Titanium Mugen Goodies

Just some small little things to add to the car now while my mind thinks about what to buy next… LOL. In all seriousness though – I’m quite content with how the car sits now and I have a small list of things I want to get but at the same time, I want to just keep it nice and problem-free… The next best thing is to just add small things that don’t really change anything but add some small details. I really love the little details that are put into cars – whether you can see/notice them or not and this post happens to be one of them.

First of all, sorry for the proper editing – I edited these all on my phone. My computer is out of commission currently so I’m stuck using Photoshop mobile lol. Not sure anyone would’ve noticed anyway…

Anyway, I’ve been waiting about 5 weeks for the titanium Mugen badge and Mugen commander stickers from King Motorsports. The other titanium goodies come from TiBurnt – still one of my favourite titanium goods providers out there. None of that cheap looking neo-chrome titanium stuff with the green and yellow (who thought that looked good?) and he has a great selection of bolts that you can replace in places people don’t really think about replacing… You can see in the pics.

Just a small set of Mugen commander stickers to place in some discreet areas… Really loving the new logo for Mugen.

The awesome titanium Mugen badge…

Supposedly it’s hand-burnt and so each badge looks slightly different. Pretty cool… Just thought it would make a nice addition to the rear.

I was debating long and hard on where I was going to put it. Initially I was going to put it on the left where “CIVIC” was but after mocking it up, it didn’t look too good. The sizing between “Type R” and the Mugen badge was uneven and it was making my eye twitch. So I ended up moving it to be under the “Type R” and will be replacing the “CIVIC” badge on the left to even it all out again…

The titanium bolts from TiBurnt were to bolt in the Mugen pieces. He was waiting for these pieces to come in and as soon as he added them to the site, I copped them real quick. 4 bolts for the front lip…

5 bolts for the sideskirt…

The front part of the sideskirt – peep the Mugen sticker on there. Not sure how I feel about it yet – we’ll see when I get the car all washed up and I can take a better look from a distance.

And two more bolts for the rear lip. Initially I only wanted to replace the bolts that held the Mugen pieces up but now it’s look a little weird with the remaining stock black bolts that hold the fender liner and such as you can see in some of the pics, so I’ll probably end up replacing those soon.

Anyway, just some cool little pieces to bring it all together.

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