JTooned: Grind, grind, grind

GUYS. Let me start by saying holy shit I’ve been busy as hell. Who the hell woulda thought literally drawing and then opening up a small little shop would be so much damn work. I’m not complaining – I’m all for the grind – but DANG I haven’t had a second for much else. Depending on who you are, you might know the feeling of listening to someone who has been hustling 24/7 and are just putting in work but maybe you didn’t know how it actually felt because you haven’t found that one thing you decided you wanted to hustle for and that’s totally cool. Everyone’s thing comes at different times.

For a long time, I’ve been searching for that hustle – big or small – but I never found anything that I wanted to commit to enough to pour my heart into. I always called that my half-hearted endeavor. I liked it but never loved it and the amount of work I would put in would never create enough of a return. Anyway, here’s really quick story on how all of this transpired…

As you all know, I’ve been doing toons for a little while now – just something fun to do to pass time and provide cool things to cool people. Kelvin (of Tuner Decals) messaged me one day and said that he’d like to print a sticker for me of my car for free as a kind gesture. I told him I appreciated it but I wasn’t sure what I’d do of a sticker of my own car but I’d take a raincheck on his offer until I could think of something cooler to print instead. That was really the turning point for me because it inadvertently forced me to try and think of something to draw to get printed for free. (It’s funny how “free” makes you do weird things).

I ended up drawing a lot of things and then scrapping the ideas… Rinse and repeat. I didn’t want to just draw any random thing and make stickers of it and try to sell something shitty. My top priority was to create something really dope that people would love and share. I was never in it for money – I just needed to cover the costs of everything and that would make me happy.

Anyway, that’s where the idea of the rear peekers came to fruition and it kinda just went from there. Of course, I don’t do this alone – it would be selfish of me to think this was just all me. I often bounce ideas off of Diana and JC and get their input and they come up with a lot of ideas behind the scenes that eventually make their way to production and it might not be big things but it’s their involvement that really helps to make the stickers as perfect as can be. I really have to battle my OCD going through these designs until they’re perfect – so rest assured, you have the best product that I can personally design. 🙂

A lot of my “free time” (defined as time not drawing or doing my actual day job) is spent being inundated with ideas and new things to draw. Sometimes it’s exhausting because I’ll wake up in the middle of the night or I’m up at 3AM itching to draw so I don’t forget or lose the spark LOL!

Alas, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing. In between my breaks of tooning your cars, I’m trying to keep up with coming up with new ideas and keeping the store fresh. I would be less disappointed if I put out at least a few series of decals and then called it quits than if I released only the peekers only and then gave up… So I just need to keep the train moving! Diana and I are spending a lot of our nights printing and packing packages when the kids go to bed, so it’s been fun for sure.

Again, I want to thank everyone for all the support – every single one of you have played some sort of role in my success thus far and I really really appreciate it – you have no idea. All I do is draw and bring ideas to life which really is the easiest part. It’s true when you read those things about supporting friends – you don’t have to spend a single penny – follows, re-sharing, liking, anything – that’s worth a lot to me! I’m still crazy busy with tooning your cars and I apologize and also thank everyone for the wait and for their patience in getting you in! I don’t like to speed through them because people will just get shitty art and ain’t nobody likes shitty art. Please keep trying!

I’m currently gearing up for the next drop which I decided I’ll release all at once rather than in batches. It’s just easier for both of us – you don’t pay for shipping multiple times and we’re not packing a bunch of orders multiple times. Hopefully all will be up in the next week or so! Stay tooned! 🙂

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