illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 6

And the finale of all of this car show goodness – which turns out to be probably the least exciting posts because there are more people than cars and most of you just want to see cars.

The guys had asked if I wanted to help judge this year for the Honour Roll awards and I reluctantly agreed. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I knew just how many hard hitters come out to this particular show. Judging a full lot of cars to come to a conclusion of the top 15 cars is more difficult than you think. The way we approached it this year was to ensure that it was fair game – despite what some might think. If you have a car that is one of the top builds, have little or no changes but have won in the previous years – we made a unanimous decision not to judge you. We really wanted to make sure that the fresh builds had a chance against the more seasoned builds.

The group also raised a huge $5,500 to put towards the Calgary Humane Society. It’s not only the show that gets bigger, but the amount raised as well – this is AMAZING. Good job everyone… Let’s get to this conclusion…

IMG_2887 copy

As I neared the end of my round and got back to the tent, a few cars that were parked on the sideline – Jackie’s Tundra.

IMG_2888 copy

Alex’s other car – MDX on TE37’s… Everything is modified in his house.

IMG_2889 copy

Nick’s GTR

Also a few extras below that I missed adding for some reason… It must have gotten mixed up in my FlickR when I was re-organizing…

IMG_2734 copy

The aggressive track set up Integra…

IMG_2735 copy

GTI on VIP Modulars

IMG_2736 copy

GTI on Work VS-XX’s

IMG_2737 copy

IMG_2738 copy IMG_2740 copy

Ron’s R32 GTR on bronze Work Meister S1R’s

IMG_2742 copy

A chameleon wrapped STI

IMG_2743 copy

IMG_2745 copy IMG_2749 copy

IMG_2751 copy IMG_2753 copy

IMG_2756 copy

IMG_2758 copy

IMG_2760 copy IMG_2762 copy

A super sick Tourer… Also another one of my show favourites…

IMG_2763 copy IMG_2764 copy

IMG_2766 copy

Flared Mazda3

IMG_2767 copy

Eric’s S15

IMG_2768 copy IMG_2769 copy

IMG_2770 copy IMG_2771 copy

IMG_2891 copy

And getting back to the view from the tent.

IMG_2899 copy

The hard working team that helped all that came to the tent that day…

IMG_2900 copy

I got them to turn around for a quick shot – Nat, Barb, JC, Diana, and Cindy. Good job guys!

IMG_2901 copy

Not too far from the tent was Rich DJ-ing for the crowd. It does help that there’s some music playing as background music while you’re walking around.

IMG_2903 copy

IMG_2905 copy

Cool shirts this year

IMG_2908 copy

Rich playing an all-time classic… Clarity – by Zedd. Brought tears and memories to my eyes…

IMG_2910 copy

Out of no where, I heard a bunch of laughing and I look over to see Errol on the ground holding his family jewels. Not knowing why, I ran over and took pictures first and asked questions later…

IMG_2911 copy

Turns out that Alex whipped him with his microfiber cloth and hit right on the mark. Poor Errol…

IMG_2917 copy

Everyone getting ready to start handing out awards and calling names for the raffles…

IMG_2921 copy

Jimmy from VEX was MC again…

IMG_2923 copy

IMG_2925 copy

The crowd awaiting the good stuff…

IMG_2928 copy

I didn’t have names, but this lucky winner got the first prize – a GoPro Hero 4, battery and memory card sponsored by Urban X.

IMG_2931 copy

Errol bought a whole load of tickets (as well as a bunch of others) and ended up winning and Apple iPad Mini 3 sponsored by Bag Barn.

IMG_2932 copy

Errol scrambling to find the winning ticket in-between all his others…

IMG_2934 copy

Another individual won Haute AG’s prize consisting of a Low Profile jack, socket set, and ratcheting wrenches.

IMG_2937 copy

Aldo also ended up putting a bunch of money in and ended up winning the Apple watch sponsored by Speed Options… I wish I got it with my one ticket… T_T

IMG_2938 copy

All smiles with his win.

