illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 5

The final part to my Sunday School coverage – it’s been a long 5 days of editing but we’re finally here. This last post is more just extras – I took my 50mm out and took some shots at a different perspective. As nice as wide photos are to get the whole car, sometimes it can get a tad old. I spent the last hour or so just walking around and taking what I could until I just couldn’t stand the heat anymore.

There may also be a few photos of cars in this last batch that I was able to capture that I didn’t last time if I remembered… Once again, thank you to the guys at illmotion for putting on another great show, congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to the weather for holding out on us for another awesome year. Enjoy the last batch!

IMG_9829 copy

The tent was bumpin’ for most of the day…

IMG_9831 copy

Eric’s S15 – looking great on the Work TR7’s in bronze from afar

IMG_9832 copy

Jackie’s ITR with an aggressive C-West bumper, custom made splitter, and Top1 Motors cnaards.

IMG_9834 copy

Front shot of the aggressive set up. This car has come a long way…

IMG_9836 copy

Arif’s new ProjectMu BBK set up he revealed at the show.

IMG_9838 copy

Alex’s new contender for this year – K-swapped EM1, retrofitted headlights, First Molding carbon lip… This has also come a long way in a very short amount of time. Alex wastes no time…

IMG_9840 copy

A shot of the EM1 engine bay

IMG_9841 copy

And beside that, is Alex’s Integra – an engine bay that’s no stranger to those that have been around for the last few years.

IMG_9842 copy

Alex’s EM1 wheel/brake combo – Endless/Volk – beautiful combo.

IMG_9843 copy

And some new ProjectMu stoppers for his Integra.

IMG_9844 copy

My god, this car still amazes me at how much it has changed since the last time I took a photo of it. I was tagged in an Instagram post yesterday and I didn’t even clue in. It used to be white with carbon fenders and TE37SL’s – fairly basic. Now it is just beastly.

IMG_9846 copy

A shot of the aggressive bronze ZE40’s in face 4. Drooooool

IMG_9848 copy

Attention to detail with Varis parts as expected. Everything on this car is just perfect. I may be biased though…

IMG_9850 copy

Concave goodness.

IMG_9852 copy

Aldo’s S2000 with an ASM bumper that debuted at Driven this year.

IMG_9933 copy

Good shot of the lineup for Balance Auto Garage.

IMG_9932 copy

IMG_9930 copy

I think the best of show had to be Josh’s EG6. If there’s one thing that’s rare to see around here – it’s a build that is literally from the ground up. I – as well as most of you I’m sure – have had the pleasure of seeing this come together through social media. It’s gone through being just an empty shell, to slowly getting paint, and we watched it go from rolling metal to what you see here.

The whole car is painted in Nighthawk Black – a very nice OEM Honda colour that has some blue flake in it. It’s 3M’d all the way around, and everything stays true to every Honda fanboys visioins. A nice set of bronze TE37’s, Spoon brakes, Spoon carbon mirrors… The list just goes on.

IMG_9931 copy

On the inside, a set of Bride Gias, cage, Limited Suede Vertex wheel. Just perfection.

IMG_9927 copy

Also under the hood – a very clean K-swap.

IMG_9926 copy

The Nighthawk Black was absolutely stunning under that direct sun. If anything looked good under that sun that day, it was this.

IMG_9856 copy

Not too far away was Levi’s freshly finished RB V2 BRZ. Another stunning example of great body work, great parts, and good pairing of parts. An aggressive set of bronze/bronze Work Meister 3PC match the dark grey metallic very well.

IMG_9858 copy

From afar. As abundant as RB’s are, it’s rare to see one well put together. It’s either trashed, fake, or half-assed. Thank you Levi for doing this right.

IMG_9954 copy

David’s bagged IS on Weds Vishunu’s. Another great looking set of wheels paired nicely.

IMG_9859 copy

I’m glad I got this shot. I’m pretty sure he was wondering how the hell this all worked. He was pretty intrigued lol.

IMG_9864 copy

Back end of the RB V2 BRZ.

IMG_9867 copy

Another shot of David’s IS tucking hard in the rear.

IMG_9868 copy

Front end shot of Nick’s GT3.

IMG_9869 copy

And a better shot of his Voltex wing. Looks great

IMG_9870 copy

Jack’s LS-swapped Silvia.

IMG_9871 copy

This dude – I think it was John, who owns the 4-door GTR with Funky garage – was running around for a bit lol. Never  thought I’d get to see this costume in person haha

IMG_9874 copy

TE37’s on this 4Runner. It is the season of TE37 it seems. Better than the season of Rota… I can’t complain!

IMG_9875 copy

Damn I loved this so much!!

IMG_9878 copy

Another shot of Ryan’s Ferrari on Work Meisters. The combo of Italian and Japanese – no complaints here.

IMG_9881 copy

Kasem’s Amuse S2000

IMG_9882 copy

Ryan’s other red chariot – the infamous MR2

IMG_9885 copy

IMG_9887 copy

Michael’s RX7 looking very good as always

IMG_9888 copy

Caught this photoshoot going on during my walk lol

IMG_9892 copy

A better shot of Errol’s Rize Japan LED tail lights for those that wanted to see a better shot.

