illuustrations X lifewithjson: Teaser Video

Ricky got this done faster than I thought – just a quick clip of what he’s been working on over the last little bit…

I’m both super stoked and super nervous about it and it’s probably only because it’s the first time I’ve had my voice in anything LOL. I think it’s a good look into what lifewithjson is at a more personal level and in a different form than pictures. The below is a collection of the shots we got from a few practice sessions. I truthfully have no idea how the final video is going to look since we’re not even there yet and I don’t think Ricky does either but it’ll be coming in the next few months…

We’re just waiting for a few finishing pieces before we go out and Ricky captures the rest of the scenes. We hope that you enjoy at least this little teaser clip for now!

Feedback? Thoughts?

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