IMG_2940 copy

Hard to really take a pic of all the people. There was a bunch way back and to the left…

IMG_2943 copy

This lucky dude won the prize with $1000 off an air set up/install from Bag Barn.

IMG_2944 copy

Corey still working his butt off…

IMG_2945 copy

Next up were the winners of the Honour Roll…

IMG_2947 copy

IMG_2845 copy


First up was Tommy Daraseng and his BMW M3

IMG_2948 copy

IMG_2949 copy

IMG_2857 copy

Next was Chico Aguilar and his gold wrapped, Varis-equipped Evo X MR.

IMG_2950 copy

IMG_2951 copy

IMG_2837 copy

Matt Dower and his green and bagged GMC pick up…

IMG_2953 copy

IMG_2497 copy

Kevin Nguyen and his blue 1991 Skyline GTR

IMG_2955 copy

IMG_2500 copy

Greg Pock (this is not Greg) and his black Rocket Bunny RX7

IMG_2956 copy

IMG_2957 copy

IMG_2646 copy

Jeff Lange and his impeccable 1986 Corolla GT-S (the one that has been restored close to mint)

IMG_2959 copy
IMG_2718 copy
Jessie Joe Curtis and his 2006 Subaru WRX with an aggressive track set up.

IMG_2961 copy

IMG_2687 copy

Quincy Yuen and his Varis Widebody Subaru STI Hatch

IMG_2963 copy

IMG_2694 copy

Reggie Mah and his Varis x Rocket Bunny FRS

IMG_2965 copy

IMG_2571 copy

Sebastian Prucnal with a red 1989 BMW 325i Wagon

IMG_2966 copy

IMG_2967 copy

IMG_2625 copy

Curtis Rider (this is not Curtis) and his 1981 VW Caddy Rabbit Pick up

IMG_2969 copy

IMG_2746 copy
Adam Merrill and his 1992 VW GTI

IMG_2971 copy

IMG_2636 copy

Last but not least, Curtis Cooper and his purple S15.

IMG_2556 copy

Missing in this list is Noel Eggers and his ’98 240SX.

IMG_2559 copy

As well as Michael Boulanger and his mint ’94 Mazda RX7

IMG_2973 copy

That’s a wrap for Sunday School coverage! Another good year in the books. I really hope that next year is even better… I’m already looking forward to it! Thanks for the awesome show everyone!

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 4

And we continue…

IMG_2622 copy

Jesse and Mike from DUB Dynasty brought out their beetle that they’ve been working on for a while now and it’s making some good progress. Still not up and running for obvious reasons but it’s gonna be a gooder when it does!

IMG_2623 copy

Progress on the swap that they’re doing…

IMG_2625 copy

So clean. Nice wrap job too.

IMG_2627 copy


This was cray. I love it but I personally don’t think I could drive in this without getting a broken ass/back/everything.

IMG_2628 copy

And you see why lol. The seat backs are virtually non-existent because I don’t think strings or rope count lol.

IMG_2629 copy

Kirsten Thurlow’s convertible 240SX with a leopard print going on in the front.

IMG_2630 copy

Simple S14 on Work Meister S1’s. Too bad they discontinued these in the bigger sizes. They look nice without the bolts…

IMG_2632 copy

Steven’s STI Sedan

IMG_2634 copyIMG_2636 copy

An incredibly clean S15 on the new Work CR2P’s. I absolutely loved this build – it’s fresh, it’s new and it’s got a lot of different characteristics you don’t see all too often around here. Hopefully there is more planned to this – I’m looking forward to seeing it. Well done, owner. Well done.

IMG_2638 copy


Very well executed RX8. The RX8 chassis is tough to modify nicely. It wasn’t a super popular platform, but going the simple route like this is perfect.


IMG_2640 copy

IMG_2642 copy


The beastly V8 swapped AE86.

IMG_2643 copy

IMG_2645 copy


So gooooooooood. ITB’s were awesome.

IMG_2646 copy

Jeff Lange’s Corolla was also one of the best cars to come out that day. The restoration that has been done on this car is extensive – a majority of the parts have been replaced with new OEM parts and it’s super close to looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

IMG_2649 copy


The interior is super clean.

