Poorform: Jimmy’s 2JZ Lexus GS

OK time to start the week off right! And what better way to do it than to end off the PoorForm triple threat photoshoot with Jimmy’s 2JZ GS!

I was originally supposed to get this up on the weekend but I ended up getting caught up in a bunch of things – my broken phone being one of them. However, this was one of the shoots I really wanted to share the most. Of the three cars I shot that weekend, I got the most shots of Jimmy’s GS. I would also like to add that I didn’t intentionally try to take less shots of the others at all – it just happened that a lot of the spots we went to were more suited for his GS.

There’s just so much to this car that it’s impossible for me to list it all out without it sounding like a magazine feature or article. Ultimately that’s not what my goal is on the blog – it’s just to showcase the cars that are happy to come out and let me point my camera at them and for you guys to see. A lot of the guys that I ask to come shoot with me have put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly – money, into their cars and I appreciate them giving me that opportunity. I know it’s nothing close to a magazine feature but it’s enough for me to keep doing what I love doing. The best part of it all is that I get the even greater pleasure of shooting cars that don’t come out all that often – some only come out to shows. Some are garage queens that only see the owner to come wipe them every few days. Others get driven hard and are recognized by the community. Whatever the case is, it’s always a great time – Jimmy’s GS is one to go down as one of the crazier builds I’ve been able to shoot.

Let’s see why…

At first glance you’ll see a huge Greddy intercooler sitting up front and rarely seen Rotiform super concave NUE’s for shoes.

Out back is the meatiest tire ever and I absolutely love it. The wheels out back are 13″ wide and even the 325’s look stretched on them. Wait till you see it from the rear…

Shot of his fronts. Jimmy’s got an Endless Race 6 big brake kit with E slit rotors. It’s hard to see in person but the fit and finish of the Rotiforms are amazing. The colour of the centers reflecting onto the lip give it a slightly darker tone and it’s awesome.

Shot of the rear. Here you can kind of see that “slate/grey” tone in the lips.

325’s… Monstrous.

Up close and personal with the Greddy intercooler. Behind it sits a Koyo race radiator that you’ll see in the engine bay pics later.

That shot from the rear. Very minimal camber so that Jimmy can put as much of the 325 tire down as possible under the custom rolled and pulled fenders. Another awesome part of the rear is actually the Junction Produce 3 piece spoiler that’s been molded in. It’s seamless up close. To compliment the JP spoiler, he’s also got the L-Sportline roof spoiler as well.

The view from the front… or your view when you see it coming up in your rear view mirror. Jimmy’s plans for the headlights are to retrofit LS460 projectors in to finish off the front and compliment the TRD grille.

Profile shot of his wheel/brake set up.

Rolling from the rear quarter.

While we’re at another full body shot – a few other plans Jimmy talked about was getting his Vertex aero kit installed paired with an HKS Kansai hood and have it all brought together and repainted using the Lexus LFA 1F2 metallic silver. That should be the creme de la creme for it all once it’s done.

A shot of his engine bay and the monster 2JZ-GTE VVTi. There’s really just way too much to list, but if you’re really interested then you can post in the comments and I’d be happy to share them since Jimmy shared it with me. But in between the plethora of HKS goodies, Jimmy has quality parts left, right and center. I’m sure you can see a bunch just by looking at the picture… HKS T51R Turbo, HKS SQV, Cusco strut bar, a few custom PoorForm parts like his motor mounts and 30-40LS transmission.

Another shot of the wheels. Can’t get enough.

A shot for the ricer in me.

That big ol’ turbo.

Cusco strut bar…

His suspension – a set of Zeal Function PF custom short stroke coilovers have been custom valved to his liking.

On the inside, the HKS goodies don’t stop. He’s got the HKS AFK wideband/knock amp.

Over on the right side, he’s got the HKS EVC 5 boost controller.

Jimmy’s cockpit doesn’t get overlooked either. This GS is more of a sport-VIP look and I can totally dig it. He’s got a Bride Vorga CF seat with a Takata 4 pt harness. Up front is a Nardi steering wheel (Ridox Orido Edition – which is #1/200) mated to a Worksbell hub. His cluster is a TRD Aristo 320K cluster that was wired in by Jimmy.

Up close of the weave. It’s all in the weave, don’t you know?

A closer shot of his customer rolled and pulled rear fenders. Nicely done.

Again, it doesn’t stop at the engine or the wheels or even his interior, Jimmy also made sure to include some audio too. Ranging from Focal, Steg and Pioneer pieces.

The final shot of the shoot was the three PoorForm cars together. The final post to all of this!

Thanks again to Jimmy and Steph for coming out and spending the afternoon with JC, Rich and myself and letting us shoot the cars. It’s not everyday you get to shoot three Lexus’s that are all on point!

Again – there are way too many mods to list, and I missed a bunch so if anyone is interested, post in the comments and I’ll reply back with it.

PoorForm Triple Threat: Coming Soon

Starting to wind down with the shoots now… Last night was our second last shoot (for now) and that was of Adrian’s boosted Civic. I’ve got one more next week and unless we book more in, then that will be it. Every night that we go shoot, the sun seems to go down 15 minutes quicker. It’s brutal! But hopefully all of these will keep you guys entertained for another month or so… I do have some shots saved up to scatter throughout winter too so it should be good.

BUT I am excited to start posting the next three cars that we shot all in one afternoon last weekend. It comes from PoorForm – Jimmy and his girlfriend – Steph have an awesome triple threat Lexus line up. I’ll post a quick teaser post of them from when we went over. All great cars… Especially his 2JS GS… But I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Steph’s GS sitting pretty. Fitment on the Work S1R’s are money.

Jimmy’s monster GS and his (somewhat) newly acquired Datsun which is a work in progress.

Rich brought Ollie out for the shoot as well.

JC back on winters… Yes, it’s that time of year again and this is when the realization finally hits you – when you change wheels.

Jimmy’s LS430 also waiting to be shot. JC and I had the joy of taking this one as our ride during the photoshoot since we needed another driver. Great car and very familiar to the LS460.

Another shot of Jimmy’s Datsun. Paint is still in immaculate condition too.

At the back of his garage was a nice big set of Brembos for a Supra sitting alone.

The two GS’s…

And the roller I posted up on the Facebook page a few days ago… I’ll start off with Steph’s GS first, move onto the LS430 and then end it off with the 2JZ GS. Should be a gooder! I’ll try to spend more time tonight editing the rest of the photos and hopefully get the first set up by the weekend.

Throwback: Steve Poyntz’s 2JZ Toyota Cressida

Our next throwback is from a few years ago when we went to a detailing shop to shoot Benny’s AE86 that was just recently completed.

During that shoot, Michael and Steve came as well because they helped out on the build. Steve also brought by his Toyota Cressida with his newly completed 2JZ swap sitting on 350Z wheels and a matte black paint job. At the time, the matte black paint job was still something so new that we didn’t know how to feel about it except that it wasn’t glossy. Now, it’s all the hype! haha

Anyways, I took some quick shots of Steve’s Cressida inside the shop and him doing some burnouts on his fresh rubber out back…


Clean and simple.


Loved this shot.


The powerhouse.


JDM Mine’s ECU in the glove compartment.


The burnouts begin.



Round 1.


Round 2 begins.



The dust settling…


The aftermath.


Sticky hot rubber everywhere.


Bye bye tires…

3 down! More to come!