KodaCast Episode 4 – Guest Appearance: ME!

What up! Long time no blog.

Man, there’s been a lot happening lately but one of the coolest things is this Kodawari Collective podcast that I had the honour of being a part of a while back that just dropped today!

This was a super cool experience for me because they allowed me to talk about my past and all the things I’ve done up until this point and aside from this blog, I never really had an output anywhere else. That was really cool for me to talk aloud about it because it really makes you think about the past. It’s a long one – so if you’re bored or looking for some background noise to get you through an hour of your day – tune in!

Thanks again to the guys at Kodawari Collective for having me – these guys have been one of my biggest supporters from the very beginning and they’re doing really cool things for the car scene in many ways than just detailing. Check them out!

2 thoughts on “KodaCast Episode 4 – Guest Appearance: ME!

  1. This was a cool conversation. I’m from Chicago, but I found your blog years ago because of how you would cover car shows. I’ve been trying to do something similar for years, but I just can’t keep up with writing blog posts. I commend you for keeping this up while still managing your other commitments. Thanks for keeping at it, it think it’s really valuable to look back at how the import scene was years ago.

    • Thanks Ben! I appreciate the kind comments! I love hearing stuff like this. It’s tough for sure and I’ve slowed down and almost came to a stop now due to lack of content but good to have whenever I do have content. Keep yours up!

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