Yokohama Canada Brand Ambassador!

I’m a bit late to the game for an official post and I mentioned in my 2022 Aesthetic Update post as well but let’s pretend you didn’t read that and you’re reading this first 🙂

I’m super stoked to share that Yokohama Canada chose me as one of the brand ambassadors for this year. I’ve always been a fan of Yokohama and their products and being an ambassador just gives me more of an opportunity to share that love with everyone! Back in January, they had sent me a set of AD08R’s for the Type R and I’m beyond excited about it. It’s nice to lace the Type R up with a new set of tires to pair with the new set of Advan GT’s as well. Perfect combo.

Sitting in front of the Fit. That is on A052’s – another awesome Yokohama tire but I’m a bigger fan of the aesthetics and tread of the AD08R. They’re also a little grippier to me but it’s debatable… Can’t go wrong with either, to be honest.

Who doesn’t love the AD08R tread?

A match made in heaven.

I’m also super excited because Yokohama Canada also offered to lace up the daily driver as well. A totally different segment, but arguably maybe a more important one? Everyone has a daily driver and most of the time, they don’t need AD08R’s or A052’s but just some high performing, long-lasting all-season tires.

Diana’s RAV4 is still on the tires that came with it when we bought the car about 5 years ago and is on its last legs. Yoko came through and sent a set of Avid Ascend GT’s – perfect to replace the old Bridgestones.

Love me a new set of tires…

Aria and Rin were pretty stoked on them as well. Can’t wait to get these on the RAV4 and try them out. These would be my first set of Yokohama all-seasons and I’ve heard and read nothing but good things.

Thanks again to Yokohama Canada for outfitting almost all the cars in the stable with awesome tires! If you’re looking for a set, check them out!

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