Just a quick shout out to Andrew for helping me build a new rig. I’ve been wanting to for a long time but just never really got around to it. One day I was on YouTube and then ended up looking at PC parts and RGB and boom, here we are. LOL

I actually didn’t do anything other than spend the money… He did all the hard work. He built my last one like 7 years ago and it was my trusty steed for a long time and really where all the editing and magic happened for the blog. It was starting to bog a little bit when I edited which is fine, but who can say no to RGB?

Also – since we’re moving – my old computer was put away and my camera had run out of it’s charge so I never bothered to take pics and even if I did, I couldn’t edit them anyway… Now that this is done, I might as well start taking some pics again in between packing and stuff. Can’t wait to move this all into the new place and set it up properly… Until then, just a ghetto station.

Don’t mind the plastic that’s still on the front of the glass… Still gotta put 3M on it hahaha

Just random shots… So pretty…

32gb of ram… kinda thinking we shoulda done 64 or more… LOL maybe down the road!

I can’t stop looking at the lights. In between games and daydreaming, this is all I look at most times LOL!

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