IMG_2650 copy

Lots of the parts have been restored and as you can tell – look pretty damn new. This must be a blast to drive.

IMG_2652 copy

The two Corolla’s together. Stock vs highly modified.

IMG_2654 copy

Jimmy’s Datsun 240Z. I’ll never get tired of this colour combo.

IMG_2655 copyIMG_2658 copy

Giuseppe’s beautiful R32 Skyline with a few new additions. Garage Mak side generators were added which flow extremely well with the car.

IMG_2661 copy

A new diffuser fitted up to the rear and this looks fantastic. Just when you thought this car couldn’t get any better, Giuseppe goes and makes it better. Damn Italians…

IMG_2663 copy

R34 GTR V-Spec on super concave ZE40’s

IMG_2664 copy


And it’s twin…

IMG_2665 copy

IMG_2666 copy

White S15 on WedsSport SA55M’s

IMG_2668 copy

IMG_2670 copy

IMG_2673 copy

IMG_2675 copyIMG_2676 copy

Daniel’s E55 AMG – love the look of this.

IMG_2680 copy


Daniel’s M3 with an Advan/Yokohama livery.

IMG_2681 copy

This G35 was a quite the attention grabber. It was pretty damn loud rolling in.

IMG_2682 copy


Supercharger set up

IMG_2683 copy

Clarence and his STI start off the BC gang…

IMG_2684 copy

Full Voltex Aero on Velvet Blue Gram Lights.

IMG_2685 copy

Rear set up with Voltex V-mount and custom wing stands, Voltex rear diffuser and an Amuse exhaust.

IMG_2686 copy

Quincy had a few significant changes as well on his car – one of the most noticeable changes are the ZE40’s in place of the TE37’s…

IMG_2687 copy

Also if you look closely, the headlights have also been swapped out for custom 1 of 1 Car Shop Glow headlights…

IMG_2688 copy

An up close shot – I didn’t see Quincy at all for a chance to ask for a demonstration but they look damn cool.

IMG_2690 copy

The Varis widebody flows all the way through to the back also finished off with an Amuse exhaust.

IMG_2692 copy

Dicken’s Varis Widebody Evo X also joined the crew after being freshly finished being put together in BC.

IMG_2693 copy

And ending it was Reggie’s Varis x Rocket Bunny FRS

IMG_2694 copy

I thoroughly enjoy this look.

IMG_2695 copy

One more shot of Quincy’s STI from the front. Too good not to share…

IMG_2697 copy

Mario’s Ford Focus ST laid out starting the ThreeTwenty booth…

IMG_2698 copy

Another ST in white… I assume to be the Mayo?

IMG_2700 copy

And Bill’s Ford Focus Sedan with an ST front end conversion.

IMG_2702 copy

Don’s Golf R aired out.

IMG_2704 copy

Shane’s Integra still looking good as always

IMG_2705 copy

IMG_2706 copyIMG_2707 copy

Brooks’ Evo 9 – a familiar sight from HIN.

IMG_2711 copyIMG_2712 copy

Blue and yellow Evo’s beside each other.

IMG_2713 copyIMG_2715 copy

IMG_2716 copy

And to end this part off – A pretty sick kart that the U of C students brought out for the show. They were talking about the specifics of it and it sounded interesting but like I said – I was pretty much dying of heat stroke so I moved on quick…

illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2015: Part 3

Part 3! Still a lot of good cars coming your way…

IMG_2540 copy

Jason Divina’s new STI on velvet blue Gram Lights.

IMG_2599 copy

Subie Wagon

IMG_2542 copy

Pretty cool to see the Consulier GTP in person. I had seen it in a few pics in some other event coverage… I believe there were only 100 of these cars that were made so it’s cool that one resides locally. Don’t know much more than that, but it’s definitely different.

IMG_2545 copy

RHD Supra on TE37’s. Could use a slightly more aggressive fitment for a Supra, but I liked the colour.


IMG_2547 copy

This was an extremely clean S13 on Work VSKF’s. Probably one of my favourite that unfortunately noted that it did not want to be judged.

