Reminder! J-Tooned Pre-Order Ends Jan 2, 2021!

Hey everyone! We’re just over the halfway mark of our pre-order week on our first batch of decals and I wanted to remind everyone that it closes on Saturday. Numbers will immediately go for printing and will be sent out within the next few business days.

If you miss the pre-order, I’ll still stock a few of each but will likely only carry a few on-hand at a time and will only re-stock once it’s fully depleted. This is so that I can work on pushing out new series and designs and not sit on old designs for too long. (You know how it is :D)

I also just wanted to say that I am super grateful for all the support in the last few days! I’m so stoked that you guys love the designs and it really motivates me to create more. I have a few more ideas in the pipeline that I think you guys will enjoy. Even if you’re buying them just to support me and don’t care for the stickers, I still appreciate it! I’m sure you’ll find somewhere to slap them on šŸ™‚

Link below!

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