illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine IX – Part 3

Now we get to the meat and potatoes – the content you’ve all really been waiting for. Honestly between my inability to walk around and take pics of every car and having JC do it for me out of the kindness of his heart – there isn’t coverage of everything. I’ve tried to keep it in order but as usual, I or JC would hop around and not walk in the same direction, so if you think your car is coming up and then it gets missed… There’s a possibility that it’ll come later.

With that out of the way, I just wanted to give a big round of applause to the guys for putting on another amazing show for the 9th year in a row. If any of you were present for the awards part of the presentation, you might recall JC saying that next year will be the last show. This was honestly news to me – and quite honestly – kind of sad, heartbreaking but I also had a sense of relief wash over me at the same time. It’s sad because while I was only really a part of it during its infancy, I’ve been lucky enough to watch it grow from sort of an insider’s perspective without really being involved.

The group has grown, evolved, changed, and ultimately matured over the last 9 years for the better. I’m not speaking on behalf of them presently but on how illmotion started from the birth of the group and how it all came together. Way back then, the idea of “car clubs” was a fresh concept – it was inviting but only for the brave, it was fairly unknown territory – especially in Canada. The leading groups were those of the likes of Fatlace, Canibeat, and WrongFitmentCrew to name a few – all of which were based out of the States. One day, JC proposed the idea of having some sort of name for us to just collectively identify with each other. Very quickly, he also came up with the idea of illmotion and just as quick as that idea came up, the logo, the decals, and the website were born. We poured hours into it – from getting our first online store set up to finding content to post. We wanted to use illmotion to put Calgary on the map – something to help Canada’s car scene shine through the seemingly impenetrable barrier that existed when it came to showcasing what we had. There was so much we had to offer but nobody was paying attention. Enter: illmotion.

I’m not saying illmotion was or is the reason for anything – I’m just saying that if you look at our car scene now compared to 9 years ago (if you were around back then), look at how much we’ve changed. Look at the heavy hitters that Canada has exposed and birthed – it’s incredible. I truly think a testament to all of this – especially in Western Canada – is Sunday School. Real talk for a second – there are plenty of car shows that happen in Western Canada and plenty that happen in Calgary alone. Each one bringing it’s own type of game, but Sunday School brings out the A game. There are cars that come out to Sunday School that rarely leave their garages, there are cars that get built for showing and aim to be at Sunday School, and there are faces – not even cars – that you only ever see at Sunday School. Sunday School has become the show to go to around here and that alone means a lot.

Gone are the days of trying to gain clout on social media or trying to push decal sales online – don’t get me wrong – those things are what helped the group put stuff like this together. It’s what created the base of the success that you see today and back then, that was our hustle. I’m proud of the work the guys have done year after year – it’s not easy to put a show of this scale together properly. People like you and I just show up when they tell us to show up, park where they tell us to park and leave when they tell us to leave… A show like this doesn’t happen overnight. There were doubters and haters at the beginning but the team propelled themselves forward through the haze of naysayers and look at what it’s become.

With Sunday School coming to a close next year as their 10th and final show, I think it’s safe to say that if there’s one show you go to next year, it truly should be the final Sunday School. I’m sure there will be others that replace it – when something dies, another comes and replaces it. It’ll be hard to move on though – something that’s taken 9 years to build doesn’t get replaced easily either. Only time will tell…

Anyway, I’ll save some of my babble for other posts before this gets too wordy… Let’s just get on with it!

Starting the line off – Steve Chan’s M3 on mag blue TE37’s. Awesome colour combo.

Also – like I mentioned – no particular order…

Immaculate Porsche 997.2 Turbo S… Note – this is how to maintain a black car. It needs to look like a mirror.

Jack’s LS 240SX on Nismo LMGT4’s. Everytime I post this, I say that I will never get tired of it. So queue that again – I will never get tired of this.

Eric’s slammed S15 on SSR’s. This is perfect fitment – I’m too old for this ride height so I’ll just live vicariously through guys like Eric.

Josh’s EG on bronze TE37’s. Money money money!

Super clean Spoon-themed EK. Such a classic look that just doesn’t age…

Over in the Yokohama booth with me was Joe’s Type R in red on Yokohama A052’s

ABG hunter’s RSX-S with some new additions for the show. J’s Racing fenders, splitter and Mugen tow hook. Way back when, my dream car was exactly this. It’s been nice to see Brandon build it up to how it sits today – the white on black is perfecto!