IMG_2548 copy

An exceptionally clean LS swap. I would say one of the best done locally. I can’t remember the owner – but if you’re reading this, let’s shoot 🙂

IMG_2549 copy

Ryan Tsang’s Hyundai Genesis

IMG_2551 copy

Kelvin’s K20 swapped Acura 1.6EL fitted with a Voltex wing out back. It’s different for sure, but it looks real good in person.

IMG_2553 copy

Clean ITR on bronze TE37’s – timeless combo. I believe this was Jackie’s previously for a short while…

IMG_2554 copy

Noel’s 1JZ-swapped S14 on Work VS-KF’s wrapped in black. I saw a lot of progress on Noel’s car over instagram and it’s turned out to be pretty awesome.

IMG_2556 copy

One more shot down low to show the fitment.

IMG_2558 copy

Kenji’s S15 – you may remember from the HIN post not too long ago…

IMG_2559 copy

Michael Boulanger’s absolutely stunning RX7. Repainted, a lot of the fabrication was done by himself and peep the Car Shop Glow lights too.

IMG_2561 copy

IMG_2562 copy

Josh Sivada’s bagged S5 on Work Meister S1 3P’s

IMG_2564 copy

Tim’s K20 Swapped and supercharged EG hatch. It’s now on Volk CE28’s rather than the Spoon SW388’s when I shot it a while ago.

IMG_2565 copy


I personally enjoy this look a lot more.


IMG_2566 copy

The Comptech Supercharger mated to the K20

IMG_2568 copy

Steve’s RSX

IMG_2569 copy

Errol’s RSX – one of the newest additions since we got back from BC was a Spoon CF diffuser that you can just barely see in the pic.

IMG_2571 copy


E30 wagon… Apparently everything on this was changed out to new OEM stuff. It is absolutely mint.

IMG_2573 copy

Aldo’s white on white S2000 starting off team S2k

IMG_2575 copy

Justin’s S2000 on black TE37’s

IMG_2577 copy

And finally Alex’s S2000 on SSR Type-C’s

IMG_2578 copy


Nice CF Mugen intake in the bay.


IMG_2580 copy

Alex also decided to just go ahead and bring out almost half of his fleet of cars out while he was at it. Here’s his TL-S DD on bronze ZE40’s. Looks amazing.

IMG_2581 copy


And finally, his pride and joy (maybe sometimes headache – depending on when you talk to him) his Integra.

IMG_2584 copy

Absolutely one of the cleanest and most meticulous builds in Calgary hands down. Mugen bolts left, right, and center and even where you can’t even ever see them if you tried. I could go on, but we’ll save that for another day…

IMG_2586 copy

Brad’s supercharged K20 EM1. He’s been a stranger lately but it was good to see this out for a bit of sun.


IMG_2587 copy

IMG_2589 copy

Isaac’s LS swapped RX7 joined in too for Balance Auto Garage.

IMG_2592 copy

Jackie’s 4Runner on bronze TE37’s

IMG_2594 copy


Wasn’t quite sure what was going with this… Zipties, dents, a whole lotta things – admittedly, I remember feeling heatstroke by this point LOL.

IMG_2595 copy

Team RX7 for Team Royalty.

IMG_2596 copyIMG_2598 copy

IMG_2601 copyIMG_2603 copy

Again, the clean STI Hatch on Meister S1 3P’s that was in attendance at HIN.

IMG_2606 copy


Not normally a fan of wraps because it’s difficult to get done right but I did like the colour of this. I think this would be a winning combo with some aggressive aero.

IMG_2609 copy

Clean boosted FRS from Team Royalty.

IMG_2611 copy

Josh’s FRS







IMG_2613 copy

A wrapped 350Z in matte white on Work VS-KF’s… This seems to be the year of VS-KF’s too…

IMG_2614 copy


I remember seeing this 350Z in Edmonton for the season opener and the GT wing caught my eye. Every time… It’s my weakness.

IMG_2616 copy

Cy’s Chaser is a car that I truly enjoy looking at. It’s simple, and pulls off the sport VIP theme very well. It’s got a bit of a Japanese influence as well with anime paraphernalia in and around the car.