IMG_9893 copy

IMG_9895 copy

My fave. ❤

IMG_9896 copy

IMG_9897 copy

Simon’s FRS. I’ve come to the conclusion that all red cars look amazing but I don’t think I could own a red car. I love shooting them though.

Side note – I do see the resemblance to Magikarp with this bumper. I always saw Simon hashtagging it and now I understand haha

IMG_9900 copy

IMG_9901 copy

Landon’s beautiful RB 240SX with great paint and body work by Nick Prah.

IMG_9905 copy

And the RX7 of the man himself – Nick Prah. Beautiful colour and awesome execution.

IMG_9910 copy

My piece. Whatever.

IMG_9911 copy

I got hot so I stayed in the tent and shot whatever I could… lol

IMG_9912 copy

IMG_9913 copy

The trophies for those that didn’t get a chance to look at them. Very awesome this year.

IMG_9915 copy

Titanium Mugen badge on Alex’s EM1… whaaaaaat

IMG_9914 copy

IMG_9919 copy

I’m sure plenty of cars in the parking lot were worthy as well. A few that were nearby while I was cooling off – this GS was pretty clean and I think lady driven.

IMG_9920 copy

Miata’s are always cool – this one was clean on Meister 2PC’s

IMG_9924 copy

I went out with my wide one more time… Jackie’s ITR

IMG_9936 copy

Carlo’s WRX fitted with Varis all around and TE37’s

IMG_9938 copy

One more shot of Landon’s RB 240SX

IMG_9941 copy

And of course the RB 350Z – another great masterpiece that comes from Nick Prah.

IMG_9942 copy

Richard’s Mustang on Work CR Ultimates

IMG_9943 copy

Needs no introduction…

IMG_9944 copy

Kay’s widebodyy GTR laying low

IMG_9947 copy

Another shot of Charlie’s Supra

IMG_9948 copy

Curtis’s Silvia on Work CR2P in the VEX booth

IMG_9949 copy

IMG_9950 copy

Datsun 240Z duo

IMG_9951 copy

Another great contender at the show was this widebody RX7. Rare to see this gen so mint.

IMG_9952 copy

The family squad. Jackson’s bagged Sienna, Nick’s FJ, and Andy’s 4Runner

IMG_9953 copy

Another of Nick’s GT3

IMG_9956 copy

Can’t get enough of this.

IMG_9957 copy

IMG_9958 copy

IMG_9961 copy

My piece. Whatever.

IMG_9964 copy

Awards time! Instead of posting all the winners – I’ll just say congratulations to all of you. Well deserved!

IMG_9987 copy

And in no time, the table and prizes are cleared out – thanks to everyone who came out and made it another great show. Looking forward to next year!

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 4

Part Quattro!

Less words from me, more pictures!

IMG_9772 copy

IMG_9774 copy

IMG_9776 copy

Dustin’s track-ready S15

IMG_9775 copy

IMG_9779 copy

Noel’s S14 looking clean as per usual

IMG_9781 copy

IMG_9783 copy

IMG_9785 copy

TSX on FWD stagger TE37’s.

IMG_9786 copy

Simple and clean 350Z on Work Meister 3PC

IMG_9787 copy

IMG_9788 copy

Mike’s 7th Gen Civic with its’ own flare

IMG_9789 copy

Not sure if he hates Pokemon Go or loves it. lol

IMG_9791 copy

IMG_9792 copy

IMG_9795 copy

IMG_9796 copy

IMG_9797 copy

I think I stopped and stared at this for an unusually long time. I mean, this is exactly how I’d envision a Tacoma that I’d rock the hell out of and it’s dumped on my favourite wheels! This was amazing. Even had the Type R Recaros inside.

IMG_9799 copy

Another cool little truck. So JDM. Much wow.

IMG_9800 copy

IMG_9801 copy

IMG_9802 copy

Jackie’s Tundra on a nice new set of bronze TE37’s. TE37 on everything.

IMG_9804 copy

Jory’s Mini Cooper up on the curb

IMG_9805 copy

Dub Dynasty out here with their clean and bagged VW Caddy.

IMG_9807 copy

IMG_9809 copy

IMG_9811 copy

Bagged G37 laying super low. This makes me miss bags…

IMG_9813 copy

Simon’s FRS  looking really good lately. I’m digging the C-West bumper on his car – it matches perfectly in the red and his style. It’s come a long way for sure.

IMG_9812 copy

I wasn’t originally a fan of the C-West bumper for my own car because I couldn’t envision it with the way I wanted to build the car. Simon has changed my mind on it – it’s probably one of my favourites next to Varis and Aimgain.

IMG_9815 copy

Randy’s FRS made it’s debut with the Rallybacker widebody kit. A little more wild than the Rocket Bunny and Aimgain, but definitely looks good. It’s tough to see the proper lines on black and in pictures, but it fits well.

IMG_9817 copy

Out back he’s also got a new Battle Aero swan neck GT wing.

