VEX Performance: A Peek at Some JDM Icons

As mentioned in my previous post with Jimmy’s wagon – I managed to take a few candid/BTS shots inside VEX while he was wiping down the car and I thought I’d share a few with you to get you a glimpse at the inner guts of their shop. A lot of people kind of just go to a shop to get their work done, but they don’t always get to see what goes on behind those doors that say “EMPLOYEES ONLY”. What’s behind those doors? Is it big? Do they even work on cars? And it becomes this very mystical thing to regular Joe’s that only know that maintenance is an expensive but necessary thing in their lives.

I consider myself lucky because I get the chance to go through those doors most times because of what I do. To me, it’s like being in a toy store all over again – being able to see what happens and what cars are being worked on. It’s not my area of expertise and I don’t spend a lot of my time in a shop – but it’s a cool thing to be able to hang out and just be surrounded by car related things. Either way – one of the shops that has been long-standing for quite some time has been VEX Performance. Ryan and Jimmy are the two main baes of the shop and with a plethora of knowledge between the two of them, you’d be hard pressed to find another shop that can give you very specific and detailed directions on everything car related. I think that’s one of the main reasons VEX continues to be a successful physical storefront – you don’t get that type of service and expertise through online web stores or by chatting with a customer service rep online. It just doesn’t happen.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a full blown review on VEX – as I didn’t get shots of everything like their store front – Jimmy insisted I wait until they get the shop tidied up and ready for actual pictures. I just wanted to do a quick walk around their massive shop area and show you guys what goes on back there. Full shop pics to come soon…

In one of the corners of the shop – we have a GTR with it’s front end laying in pieces – getting some engine work done.

A shot of one side of the Alpha Carbon Fiber intake on the GTR

I believe this one also had an Armytrix exhaust as well. I got a shot of the burnt tips but it had a reflection of my shoe in it that I was too lazy to edit out LOL.

VEX also had another side to their already massive shop which they just took part of the wall down so they can now walk through. This S2000 was over in that corner.

Over in another corner – we have a yellow R34 GTR V-Spec awaiting it’s turn to get some work done

A rear end you can’t miss…

Sitting on Advan GT’s and a colour matched BBK

Right behind that was a yellow FD RX7

Man, I really want an FD in my life…

Rear quarters of the FD and the R32 GTR in black beside it.

The lighting here and the DOF almost made it look like a diecast model display lol

A set of BBS SR’s getting ready to be mounted

Another FD RX7 in red wearing Bronze TE37’s

Jimmy’s TE37 Sagas sitting off to the side

A caged and torn apart STI acting as a storage/parts car for now.

One last one of the red RX7 from the rear quarter to end it off…

Hope you enjoyed!

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