Another (Tiny) Update…

…Pretty soon, these tiny updates will turn into big, expensive updates… X_X

Dave Fung stopped by earlier this evening to give a little protection to the FR-S. For years now, he’s been doing a bunch of little vinyl/3M work for me and he never fails to disappoint. I know it’s nothing crazy, but it’s a little piece of the puzzle that just makes me feel like I’m adding to the project bit by bit.

I got full 3M when I bought the car but apparently “full 3M” is not actually “full”. It’s everything but the damn headlights – which makes no sense to me.

Sorry – didn’t have my SLR handy so I just snapped them with my iPhone. Promise for a good update this weekend… Got 3 shoots lined up!

Dave working his magic. Used a nice 3M with clear coat on it and it’s super slick. I know – kind of lame to get excited over, but you’d understand if you love nice, smooth headlights lol

God… Stock height 4×4

Working the other side. It even looks clearer lol

Took some quick shots of Dave’s whip too. Matte white vinyl wrapped 335i… Putting down nice big numbers too. I believe 370hp if I remember correctly…


Definitely an eye catcher. He did the wrap himself as well. Nice and simple.

Thanks again Dave for the great work! Always appreciated!
Remember – check back sometime this weekend and the rest of the week to see the three other shoots!

#SnowWhite wakes up…

Before I start, I just want to clarify where and what Snow White came from and how it came to be. I was sitting at work one day talking to buddies and I would always refer to my STI as the “STEE” – basically “STI” pronounced. I wanted a name so that I could label it and then just let it roll from there. The only person I could think of that could possibly be witty and creative enough with thinking of a name was JC.

It took him all but a few minutes before he thought of things. First one was White Chick – which I thought was pretty awesome, but could be mistaken as racist or my actual girlfriend. LOL. So he came up with Snow White – fitting, because it suits the aesthetics of the car – all white everything. From that day forward, we’ve been referring to my STI as Snow White everywhere – twitter, instagram, in person… and it’s gotten to stick! hahaha who would’ve thought.


Anyways onto the better half of this post… after yesterdays’ install, I wanted to drive it so bad, you couldn’t even imagine. All day at work today, I kept watching videos of the car starting up, driving away, and of pictures just parked there. I decided that when I got home I was gonna drive it for a bit – I needed to. So I post it on twitter and Almond messages me saying he’ll meet me. Hell yes. So we meet at Co-op gas station and ride around till we find a decent enough spot with as little gravel and snow as possible. We ended up in some estate-looking area and took quick pics. Almond’s 3-series is still looking as fresh as the day we shot it last year for illmotion. So clean and the wheels… Love.

The two looked so good together. The white, the chrome, the carbon. Awesome.


My first profile shot of the almost-completed look. So far so good. The red Brembos make a huge difference.

Thanks for coming out for a quick meet, Almond! Until summer…