Nerd Out: Artisan Buster Sword Keycap

I’ve recently started dabbling into the mechanical keyboard business and just when you thought you found a new cheaper hobby, it’s not actually cheaper. I can’ t seem to find one that is… LOL

Anyway, as I started – I ended up going deeper and deeper until you start finding things about it that you never knew even existed – like artisan keycaps. Yeah, it’s the nerdiest freaking thing but so awesome. So basically besides all the different mechanical switches you can buy, you can go as far as customizing each key, the tray, the lighting… And when it comes to customizing the keys, there are these amazingly skilled people that make artisan keycaps. Basically, whatever you want on a keycap to make it unique.

You may or may not know about my obsession with Final Fantasy 7 – it’s basically my childhood and still – in my mind – is one of the best RPG’s to ever exist. Iconic characters, great story, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, as I was browsing artisan keycaps, I decided I wanted Cloud’s buster sword as my first one but nothing that was already made fit the bill. There were keycaps ranging from Thor’s hammer to League of Legends weapons but Cloud’s sword had not been made.

I reached out to one of the Etsy stores to see if they could make a one of one for me and surprisingly he said it was no issue and had the design made up within a day. From there, we tweaked how it looked, the size and the colour and what you see is the end result.

It’s a very small piece but very detailed. The handle, the edging, the two materia holders. I asked that it be struck into the rock – reminiscent of the scene in Advent Children where Cloud stands at the edge of the cliff. It’s super nostalgic for me and I’m that guy that would spend any amount of money on FF7 items.

A shot of it on the Ducky One keyboard. Admittedly, I wanted to try to design a gradient-type keycap to match the Mako life stream but not sure I can achieve it how I envision it… I did just recently order a whole new set of caps so when that’s in, I’ll take more pics.

For now – I’m happy with how this turned out. Super dope!

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