Mugen Push Start

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Diana and the boys (Punit, JC, Gopesh, Rich, and Aldo) for keeping that modding flame alive in me.  I’ll admit that it comes and goes and I’m not sure if it’s the age or the kids – but some days I’m happy with a car being more stock than modified LOL. Then some days, I look at other friends’ cars and I’m like “damn, I wish I could do that again”. They got me this Mugen push start button for my birthday along with a pair of Naked and Famous Elephant 8 jeans (which you probably don’t care much about…)

Modding the CTR for me is like balancing on a very fine line of trying to be unique and also trying not to go overboard. The second I go overboard, it starts to become a car that I don’t want to drive anymore because it’s either too inconvenient or I don’t want to wreck anything and Diana would kill me if it ever got to that point LOL

Either way – there are some mods that are just worth having and this Mugen push start button is one of them…

It’s literally the OEM button with a Mugen logo – no different than stock – but that Mugen logo and Mugen tax sometimes is worth it…

I didn’t get a chance to install yet – the car is still under the cover obviously and it’ s been kinda cold out so I’ll wait a little longer to install. I’m waiting on another part that should be here this week… So maybe when the install day for that comes, we’ll install the button at the same time 🙂

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