Mugen FK8 – Completed

An unofficial and quick shoot of the rest of the car with the Mugen tail lights. I didn’t venture too far for these – I just wanted to get some full car shots of it all together and I must say that I’m pretty damn satisfied right now and that doesn’t happen often. It’s nice when things come together like you envisioned/hoped for… All this started because Diana and the guys got me a Mugen button…

I will say though that although Mugen FK8’s exist all over the place, it’s nice to be able to say that I have one of them. It’s a little different seeing one that you’ve put together yourself versus all the ones on social media. There aren’t many options for exterior cosmetics for this platform and there are a few big ones that have been released recently such as Spoon and Varis, but they just weren’t up my alley as much as I had hoped Varis would’ve been. Ever since my 8th gen days, I’ve always dreamed about putting together a Honda x Mugen build and I’ve finally done it. There’s just something about Mugen that invokes this really good feeling that you’re putting literally the best on the car because it’s literally the child of Honda. From the fitment to the quality – there’s just nothing that comes close to that compared to all the other brands I’ve used.

Anyway – I hope to do a proper photoshoot when the weather gets a little better and I have a little more time in the evenings. Until then, enjoy!

Finally the side profile looks complete. No more empty rear end!

Probably my favourite angle on the FK8 right now…

The Thanos rear chin. Like I mentioned in my last post – I love how the vertical lines in the Mugen lip pair up with the horizontal lines in the tail lights and how those lines match up with the trunk lines. It’s pretty hard these days to find cosmetic mods that fill and continue the stock body lines. It’s also a rear that I love without a GT wing and prefer the stock wing instead. I know, I thought I’d never say that but the stock wing is bulky enough to match the whole car whereas I find the GT wings just feel too small and out of place.

More shots of the rear… The addition of the red pin stripe on the lip is a nice accent to tie it all together.

Last shot back at home. I am in love with how this turned out because I didn’t think I’d get to this point this soon (or at all) but man… There’s only a little more this needs before I call it complete to me.

DIY: Mugen FK8 Tail Light Install

The last shipment that I’ve been waiting for finally arrived! It’s funny that I was going to just get the lip and thought I was going to be done with it, but then the sides felt naked… So I got the sides and I thought I was gonna be done there. Then the rear was super empty, so then I decided to just finish the whole kit off with the rear too and I was SURE I was going to be done but then it looked unfinished with the stock tails… And here we are…

I guess it was kinda meant to be that way – Mugen themed the whole car, so if you get one part of it, it’s going to look a little off. Mind you, many people have done that and gone for just the lip and it looks just fine but the OCD in me can’t stand it. It literally keeps me up at night LOL. So now that I have the tail lights, I feel like it’ll be complete. (I hope so, for the sake of my marriage LOL).

Anyway – a pretty straightforward install. I still have my gripes about it, but it’s Mugen afterall…

Arrival inspection…

Good ol’ Japanese instructions again. I could make a book out of all them…

All pretty looking even in the plastic…

Took the left light out just to inspect. Looks great – top notch quality as expected.

To start, I taped around the tail light just to ensure I wasn’t going to scratch up the paint or anything.

It’s a pretty easy removal. Two bolts and it pops out.

The existing wires that plug directly into Mugen. A good time to clean up under the tail light while you’re at it too…

All plugged into Mugen. It came with a bunch of foam insulators that I later wrapped around all the connections. I didn’t take a pic…

Also has a cool switch for you to decide whether you want sequential or straight blinking. Of course I went sequential…

All popped back in. Perfect fit.

The hatch pieces are a bit of a pain to get to cause you have to take off the plastic lining on the inside. Kind of a pain.

My only gripe about the Mugen tails is that the hatch piece is non-functional. So you’re basically going from a working piece to a “dead” unit. Mugen even includes dummy connectors to plug the stock harness into so that it doesn’t just hang.

There is another company that makes a replica of the Mugen tails that does include a working hatch piece and it looks exactly the same and although it’s functional, I wouldn’t ever get it just for that. I guess it all comes down to quality over everything to me…

All done! A shot of the nice Mugen logo on the inside…

Mugen stamped on all the light pieces. Nice touch.

All done! I ceramic coated the tails too 😛

Pretty much an OEM finish as expected by Mugen.

And also an OEM fit too. Everything lines up with absolutely no gaps.

Some testing shots with the lights lit up. Unfortunately, no actual braking shots cause I was alone when installing…

Super clean! It took some time for the tail lights to grow on me – much like the rear, but now that I have it – I love them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Mugen tails look great with the Mugen rear and they compliment each other perfectly. The three LED strips in the lights match the three vertical lines in the Mugen lip. There’s a lot of subtle hints in the Mugen kit that all compliment each other nicely.

I’m a happy camper!