My heap in the Yokohama booth. Again, huge thanks to James with Yokohama Canada for having me in the booth with them. It’s one thing to be sponsored by them but it’s another thing to have a sick rep behind the name too – super cool guy.

Chris Sun’s CTR sitting on KW coilovers and Volk ZE40’s. I think he’s the only CTR owner I know that isn’t on springs. LOL! We’re all pussies.

Danny’s Porsche – I didn’t even know he had one – maybe it’s new. Last time I talked to Danny was probably when we shot our STI’s together… LOL!

Trung’s Voltex S2000 in the Yokohama booth. Sorry for the rear wheel shadow Trung! Car still looks gangster lol

Jackson’s Porsche 911 sitting on Advan TC3’s and a newly fitted GT wing out back. I don’t know if Jackson wants anyone knowing this but he broke one of his endplates with his back days before the show and he taped it back on for the show. LOL! Sorry Jackson – it’s a story worth telling – and now he’s looking to get them remade in Vibranium… If anyone has any leads on that… Let him know… 🙂

Nick’s 911 GT3 sitting on Volk TE37’s and a Voltex wing out back as well. Always a head turner…

Ryan’s 2JZ Supra in the Spec R booth

Kasem’s Porsche GT3 on Advan GT centerlocks. Such a great look… You really can’t go wrong with Advan GT’s…

JC’s IS sporting the CR-Kiwami’s in bronze

Kyle Ho’s/Spec R’s CTR sporting pylon marks and everything. This thing gets heavy track time…

Rich’s IS300 on Wedsport SA70’s looking clean!

Trung’s CTR on CE28’s. Great fitment and colour.

Barb’s S2000 on mag blue TE37’s.

Ryan’s S2000 on Mugen MF10’s. Another combo that will just never get old…

Corey’s S2000 on bronze CE28’s… The trend here is that bronze will always be timeless.

Jason Tang’s newly boosted Varis/Aimgain BRZ. A few parts from my FRS live on in Jason’s BRZ… I’m just glad they went to a good home.

Aldo’s 4Runner on TE37’s. I keep making fun of him for not having a fun car but this is still bad ass. I’m actually just jealous because I wish I could afford to fuel this thing up all the time LOL

Alfie’s cavalry blue 4Runner also on TE37’s…

Acura NSX in thermal orange. Quite the colour in person… Hard to capture in pictures nicely.

I think at this point, JC took over and most of the shots going forward are from him. Just thought I’d give credit where credit is due!

Lowered MDX A-Spec looking bad ass as hell.

Binh’s Datsun 240 – kind of considered a unicorn… Except during Sunday School lol. See what I mean about bringing out the A-game?

Tommy’s 4-door GTR on bronze TE37 Sagas. A super rare sight all around and an exceptionally clean build.

A Focus RS with wild livery and what looks to be hydrodipped front wheels.

We’re entering the LGUV (lifted gangster utility vehicle) section…

Lifted Lexus GX with a C4 Fab bumper and a TGT winch

Romel’s lifted GX on display… I kind of wish he brought his Celica out too but I believe it was out of commission for the show…

Another 4Runner in Barcelona Red and gold wheels.

Kyle’s bagged Nismo Juke.

Nice and simple BRZ…

An RSX-S with some JDM goodies

A very mint S14 on TE37’s. I always love seeing S-chassis’s unmolested and done up clean…

Another bad ass lifted truck. One day, I want to drive one of these just to see what it’s like knowing that you could drive over any one on the road…

Ryan’s JZX Cresta from Outlawz

AJ’s bagged BMW 335 from Outlawz

A pretty simple and bagged STI on gold VS-XX’s

Once again, Brandon AKA ABG hunter showing up in the pictures somehow. Keep in mind, most of these pics are taken by JC – so at some point, ABG hunter asked for a photo but I still don’t see any ABG by his side. Also looks like he lost the bait (AKA Kya) and got a scooter instead… I’m not sure the tactics are the correct approach but we’ll see…

Ending this part with this super mint CRX – everything is pretty much mint and original. Even the owner is the first and only owner – I think a few people asked if it was for sale but no dice…

Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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