IMG_2617 copy

The cream colour is perfect.

IMG_2618 copy

On the dash – not sure what this is from, but it works with the whole theme. Reminds me of Maplestory…

IMG_2619 copy

I’ll say it – this Celsior from Team Royalty was hands down my personal favourite. I just love the look and the overall execution. A bit of the VIP styling in me still lives on and big bodies have a soft sport in my heart. The fitment, the colour, and the bodywork was wicked.

IMG_2620 copy

The Weds Kranze Cerberus flow well with this car, and it’s tough to find a car that those wheels work well on because of design. I’d love to have this as a DD…

IMG_2621 copy

One more of it from the front cause I love it. Well done, sir.

Now I gotta go and edit more and find time to put them up!

Hot Import Nights 2015: Calgary

Finally starting to catch up on coverage! As much as I’d like to postpone them a little longer (just to buy myself more time), it’s a little different with show coverage since it can get old quick and most people want to see the photos sooner rather than later. Now that we’re through HIN Vancouver, we’re back home for HIN Calgary.

The same things I said about HIN Vancouver pretty much translate over to HIN Calgary. The major difference is that the Calgary show was much bigger in quantity but really didn’t match the quality that Vancouver brings. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of well-built cars in Calgary and a ton of new builds that really just came out of no where. My personal opinion is that shows like this that need to live up to at least half the hype that is expected need to filter through the cars and not accept everything. It starts to become a very thin line when you do that because then people get upset. If you’re upset, that means you’re car isn’t up to par yet – there shouldn’t be any hard feelings.

At the end of the day, it’s a car show – not a meet. I know some of you might be saying “well, what about illmotion’s Sunday School”? In my books, HIN and Sunday School are in two different categories. HIN is – as I stated in the HIN Vancouver post – an all out show that really cuts no corners. It is all out and it’s really something Calgary hasn’t had in a long, long time due to whatever reason. Sunday School is, and always has been a way to bring the automotive community together – it was to recharge the scene and to get people excited about it all over again. No big admission fees, no stages, no lights and models… It was all for a good cause, with donations and proceeds going to a different charity every year.

One thing that I was kind of surprised about was the lack of advertising for HIN, considering the reputation and all. I personally didn’t see anything on social media regarding HIN – no registration dates/times, no location, no nothing. I heard it mentioned here and there but nothing solid was ever established. It is certainly possible that I’m not as connected as the rest of the crowd is or I’ve just been out of the loop, but I didn’t know there was even something happening until just a few days before the show. The date chosen was probably not a good idea since it was the same day as Chasing Summer – where all the hippie, raver kids like to go (all like 15,000 of them from surrounding areas), and it was the day before Sunday School which was announced a long time ago. Two car shows back to back is hard to do if you’re part of both of them…

IMG_2192 copy

We showed up a little later in the afternoon to check the show out. It ended up being at Deerfoot Inn and Casino down south… I personally didn’t register for two reasons: one, as stated above – I didn’t know about it… And two, even if I did know, I don’t like how my car looks right now so I hate taking it to shows if I don’t have to lol.

IMG_2194 copy

We started at the beginning and made our way around – Rob’s 240 on Meister S1’s from Low Cals.

IMG_2195 copy

Another angle. Nice red.

IMG_2196 copy

A G35 starting the Low Cals group off…

IMG_2198 copy

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

IMG_2200 copy

Black on red Rota D-forces

IMG_2202 copy

Evo on WedsSport SA55M’s.

IMG_2203 copy

Kenji’s S15 on Work CR Kai’s

IMG_2205 copy

Mario’s Ford ST still looking clean with a new lip addition.

IMG_2208 copy

A very nice LHD Supra T-top on Meister S1’s. Very clean.

IMG_2209 copy

This Mazda3(speed?) from 403Media and the wide flares are pretty unique.

IMG_2212 copy

IMG_2214 copy

Steven’s STI sedan on TE37SL’s

IMG_2319 copy

@itsbirdy’s FRS

IMG_2322 copy

Another FRS going with the white/black tone.

