Mini Coverage – Kazoku Show & Shine 2022

This isn’t a very in-depth coverage of the show this past weekend – JC and I rolled in together shortly after it started and then I had to bounce after a while for dinner so I really didn’t capture too much. The meet was at Top Gear car wash and It was a bit of a hectic lot to try and park while leaving room for regular guests to still come and wash their cars.

This was probably our first show/meet in a loooong time that we decided to come check out. We also wanted to come to meet up with the Tunerdecals guys to get our newly created Jtooned Waifu stickers LOL

Back corner chillin’. Been a minute since these two been shot together haha

Here’s a shot of the waifu sticker I mentioned. Been trying to think of new ways to promote Jtooned and what better way than using sex? LOL Love the quality of these as always.

And the boys were kind enough again to bring out the Hashira’s to sell…

The next few shots are just of random cars that happened to catch my eye and not have a whole group standing in front of it. All good – it was a pretty casual  meet so I wasn’t expecting it to be fully laid out like a show with perfect photo ops.

This Golf R on Kiwami’s was super clean.

And beside it this bagged GTI. Probably two of my favourites from the show.

This super clean S13 for the Panda Prints booth

Kevin’s Genesis looking clean. Hard to find one that isn’t beat to shit and sticker bombed LOL.

Kelvin’s FRS debuting the new Varis kit and some new but temporary Advan TC-4’s that he bought while waiting for his TE’s. Talk about ballin’ out haha

Birdy’s Aimgain widebody FRS

And his Street Hunter widebody Supra MKV

Super clean widebody BRZ for Kazoku

Had a full front and back BBK set up too on some super clean TE37V’s.

Widebody WRX on some wide Meister S1R’s

I appreciated the details here… Titanium bolts holding all the panels together. Much better than the Home Depot hardware we saw at Driven.

Nice interior touches as well.

S15 on wide Cosmis Racing wheels

Clean execution


9th Gen SI looking aggressive with the white carbon fiber hood. Never seen that before…

Dumped 7-series

Brooke’s bagged Q60

Rear quarter shot. These look so clean when they’re sitting on the ground.

Rear of that GTI from earlier with an Infamous Aero diffuser.

Slammed DC5 RSX coming in on VS-XX’s

This ended up being the last shot on the camera lol. Stance Nation style shot hahaha

Anyway – just a few quick snaps since I haven’t done one for a while. Enjoy!


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