Happy Canada Day!

Late post… But better than nothing.

Had some Canada Day theme going on outside our place this past weekend. Thought it was cool. We always have a problem with having coloured cars… It’s always either white, black, or red LOL.

Been waiting to put on a level one decal on the CTR. Didn’t feel right to put it on a stock car… Feels wrong LOL. JC brought this one over for me finally 🙂

Took some quick shots as well – everyone’s car was dirty but still looked good. Been a while since I’ve seen Punit’s Integra.

Aria decided to come out too but has no concept of personal space or line of vision!! Darn kids. Rich’s IS is there somewhere…

Oh there… I’m really digging the look of his IS. He painted practically the whole front end himself in his garage and it’s pretty good! Wouldn’t mind owning one of these one day…

JC’s new IS sitting on the new RSR Down springs that we got him for his birthday already. Perfect drop… Just needs wheels *cough cough*.

He also installed that expensive ass set of OEM visors too.

Here’s that Canada Day theme going on…

And then finally got that decal on. I ended up moving my “lifewithjson” one to the rear to even things out. Was a little too busy up front…

Is it just me or is a decal sometimes like the cherry on top for some cars? The levelone decal is so perfectly simple and symmetrical (for an OCD guy like me) to really just finish it off, even if it is just a decal.

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