IMG_2216 copy

This truck was dope as fudge. Probably one of the best there IMO…

IMG_2219 copy

Trunk set up was unreal. 6 compressors and a huge tank with hard lines running into it nicely. The rear struts were visible with custom spiders on top of each strut. I wonder how fast that tank fills…

IMG_2218 copy

On the other side, some shenanigans going on in the back of a truck… No hate though, if I had a truck, I’d probably put a bunch of girls in it and take a picture too…

IMG_2221 copy

A clean GLI aired out on BBS’s

IMG_2222 copy

IMG_2223 copy

IMG_2225 copy

Ron’s R32 Skyline. His skyline is incredibly clean on bronze/bronze Meister S1R’s.

IMG_2228 copy

A lime green wrapped Rocket Bunny RX7 on Weds Kranze LXZ’s. Those rears are massive in person…

IMG_2230 copy

IMG_2231 copy

S14 with an S15 conversion

IMG_2233 copy

Dustin Mak’s S15 on velvet blue Gram Lights 57xtremes

IMG_2234 copy

Kaylee’s S14 in a nice midnight purple on Work CR Kai’s

IMG_2239 copy

Matte blue wrapped Evo on TE37SL’s

IMG_2242 copy

This STI Hatch was super clean – I love the blue and I love the Meisters.

IMG_2244 copy

A very aggressive track set up on this STI with meaty tires, canards and GT wing.

IMG_2246 copy

Cool Seeing an MR2 there – I remember back in my adolescent days of reading Import Tuner and Super Street, this MR2 was my dream car lol.

IMG_2247 copy

Brooks and his rootbeer coloured Evo 9 – they always make their way over for car shows from Saskatchewan.

IMG_2251 copy

IMG_2248 copy

Josh’s FRS still looking good since I last saw it in Edmonton.

IMG_2254 copy

This was new to me – haven’t seen it around before and I enjoyed the execution of it. I think a full paintjob would do this thing wonders since it’s fairly clean already.

IMG_2255 copy

Autodream’s Skyline’s came out to play as usual.

IMG_2258 copy

IMG_2261 copy

This was another cool truck to see – a Hakosuka Sunny truck.

IMG_2265 copy

Aired out Prius.

IMG_2266 copy

Variskitted Evo on Gram Lights.

IMG_2268 copy

IMG_2270 copy

R34 on ZE40’s. Looks good.

IMG_2274 copy

3/4 Rocket Bunny FRS sans the front lip.

IMG_2272 copy

IMG_2276 copy

IMG_2277 copy

Jimmy’s Datsun 240z

IMG_2280 copy

IMG_2282 copy

Another STI on TE37’s. Popular choice of wheel this year lol…

IMG_2284 copy

Jimmy’s M3 on some new shoes – Wedssport SA55m’s in full black

IMG_2286 copy

This was a favourite of mine from the CH Toyota BBQ – Scion xB/Rumion.

IMG_2288 copy

Pretty clean Yaris RS… Don’t see too many of these around…

IMG_2289 copy

IMG_2292 copy

Noel’s S14

IMG_2296 copy

Carlo’s WRX

IMG_2298 copy

Super sick Miata.

IMG_2302 copy

One of my favourites from this show as well as Sunday School was this V8 swapped Corolla with ITB’s. Sounded crazy.

IMG_2304 copy

IMG_2309 copy

Another car that was nice to see was this Varis/Voltex kitted Evo on Work CR Kai’s.

IMG_2311 copy

Aired out STI with a Varis CF lip kit.

IMG_2313 copy

Bag barn and their dumped trucks…

IMG_2315 copy

This one is always a winner in my books…

That’s a wrap for HIN Calgary! The sun was shining, it was hot as fudge, I heard it was a long day from 11AM-9PM or something like that… But kudos to those that tried to put on HIN in Calgary. It still brings cars out and a good enough crowd to make it worth while. Next up is Sunday School coverage… And there are a TON of pics for that so I’ll be breaking them out into parts… Stay tuned.