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As I sit here 43 days since my post on the hiatus of the blog, I find myself feeling grateful and oddly nostalgic about each key stroke within the publisher. Although it really hasn’t been that long, it feels like there’s been somewhat of an awakening, if you will. After I pressed “publish” on that last post, in my mind, I walked away from the blog and pretty much closed that chapter in my life. Unfortunately, as human as I am – it is tough to let go. I would come back and check on the blog like a child to make sure it was still good or to see if there were any messages left in the void that I had left behind and oddly enough… There are also people that seem to have trouble letting go as well. And while I still entertained the comments and emails, I still thought to myself that this was it for now… #lifewithjson would remain a memory until I had the time and energy to bring it back to life again.

This was from today. As I mentioned, I have this bad habit of going back to check on things and when I saw that notification bell, I was curious as to what could be happening… Stats are booming. Why? I haven’t posted anything, I haven’t done anything. It’s an odd thing – it could be because there was a surge in certain searches and as a coincidence, it all brought them to the site, it could be because of certain events that bring them around every once in a while at the same time… I’ll never know.

As usual – take it to social media! Honestly,Β  thank you all for the support. It really does mean a lot to me that people still enjoy coming here and reading random things that I write about. Initially, even Diana had tried discouraging me from stopping and I guess she was right in the end.

I can’t promise to have bangin’ content or continuous updates but I’ll make an effort to keep this going. I guess now that I have the CTR, I’ll have more to post about… That, and two kids running around… I’ll try and pick up my camera in between all of that. Looks like we’re here to stay for a little longer. Thanks guys πŸ™‚

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