illuustrations X lifewithjson: More Behind the Scenes

More behind the scenes shots as well as some extra shots that I take here and there… This is kind of the first time Ricky and myself are doing something a little outside of our comfort zone in terms of video. Just to clarify – Ricky does really great video on the “lifestyle” side of things and cars are new to him, but the “people” aspect and “humanizing” a video is not. He captures emotions and everything that’s alive really well. On the flip side, I’m comfortable with photographing cars and writing passionately about my hobbies (as you can see with my blog) but not so comfortable with humanizing it and bringing the “realness” to it all.

What do I mean by all of this? Well, Ricky had this crazy idea to take some shots of my car to let him practice and I agreed. I’m always down to have someone other than myself take pics/video of my car. Halfway through it all, he throws a bomb on me that literally makes me shake down to the bone… He goes “can you talk for the video? Like answer some questions to make it more personal?”

At first I was totally against it and told him straight up “NOPE”. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy public speaking and I have no issues standing up in front of a room of people and presenting or talking… But to be pretty much interviewed and to answer questions that will forever be encoded into a video – that scares the living daylight out of me. I’m sure some of you understand – hearing your own voice is weird, right? Imagine hearing it while watching a video of your own car LOL.

Anyway – Ricky has been extremely persistent. I would shut the idea down one day and he’d be like “haha OK” and then the next day he’d hit me with questions to answer. I finally caved and agreed and have been putting it off for so long… But I finally sat my ass down and got it done. Just to be clear – it’s no full interview so I know it’s not a big deal but it’s a huge deal for me! I think the video is going to be new and different for the both of us and I’m glad Ricky has invited me to partake in the making of the video. I think I finally see his vision of what he wants it to be and it’s got me super excited and nervous for everyone to see it.

He’s working on the teaser for now and until I get the rest of my parts, we won’t go out and film the rest of it for the final video… Stay tuned for that! Onto the pics!

Ricky doing his thing while I try to stay out of the way…

I’m super glad I decided to go out sooner rather than later to these empty spots because they’re definitely not so empty anymore. I’m noticing tons of people now heading to these locations and even when we were out on this occasion, there was definitely larger traffic count…

When I first got here, I stayed here for almost 20 minutes and literally not a single car came through. On this occasion with Ricky – which was just my second time here after posting the first set – we almost couldn’t catch a break!

We stuck around that night just to wait for the sun to go down and for the street lights to turn on. I’m glad we did because we got some awesome captures. I’m super stoked on how the stills came out – it definitely gave a nice and peaceful ambience.

Again, you’ll notice that I start to play around with edits as we go – sorry to those of you that like consistency LOL. Don’t worry – I like consistency too but the need to experiment outweighs my OCD to be the same…

Probably my favourite shot of the night. This one just had perfect lighting for me…

Started to get really dark at this point but luckily the lights under the statues started lighting up. They change colours so that might explain some of the differences in all the pics.

Lately, I’ve really been digging the addition of cyan/teal into pictures and then trying to pair it with its complimentary colours of red/yellow. Gives a cool night-time vibe.

Just some shots of Stephen Ave while we’re actually shooting. The only cars that really come through here are SkipTheDishes and UberEats drivers to pick up food from the nearby restaurants.

A shot of those statues with the changing lights. It’s a cool scene but a little hard to work with.

On the way home, I played around at an empty FasGas cause there was some good lighting LOL

Gas station shots will never not be cool.


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