Happy First Birthday to Thicc Thighs Rin

Yesterday we celebrated Rin’s 1st birthday! It was a happy, yet somewhat sad and somber day at the same time. First birthdays are usually super exciting and filled with people and presents and usually involves a very confused baby wondering where all these people came from. With this isolation we’ve been in – it was actually quite the opposite. It was a quiet day – much like every other day – and we tried our best to celebrate Rin’s birthday as best we could on our own!

Diana spent all of Saturday putting together some decorations and signs for her – much like she always does for any special event and despite no one really coming to see it, she puts every ounce of effort into it and I think it really helps the girls get into the mood with the excitement. Even Aria knows when mom’s decorations go up – something good is going to happen.

It wasn’t as extravagant as Aria’s birthdays since we didn’t have to do the whole house – but she ended up making a nice backdrop. We decided to just do a quick Instagram Live feed of Rin’s cake smash for people to join. We thought it would be easier than a massive Zoom call with who knows how many people lol.

We had a nice cake made for her as well with the hopes that Rin would destroy it a little more than Aria did… (Aria barely touched it because she didn’t want to get her hands dirty lol)

Our mini set up for the livestream…

Ghetto tripod rig haha

And there is Thicc Thighs Rin in the flesh. I know I haven’t posted much of Rin like I did with Aria. Must be a second-child thing LOL

Jokes aside, most of what I wrote about Aria really applies to Rin. The second time around is significantly easier than the first – but it’s still not easy, if that makes any sense.

Rin checking out the sign that Aria wrote for her 🙂

Rin is pretty much the opposite when it comes to Aria… The funny thing is although they are together 99% of the time except when they’re sleeping – they don’t seem to rub off on each other as much as we thought they would. You always expect the second to be somewhat similar but they could not be more different.

Rin is feisty, easy-going, independent and care-free. Aria is stubborn, craves attention and is a perfectionist with a side of OCD LOL.

That difference is clear in this picture where Aria had a piece of the cake but instantly licks her finger to get it off… Meanwhile, Rin is just happily playing with the icing. Both have their degree of cleanliness… Rin just cares less…

Again, Aria using one finger… Rin just diving right in…

At the end of the day, whether we celebrated in person or digitally on instagram – we’re happy that some of you could join in watching her! I know she doesn’t know and had no idea but she’ll be happy when she can understand!

All that matters is that she enjoyed some of the cake and while she really didn’t have much, she did have a small sugar crash later in the afternoon. Here’s to hoping next year everything is back to normal and we can celebrate in person!

Happy birthday Rin!

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