illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine IX – Part 4

Moving onto part 4…

As I mentioned in my previous post – some of the best builds come out to Sunday School and if there was an infinite amount of space, I’m sure there would be way more to look at. Even the spectator/visitor lot and street-side parking is almost a car show on its own.

Something that I’ve been thinking about since JC mentioned that next year will be the last show is what will replace it? Will there be anything at all or are we very quickly succumbing to a stale scene with no proper representation again? Maybe what we need is some downtime to refresh everything again. Maybe another group of individuals will step forward with the same mindset of pushing forward instead of trying to make bank. There’s a big difference – if you do it with the right intentions, people will come… But as I said, it doesn’t come overnight.

Starting part 4 off with Paul’s Accord Wagon on Super Speed RF03RR wheels. Lots of cool work behind Paul’s build – he’s one of the few guys that I trust to work on any I.C.E. stuff on cars… It’s one thing to install I.C.E. and it’s another thing to install it properly…

Pretty cool Mitsubishi Evo VI with an aggressive splitter/canard combo up front.

Another LS-swapped 240SX owned by Jacob Janzen. I didn’t know there was another one in the city other than Jack.

Voltex front bumper on this Evo on red CE28’s. Typically, you’d see a GT wing out back but there seems to be this huge divide in Evo 8/9 owners that rock the Voltex or Varis kit. There always seems to be a handful that have the full GT package with the wing and those that decide to rock it plain and simple and quite honestly, both look pretty damn good.

Widebody Evo X on Wedsports

Hikari blue STI on white TE37’s and a Voltex GT wing out back

CTR on Advan TC3’s. It’s really hard to distinguish yourself from other CTR’s because everyone is either on the same wheels or has the same mods. There really isn’t a huge aftermarket selection yet. It’s fine, but we all end up looking the same and even I have a hard time remembering who is who lately LOL

I mean, it’s not a terrible thing because the CTR looks pretty good on it’s own. There isn’t a “need” to change much because it’s already pretty wild out of the factory. Sometimes adding to it can make it overkill.

Rally blue STI on Gram Lights from Static Culture…

White GR STI hatch on gram lights as well

Randy’s (AKA Birdy) Rallybacker x Aimgain FRS. I know Randy has shown in a lot of other shows across the country lately and its gotten its fair share of exposure for sure.
I just want to add that “Birdy’s” real name is actually Randy. I’m not trying to stand up for him or anything, but last year I had a bunch of guys trying to correct me and tell me I was wrong for calling him by his real name… LOL

GR STI Sedan on Cosmis Racing wheels under fender flares with an anime/manga theme throughout the car. Not sure how you can see out of that windshield though lol…

Shawn’s Type R from Custom Decals with the Gathers livery throughout the car.

An incredibly clean E30 V8 sporting the classic Adidas/3 stripe livery which later went on to take home one of the illmotion Honour Roll awards.

Tracy’s MKV R32 right beside the E30 sporting the same Adidas livery in matching colours to the wheels…

Another classic Evo with even wilder aero. I’ve always loved the rear fender garnish that connects to the sideskirts on cars that can rock them.

Slammed R32 on Fast wheels

Aaron’s R32 on bronze/bronze Work Meister 3PC wheels. Always a treat seeing this – been a long time favourite of mine. Very nicely executed… It’s hard to find an R32 that hasn’t been molested and beat to shit.

Wicked RB RX7 on Work Meister M1’s and an Endless BBK peaking through. Such a great look.

Another red IS300 on Work CR-Kai’s with a 2JZ swap under the hood.

Noel Egger’s S14 drift missle. Despite all the drift/track time, it still looks better than most cars that just drive on the road… lol

Logan’s bagged GR STI sedan on some wide Work Meister CR 2piece.

Brady Smith’s GR STI Sedan with a Varis Widebody V2 on gold Volk TE37 Saga’s all the way from Winnipeg. I’ve been following Brady on Instagram for a while and this is hands down one of the best STI sedan builds to-date IMO. The whole car was resprayed (not wrapped). It has gone through quite the transformation and this is absolutely perfect. One of my favourites at the show for sure…

Jeevs’ fully restored Civic Type R. It has literally pretty much been built from the ground up again in Jeevs’ garage. Everything has been replaced with all OEM pieces and the whole car re-sprayed in Championship White. A very nice example of a proper restoration of one of the iconic JDM cars that we’ve all dreamed about since as long as we could remember.

Pat Tan’s 1JZ IS300 on Regamasters.

The FC-powered Corolla we saw during roll in…

The awesome awards all hand-made again for this year…

Camo-wrapped BMW F30 slammed down to the ground…

A light army green-wrapped 2-series…

Another shot of that classic Celica on Work Equips…

Johannah’s S15 soaking in the sun…

Jacob’s M235i on Advan RSDF’s

Stewie’s CTR on Volk TE37SL’s

Don’t know what this is called but I love it. The colour, the wheels, the stance. Good god…

EDIT: It’s a Suzuki Carry – thanks to Grant C for letting me know!

S13 on VS-KF’s…

Lots of Altezza/IS300’s this year! I want one…

A nicely done S13 on high polish SSR’s from Import Dolls. Another that I believe won an honour roll award as well.

Awesome VW Golf on BBS’s with great fitment. Looked awesome from the rear.

Another clean example of a VW GTI…

Purple RS3 on BBS’s. I dig this colour…

Xavier’s bagged S-class on Junction Produce Scara’s. What a magnificent combination that I never would’ve imagined. I’ve always loved Scara’s but I didn’t know I could love it as much as I do on a W220. Bravo!

Rob’s bagged 740il on Work Emitz. God damn guy sold the car right after the show… I’m actually sad because this is one of the best examples of a VIP build in the city. I hope it went to a good owner and continues to make good progress on it… Not sure what’s up Rob’s sleeves next…

Part 5 soon!

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