Final Farewell, House!

Our final farewell to the house happened last week and it was kind of sad and kind of exciting. Diana had been pretty bummed about it for the last few weeks while I was kind of “meh” about it all up until the final moments of handing the keys to Albert and locking up for the last time. I was so busy with getting the house all ready and cleaned that I guess I had no time to really feel sad about it.

On that last day prior to the new buyers moving in, I went and cleaned up one last time and made sure everything was finally done. Albert came and did one final check and as we were standing there in the living room with no other tasks to finish off, it was then that I finally had time to stop and just take it all in. All the furniture was gone, the house looked the same as the day we moved into it and I couldn’t help but have these flashbacks to moments of the last 6 years of our lives there. The couches in the living room, the kids running around, the smell of breakfast being made, the tantrums and the slips and falls, the movie nights and the late nights, the early mornings and the lazy Sundays… All of it and more in just a few seconds.

It’s kind of lame but I’m sure most people probably have that same feeling when moving out of their place. It’s a very mild, yet overwhelming feeling to have to say goodbye to a thing or a place that can’t say goodbye back. It’s on to bigger and better things though and although I said I wouldn’t miss this place, I think I will…

I know there are a lot of questions from people about the new place and pictures, so I thought I’d just clear it up here… Our new place isn’t built yet and probably won’t be done until May 2021. Until then, we’re squatting in my parents basement (thankfully) and I’ll update as the build starts to take shape. While we’re still somewhat sad about our old place, we’re soooo stoked on the new place because we’re finally getting (mostly) what we want and we’re re-writing the mistakes/misses we had with the first house. We can’t wait to share it 🙂

Just a few snaps of the girls in the empty house before leaving… They wanted to say goodbye one last time – although I don’t think they really understood that we’re never going to see the place again lol

Aria’s room all empty

Rin’s room all empty…

And finally, the last time the car parks out on this driveway. Farewell!

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