Cars x Bubbletea – July 26th

Everyone be sliding into my DM’s like “yo Jason where’s those Friday pics?” and I’m all like “yo guys, I have two kids to keep alive still – they be up when they up alright?!”. Just kidding – but also half serious LOL. I know some of you probably saw me either lugging around a car seat with Rin in it while snapping some photos or I had Aria running circles around me and photobombing my shots and if you didn’t know who that loser was, well now you know! It’s a new skill I have to master because squatting for every picture while holding a car seat isn’t exactly the easiest thing and making sure your toddler running around doesn’t get hit by a car while taking a picture isn’t exactly easy either hahaha.

Anyway – last Friday was a pretty good turnout! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out – it was nice to see some cars you don’t normally see at regular meets (or shows for that matter). It was a beautiful Friday and the weather was perfect – I don’t know the exact count and I didn’t take pictures of every car that came through unfortunately cause we had to leave – but there was about 50-60 cars that came out and that’s pretty decent! Whether this turns into a weekly thing or not is still up for debate and I know it kind of crosses into a whole bunch of other weekly meets like the Beyond meet and Barlow meets and whatever else there is, but it’s a change of scenery if anything.

Things learned for next time:

  1. Maybe let Chatime know we’re rolling through because apparently we killed them on Friday LOL.

That’s it. I literally can’t think of anything else – the lot was great. Behaviour was great. Attendance was great. Damn – ya’ll just so good! Anyway, here are some pics that I could get… If anything, just check Instagram stories to see if there’s a meet each Friday. I’m sure it’ll be reposted and you’ll see it eventually!

The crew right at 7PM. LOL Not many of us at this time… Thought it was going to be a bust.

Yoseph’s supercharged Si sedan.

Jacob’s M235i on black Advan RS-DF’s. Love this combo

Jon’s Mini Countryman S.

Altezza on Gram Lights

Neal’s impeccably clean and mint VW rabbit. Like literally mint inside and out – it was good to finally see this in person.

On the polar opposite end of that is Brad’s VW Beetle – equally good to see. At one point, they were even hitting the car with keys… LOL

JC’s 3IS on some brand new shoes – Work Kiwami CR’s in bronze.

A closer look. Literally out of the box the day before haha

Trung’s CTR on CE28’s with a meaty 265. Pretty perfect fitment here.

Errol’s CTR on TE37’s

Southboy Corey’s S2000. Never see these guys anymore – we were surprised they actually came all the way from the South for this.

Southboy Ryan’s EP3 – should be no stranger to anyone by now but it sounded like he was burning 2018 fuel for this lol.

Southboy Jason’s CTR looking good. I think there were about 10 CTR’s in attendance that night or something crazy like that LOL.

From the rear you can see Jason’s new Greddy Supreme SP exhaust.

Rich’s IS300

Team white is back

CTR on CTR on CTR…

Rear shot of Brad’s beetle.

JC on baby duty watching Rin while I went out to take more pics lol.

Aria photobombing pics. Like literally every single one lol. Thought this one turned out good though hahahaha

Her hand got in the shot, but at least the car still looks good LOL!

Chris’s CTR on ZE40’s and KW V3’s – pretty crazy. The only one I know of that went the coilover route. Looks sick… Sorry Chris – Aria got in the way of this one too haha

Here’s a better shot I was able to snap while I asked her to move for like a millisecond.

Don’t see many of these around anymore… Hawkeye STI

Simple and clean BMW

Eric from Zokusha Tuning’s Sienna bagged out on Advan GT’s. Still my favourite local van. I wish I had the money to build this because this would be the only van I’d rock the hell out of haha


I still have a soft spot for 370z’s… One day I’ll have one.

A spin on what looks to be the Advan livery but in purple on this Miata.

Mustang. No bystanders were hurt at this meet. This one behaved…

Man… When was the last time I saw a Prelude at a meet? Looked like a work in progress maybe?

A pretty clean 240SX

Pat’s 1JZ swapped IS300. One of the cleanest (if not the cleanest) IS’s in town… Such a perfect look.

One of two FRS’s (I think) that came to the meet. The mems.

I remember when FRS/BRZ’s used to be rampant at meets… Looks like they all moved to CTR’s hahaha

Jack’s LS-swapped Silvia. Always awesome seeing his car…

Mustang on TE37’s. Enough said.

Stewie’s CTR on TE37’s

Gerald’s newly acquired CTR in black…

Another 370z…

WRX on Weds

James from Yokohama Canada showed up in his Genesis G90. This thing is a damn boat but so sick! LOL brings me back to my VIP days… I get the itch to build another once in a while… Would be sick to see this thing aired down on some Leon Hardiritt’s or Work Emitz…

Punit showed up in his Integra. Pretty sure he hasn’t cleaned it since Canada day but I’m not judging. I think he came just to pick up the hair gel I got him… lol

Justin’s S2000

Joe’s Cayman

Benny’s CTR – he also traded his FRS in for this lol

Clean Corolla Levin

Al’s BMW X5M. My fave gen for the X5

Steve’s M3 on TE37’s

Brandon’s RSX on bronze CE28’s. I think I liked the white TE37’s more but I’ve always been a fan of white on black. Can’t go wrong with bronze Volks though

Aria almost got in the shot for this LOL. Another CTR with TE37’s

Clean Type R on TE37’s

Sunny’s 3IS on Gram Lights

Aggressive S13… Don’t know the owner? Is this Felix?

Spencer’s WRX

Andrew’s IS-F on Leon Hardiritt Jager’s in a custom gold finish. Still such an underrated brand and wheel in the VIP scene. I wish there were more of these around.

Soaps’ S2000 on refinished TE37’s

Shawn’s Nismo 370Z with such a perfect ride height. So clean – this is what I want!

I think this was the only other FRS at the meet on Friday.  Haider just picked this up a few weeks ago.

A shot of the 3 rows of cars on one side

And kind of a terrible shot of the 2 rows on the other

Josh brought out his EG too! Haven’t seen this in a while – it’s becoming a unicorn…

Diana on mommy duty with Rin lol. It was like a family affair with us hahaha I think more of you need to have kids so we’re not the only ones…

Aria getting bored and entertaining herself with rocks LOL

The fam

Lanny came down too with his C-class on 20’s. Deeeep

Old and new

Another random shot of JC’s new wheels

And a nice one to finish it all off – good meet! Looking forward to the next one!

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