Cars x Bubbletea – July 31st – Esoteric Coverage

Some more awesome coverage from Cholo/Esoteric Collective of the meet last Friday that he was happy to share with me to use here. He’s got some great moody vibes coming in with this set… Really gives a good feel on how hot it is these days… I apologize that I’m going to be out of commission with pics for a while as I’m currently going through some reorganization but I’ll see if I can get back into it soon!

In the meantime, here’s just a snippet of his pics from the meet – an awesome turnout once again… These meets are totally becoming awesome as long as we don’t get people being rowdy and ruining it.

You can visit his facebook page here to check him out:

Xavier’s super sweet S-Class W220. It sits so perfectly on Junction Produce Scaras

Cholo’s Varis/Voltex/J’s Racing CTR

Baller club…

Great capture of the sea of people…

Super clean CSX/FD2 conversion. I always loved this conversion and set up.

Great lineup

Jason Divina’s new Boost Blue FK8… He moved quick on modding this one.

Exhaust, dropped, TE37’s… That’s basically all you need to keep it simple.

Josh’s EG

CTR lineup…

I believe this is bagged (correct me if I’m wrong)…

A really nice and aggressively executed 86 – I really dig the front of the facelifted 86’s. Reminds me of that blob fish but looks so sick.

Bill’s Chalk Grey S15 came out and looks awesome!

Paul came out in his Accord wagon. Always a treat.

Damn. This is so rad… I need a big body BMW in my life…

Titanium bolts all over on Stewie Lum’s Voltex Type V on his FK8

Ahhh the JDM vibes coming from Mitchell’s car is too highhhh

A front shot of Cholo’s FK8 fitted with a Varis hood and lip

Ending this post with this super clean Nismo 370Z. Lady in red comes to mind here… I STILL want one of these… One day…

Please check out Esoteric Collective on the link above for more pics!

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