Cars x Bubbletea – August 2nd

Another awesome turnout for the 2nd Cars x Bubbletea meet! We pretty much doubled the turnout from last time which is awesome! I think by my picture count and rough estimate, we were easily at 120 cars. We ended up being in the other, smaller lot since that’s where some cars parked before we got there so we just went with it. Next time, we’ll park in the bigger lot beside it.

I missed at least 1/4 of the cars only cause they just kept on coming. I also hate shooting in the sunset like this hahaha – oh well. Enjoy!

Eric and his super clean S15.

Errol showed up in some new red TE37SL’s.

Barb and her S2000 on mag blue TE37’s

Rich and his CR-V this time but on DC2R wheels. Swapped out the Jeep wheels to get some better mileage due to the lighter weight…

Mike Salek’s Porsche – one of the cleanest and swirl-free black cars there…

R32 with carbon fenders/hood on Cosmis Racing wheels

Adrean’s IS300

Felix’s Silvia

A lot of different variety at the meet.

@YoungTokyo’s Echo

@kid.dynamo’s GX81 Mark II

Jon’s Mini Countryman

Jason Tang’s IS? Did he remove the wrap or is this someone else sporting the midnight legends banner?

Jay’s MK4 Jetta aired out

Carley’s bagged Tiguan R-line. Everything should be bagged lol

Funny – Jay and Carley never had bubbletea before this meet. Good to try something new! haha

Matte jade-wrapped R6

This thing brings back some memories. LS460 and it looks to be lowered on stock air suspension – perhaps using a controller? Just needs some big boy wheels…

AJ’s bagged F30

R34 Skyline

Golf R on some RE30’s. JDM x Euro mix.

Shawn’s Integra from Custom Decals

10th gen Civic with some aggressive livery

Lancer on TE37’s

More aggressive livery on this Focus ST

Ryan and Jackie came out too

Jackie’s Tundra on bronze TE37’s

Red Supra rolled in a little later…

And this Silvia on bronze TE37’s…

Rare to see Celica’s nowadays… Even just driving on the road…

Maybe they’re working towards the rusted hood look?

Jack’s Silvia with great fitment on those Nismos..

Danny’s bagged Allroad on a set of velvet red Rotiforms.

Probably my favourite car of the night was Rob’s bagged 740. This car has been put together so perfectly and has such a great presence. The paint is immaculate and the fitment of the Emitz is bang on. This is a very perfect example of how Euro VIP should be executed. The touch of the JDM work wheels is a nice cherry on top to his build. Absolute perfection.

I wish the length of this was easily depicted in the pics… This will have to do…

Even Dicken in his Evo showed up – don’t see this thing come out too often…

Type R gang

Jacobs’ M235i on Advan’s

Chelsea’s super clean Ultrasonic Blue 3IS lowered on RSR springs. I love this colour.

Howard’s super clean IS-F on Volk TE37’s

Jonathan’s 335i

Static GS rolling through…

Aria playing with Kona in the shade..

Showing off her bubbletea shirt that Diana made for her LOL. I drew the design quickly in Procreate and Diana cut it out on holographic vinyl. She was so stoked to wear this all day.

Even Tim in his EG rolled through. I see this thing once a year at the illmotion show and shine but I had the chance to see it before then… That’ll make it two times a year LOL

R35 GTR on bronze TE37’s. Classic look.

S2000 on TE37’s

Evo on bronze TE37’s and a Voltex wing out back. I liked this look.

Bagged STI on bronze ZE40’s. That fitment was TOIGHT. Looked real good.

Another Euro on RE30’s… Probably one of the only JDM wheels that look better on a Euro car than a JDM car… IMO…

Sonic Grey FK8.

Dicken’s Evo X.

Paul’s Accord wagon aired down on Superspeed RF03RR wheels. Such a good look for his car. Glad he was able to make it out despite not liking bubbletea XD

Had to get another shot of Rob’s 740… Phew…

Subie trio

Spencer’s WRX

Pat’s 1JZ IS300

Adrian and his K20 EJ Civic on bronze CE’s. I love shooting red cars…

Let this be known that whoever is in this picture is the one that popped your hood pins, Eric… I’m not going to name names but I heard he goes by ABG hunter…

Some crazy wrap on these wheels… As she was rolling through the sun, I swear the wheels were lighting up and flashing. hahaha

Black on black Tundra

Josh and Punit. I swear every time, at least one of these guys try to poke my OCD and do something I hate taking pictures of… Y u no straighten wheel, Josh?!

From this angle, you can’t tell Punit didn’t wash his car…

At least from this angle, the turned wheel works…

Bill came in his new S15 – still a work in progress – but good progress so far! I’m glad he was able to get his dream car finally.

Tim’s EG on black TE37’s with Spoon brakes peeking from behind…

Joe brought out his CTR this time over the Porsche…

Haider’s FRS on RPF1’s

That GTI from earlier where I thought the wheels were putting on a lightshow… Pretty clean!

Rin fell asleep for most of the meet with Diana…

Quick overhead shot of half of the lot…

The last shot on my camera was Jesse rolling in with his R32…

Great turnout! So good to see a nice, full meet again… See you guys in 2 weeks!

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