Photo Edit Challenge!

All these photoshoots and editing has led me to follow suit with some other photographers in the social media world – sharing their raw files and allowing others to edit them in anyway they like. A super interesting outcome on some of the results I’ve seen and really provides a different outlook on a lot of the photos.

Sometimes when you take photos and edit them – no matter how long you play with it or mess around with the sliders – you can sometimes end up in nearly the same spot with minor revisions. I think the tendency to revert back to what you’re used to is normal and usually because we cling to what we know and like and if it’s something different, it feels off – at least it does for me – so that’s why I’ve been trying to experiment the best I could outside of my comfort zone. I’ll admit, sometimes when even I take a look at my own new edits, it has me questioning myself, but if someone else were to do it, I’d probably think it looks great.

Anyway, I’ll provide my link here as well for anyone interested – they’re on my Google drive for you to pick and choose as you please. There are 8 pics in total – do one, none or all of them!

Raw Edit Challenge

I chose more recent photos that I enjoyed editing myself and felt had a lot of potential. Many of them are dimly lit with a lot of surrounding light for you to play around with tones, hues, and grading if you want. Please tag or send them to me when you do them! I am actually super excited to see what you guys can do!

Below are all the photos UNEDITED if you want something to refer back to as “original”.

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