below this had a one off kit. So far – two of the kits that I’ve loved and wanted to get have been one off which is a total bummer because it seems like I’ll never come across the right kit. Not that I’m in a hurry to get one or anything because it won’t be for a while, but I’d still like to know that there’s something that I can look forward to. Back to the drawing board for me…

And at the drawing board, I spent a little time chopping some more things together. It’s a little weird because it does piece together a bunch of different brands together, but I tried to make it look as close to the Cockpit LS as I could. It sort of works but not sure how I feel about it.


The Black Pearl-1 bumper with custom fogs (from the Cockpit LS), Aimgain fender ducts, and Wald grill/sideskirts. Don’t mind the backwards Lexus logo – I flipped the original image to work with my picture and was too lazy to flip the emblem too lol.nofogs_zpscd5bd969And another with the exact same things except no Cockpit fogs – instead I kept the Black Pearl-1 LED fogs instead. Both look pretty damn cool.

It has a nice aggressive look to the front and it slowly gets more subtle as you move to the rear. That’s something that I want in a kit – but the lines of the LS460 make it difficult to find a kit that works well since it’s so curvy. Oh well – I’ll keep dreaming and looking.