IMG_9818 copy

I think another favourite of mine at the show was this LS430. Super simple and extremely clean – great paint condition (which is rare on these cars – especially for black), perfect functional fitment on Weds LXZ’s, a Junction Produce lipkit (correct me if I’m wrong) and the headlight retrofit that is the first I’ve seen.

So good.

IMG_9819 copy

One more without the dude lol.

IMG_9820 copy

IMG_9821 copy

IMG_9823 copy

Not usually a fan of R33’s but this was excellent. Probably the best one I’ve seen and it looks brand spankin’ new. I think 95% of them are beat and just bought by highschool kids to say they have a GTR…

IMG_9824 copy

IMG_9826 copy

This was probably the most unique at the show – this has had its fair share of looks over the last few years. This year it appears the matte green wrap is now gone and it’s back to the original paint. But its’ got a GT wing mounted to the back now. I didn’t get a chance to actually go around and see it cause I was hot as hell and wanted to keep moving.

IMG_9827 copy

I think we got one more part to go guys!

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 3

We’re at the halfway point! I know some of you are probably like “why doesn’t this guy just post the whole thing?” Well, for one thing – it would ruin the suspense; two – I would run out of content real fast; and three – there’s like 100’s of photos and each batch deserves their own time on this damn page for at least 24 hours!

BTW – thank you everyone for the shares and the comments! I love it! Keep it going…

IMG_9696 copy

Aaron’s R32 on bronze/bronze Meister 3PC. Looking great.

IMG_9695 copy

IMG_9704 copy

Charlie’s Supra looking fantastic. Another one of my favourites at the show – looks great with the red wrap and the Ridox/Shine aero. The carbon accents work well – I enjoy this look more than the white wrap he had last year.

IMG_9702 copy

IMG_9706 copy

IMG_9708 copy

I’m not – and never have been – a fan of bugeyes but this tickled my fancy. Maybe it was how well the paint looked or the Meister combo but this was nice and simple. Well done.

IMG_9710 copy

An aggressive 350Z in a lighter rootbeer colour and gold wheels. I dig.

IMG_9711 copy

The matte blue/purple wrapped STI that we’ve seen a few years now. Still one of the cleanest wrap jobs and nicer colours I’ve seen.

IMG_9713 copy

IMG_9714 copy

This AE86 rolled in a bit later, but still cool as hell. I wish I had one to park next to the FRS…

IMG_9716 copy

Gabriel’s Integra taking up a premium spot all to himself. Looked fantastic.

IMG_9719 copy

Moving over into the other lot for a bit… There were a ton of people there that it was hard to take pictures at all… And you all know me…

Anyway… the beetle I was behind at roll in…

IMG_9720 copy

IMG_9721 copy

A dumped and matte wrapped BRZ with a RB V1 GT wing on Gram Lights. I think I’ve seen this brotha on Deerfoot one day.

IMG_9723 copy

Brandon’s Varis Evo X

IMG_9726 copy

IMG_9728 copy

Mark’s FRS

IMG_9730 copy

IMG_9732 copy

Garrett’s Miata looking clean as ever coming from Edmonton

IMG_9733 copy

IMG_9734 copy

IMG_9735 copy

IMG_9737 copy

Alex’s TL-S

IMG_9739 copy

Bill’s fresh-out-the-shop ST-swapped sedan. Quite an amazing swap, really. The first SE sedan to have the ST turbocharged engine put into it and Bill (and friends) did it all in record time in his garage.

I think the more notable fact of all this is that the engine was the salvaged heart of Mario’s previous ST that was involved in a car crash. Many parts were taken from it and revived in some form in Bill’s car – of course, engine included.  I guess you can say that Ketchup (Mario’s ST) lives on in Mustard (Bill’s Sedan) and that the two condiments really do go together (HA).

IMG_9740 copy

Propped up hood to show the new heart.

IMG_9742 copy

Mario’s new Ford Fiesta ST. The mini-me version of the Focus – following the same style and look as his ST, Ketchup now lives on as Sriracha.

IMG_9741 copy

IMG_9743 copy

Kyle’s Celica

IMG_9744 copy

IMG_9745 copy

Clean Toyota Chaser. There isn’t enough of these…

IMG_9748 copy

IMG_9749 copy

John’s R34 4-door sedan on Work Kiwami’s from Funky Garage

IMG_9751 copy

Ross’s R34 on aggressive ZE40’s from Edmonton

IMG_9753 copy

Bro truck. I’d still drive one.

IMG_9755 copy

Some clean Silvia’s in the coming line up. I believe 51Fourteen was kind of split up.

IMG_9756 copy

IMG_9757 copy

IMG_9759 copy

IMG_9760 copy

Mitch’s S14 on Meister 2PC

IMG_9761 copy

IMG_9762 copy

IMG_9763 copy

IMG_9765 copy

IMG_9767 copy

IMG_9768 copy

Davey-Lee’s Veloster

IMG_9769 copy

IMG_9770 copy

IMG_9771 copy

IMG_9772 copy

Ya dig!? Part 4 tomorrow!