Carpro Gliss Application

The bad thing about detailing cars is that you end up getting sucked into this never-ending black hole of products that you can’t get out of because you think you need them. And even when you know you don’t need them, you get them anyway just because. Next in line for me was Carpro’s Gliss – a hyperslick topcoat meant to be used over top of Cquartz UK 3.0 or on it’s own. It’s basically a permanent coat of reload – rather than applying Reload every few months, you apply it once and you’re done. In reality, I could’ve just applied Cquartz UK 3.0 and would have been done with it… But you know… That black hole…

I have been in limbo by myself in that black hole for a while and I would occasionally delve deeper but the day I coated JC’s car was the day I brought him into that hole with me and let me tell you – that guy is freaking drowning LOL. This guy makes a visit to Carzilla every week trying to buy new products and doesn’t know what’s gotten into him. The bad thing is although I laugh at him – he’ll message me and ask if I want anything and I end up getting shit too. UGH LOL

Anyway, not too many pics on it since it’s pretty boring to talk about application. Just wanted to give a quick review on it.

Application of Gliss can be done several hours after application of UK 3.0 but in my case, it’s been a few months. My dilemma is that Reload, Elixir and Ech2O had all been applied multiple times and Gliss cannot go over top of it as it won’t bond to UK 3.0 properly. As a result, I had to do a few extra steps to get rid of it all. The steps are to wash with Reset, then decon with Tar-X, then Reset again and one final IPA wipe down with Eraser. None of this will affect the original UK 3.0 coating, but it will remove the oils that all the top coats left behind. If you’re doing this – keep in mind not to leave Tar-X on too long or wipe it in otherwise there is a chance it could damage some of UK 3.0 – simply spray on, wait a few minutes and spray off.

After it had all been done… It was stripped down to the UK 3.0 coating with no toppers. You can tell if you run your fingers across the paint and the slickness is completely gone.

*heart eyes*

Application was super simple. Easier than UK 3.0 even… You apply it the same way except it flashes much faster and hazes instead. I left it on for maybe a minute or two and then wiped off. Wiping off leaves the same super slick feeling that Reload does – so you’ll know it worked.

One of the other things with Gliss as well is that it does not harden. The cloths you use to wipe off Gliss can be re-used. I know it’s tough to see in pictures and on a white car, but it does add a bit more sheen and depth to the already shiny finish.

It is most noticeable on darker colours because you can really see the difference. I had applied it half and half and wiped off and you could see the part where Gliss was applied was noticeably darker and deeper. You can layer Gliss as well, but I thought that might be overkill LOL. I’ll leave as is and then do my usual maintenance with Merlin’s Majic Elixir and Ech2O.

Overall – a pretty good product to have so that you don’t have to worry about when to apply Reload. The extra few degrees of water contact angle sold it for me so that was already enough 🙂

NSX x FK8 Social Distancing Photoshoot

Last night was a pretty random night for me – Jotham was taking his NSX out for the first time this year and wanted to cruise so of course I accepted! It was supposed to just be a pretty chill cruise around town, stop for photos here and there and then call it a night. As we were heading downtown, we passed by the most random car meet that we ended up joining for a little bit to chat it up with some friends.

I didn’t get many shots of the meet as it was kind of random and crowded… For the most part, just shots of our cruise and quick photoshoot.

Jotham up front

I really wanted to shoot with some greenery and play around with some edits and Jotham ended up finding a pretty decent spot in Eau Claire…

It’s been a while since I shot an NSX… I think the last time and only time was Jackie’s red NSX years ago…

Stunning in white.

I’m sure you’ve all seen enough of the front end of my Type R by now haha

The trees were too good though. Peep that line up back there for ice cream though haha… It was beautiful out last night though so I don’t blame them.

Not enough of the Mugen rear though! Ah I can’t get enough.

I really love the way it looks now. I am sorry I doubted Mugen, but at the same time, their promotional pictures of the rear didn’t really do it justice either lol.

Two different types of cars and generations…

Captured a couple taking a look at the cars and doing a walkaround lol. They were super nice though.

Funny thing is where we are is a no parking zone, obviously by the signs… But there were some cops walking around either patrolling or looking for food – not sure. But we were a little apprehensive that we might get in trouble or they might tell us to leave but they just smiled and walked on by. I joked with Jotham that right now is a sensitive time for racial profiling so maybe they just decided not to say anything LOL!

The more I photograph the CTR, the more I start to really enjoy the sharp lines of it. It was a little odd at first, but all angles are starting to grow on me.

My perfect pairing… Fujitsubo x Mugen

I have to say, I’m happy with how it sits now. There are still a few bits missing but nothing I can’t live without for a while.

Jotham’s NSX sits so low compared to my car LOL… Obviously because of the super low profile of the NSX but even if mine was aired down to the ground, it would still look high as hell.

At the random meet, Giuseppe was there and this was my first time seeing his S15 in person. Looks great on the new SSR’s.

Giuseppe never fails to build an impressive looking car.

Endless BBK peaking behind.

Alex Yoon and his IS-F on ZE40’s also there. Hadn’t seen this since the show and shine last year and he’s got some headers/exhaust awaiting install too… A pretty rare thing on IS-F’s but I’m excited to see/hear it!

Just some rollers on my own with my 35mm – turned out pretty well LOL