Custom Toons Showcase

You guys have been keeping me hella busy lately with all the requests for toons. I feel like I work during the day and then I’m drawing the rest of the evening! Not that I’m complaining – it’s totally sweet being able to toon for you guys and I appreciate the huge support over the last few weeks.

I only really share them as stories on Instagram, so I thought I’d share them here so you can see them on your monitors too. I know it may not seem like it, but there’s a lot of detail in a lot of these cars – whether it’s from all the different shades of colours to little pieces on cars that make it unique – I really try to get in and capture those details in the toons.

For those of you wondering, I’m using my iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil with Procreate. I was thinking about putting together a video or a tutorial on the steps if you’d like to try it yourselves whenever I have time…¬† Anyway – here’s a few of my favourites over the last few weeks!

Darin’s Mugen TSX full toon. You rarely see a clean TSX – let alone a Mugen one. Super clean and fun to do this one. This one was fun to do to add the show lights into the toon as well to try and mimic real paint.

Philip’s M3 Sedan on Bronze TE37’s. Another super clean build that I really love.

Phil’s Spoon S2000. I incorporated a ton of layers into this – you’d think black would be easy but when you shoot a black car with a polarizer, tooning it means tons of shading.

Steve’s S2000 in yellow. I really loved the gradation in this with the dark corners.

Suyang’s amazing RE RX7 with a full toon. The RE RX7 has always been one of my childhood favourites so it was awesome to be able to toon one.

Derek’s boosted FR-S. A bit nostalgic for me to do an FR-S… The blues were fun in this one.

Mike’s Ghia with a shot I took years ago! This was super awesome to do with the rust and the green paint. I wish he had kept building this…

Steve’s M3 on TE37’s. Another fun one to do.

Van Russell’s Focus RS. This was one of the first toons I had where I incorporated the oil slick reflection in the headlights. A cool learning experience and something I have learned to love doing!

The first toon after mine that I did was Eric’s S15. One of the cleanest S15’s around.

Kenji’s 4Runner full toon. This one was proabbly the most involved and intricate with all the details in the grill, lights, front bumper and tires. Turned out amazing!

A full toon of a Ford GT350R. Carbon splitter and intricate reflections… Also that blue *heart eyes*

Tommy’s GT-R Sedan half toon. So fun doing rollers and the yellow reflection in the pain added some awesome effects.

Posh Detailing’s McLaren half toon. Learned a lot from this one with the rain effects and the lighting.

Peter’s FR-S half toon. This one had an interesting array of colours – from white, gray and blue. Came together perfectly.

This was an interesting toon of Ryan’s Celsior. I ended up changing the rear Bazreia’s to gold as he got them refinished after this shot was taken. Turned out rad.

Mike’s Civic Sedan full toon. Loved doing this one – from the DC5 Mugen-style wing to the grill fins and foglight intake.

Adrean’s Altezza in the sunset. Super fun doing sunset toons.

Another challenging one for me because this included lots of yellow on the right side which meant mixing colours properly to achieve the right effect. Another one that had a ton of layers to get right.

Bill’s Focus half toon. Again, gradation in the yellow looks so good!

Sue’s Focus hatch – also I cursed those wheels. LOL

Sue’s S13-vert in red. Classic cars are the best to do.

Spencer’s BMW 3-series half toon.


Something a little different – Chantelle’s dog, Chopper. This one was super fun to do with a TON of layers to ensure I was getting all the colours accurately and properly. I think I re-did this one a few times trying out different methods until I got what I wanted.

And last but not least – full custom toons… These ones are super fun for me to do because I can add my own style into it and make it how I see fit. From drawing all the little custom bits that people have on their cars to playing with different shapes and angles to make it really look cartoony.

In Philip’s M3 – parts like the hood hump and the whole front end were super fun to do. I always loved this gen and it was cool to do. The Volk bronze is challenging because it requires like 6-7 different shades of bronze/brown to bring it all together to look like that.

Darin’s Mugen TSX also fully custom tooned. Again, fun to do something different with the Mugen kit and add in the Spoon BBK…

If you enjoyed these, feel free to reach out to me for a toon if you’re interested! One thing I will say is these are most definitely, absolutely, positively¬†not free. I always chuckle to myself when people DM me and ask to get a toon and start sending pics through Instagram and then I tell them to email me the pic and the money and they just peace out like they didn’t message me first and I never hear from them again.

That’s cool and all and I understand that not everyone wants to pay for these kinds of things, but I also don’t think you can go and ask for a service and assume it’s free either. Like most things, this takes time and as you all know – time is money. I don’t want to come off as a money mongering dude – I definitely am not – just saying if you put yourselves in my shoes, you probably wouldn’t spend hours of your time doing stuff for free for the public either.

Rant over. Enjoy!

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