8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 4

Part 4 is gonna be a big one. I decided to just power through the next 117 pictures last night so I could finish the show in 5 parts rather than drag it out. I know everyone wants to see pictures, so let’s get ‘er done. For the most part, part 4 is the rest of the team/individual entry lot that I finished up.
If you don’t see your car here, you may see it in the last part as I went around with my other lens and took a few more pics of some favourites or interesting cars I missed the first go around.

Lots of big hitters in this post… Also, this post includes my new service: Lifewithjson Dating Services. Apparently my first post where I gave Brandon a shout out about caught some big wind real fast and then I got some more requests for them so if you’re a single lady, read on – you may find some eligible bachelors that might interest you…

Starting off with the Grom crew… I know all you guys on them, but I don’t know who owns each one (sorry). I just know I want one.

Laid out 7-series – one of the nicest and well-done VIP builds locally right now.

Yellow Altezza on Work Emotions

I’ll be moving kind of back and forth in the row so it might be jumbled up a bit. We’ll start with the baller row of Toyota SUV’s – mainly 4Runners – on TE37’s. Like every single one of them… Making me want one too…

Danny’s 4Runner

Levi’s 4Runner 

Nick’s 4Runner

Andy’s 4Runner

Alfie’s 4Runner

Kimberley’s GX470

Jackson’s Tacoma

And lastly – Jackie’s 4Runner. Dude went through the dirt and wiped down the TE’s. He knows what’s up.

Carley’s 240SX in the Still Plays with Cars group

Nismo Juke on air

Gabriel’s Integra on CCW’s

Over on the other side – Aimgain flared and boosted BRZ on VS-XX’s

Jason Tang’s Aimgain/Varis BRZ

RB 240SX with 6666 livery. I really dig this combo and look.

Mike’s bagged hawkeye STI on white ZE40’s. I haven’t seen white ZE40’s but I really like these.

David’s RB 2JZ Silvia. Another awesome build of the show.

Jay’s bagged MK4 Jetta on BBS’s

Super clean black R32

Blue on blue MKIV Jetta

Another of Carley’s cars – a VW Tiguan with rose/pink gold wheels and accents. I dig this colour a lot actually.

Harry’s bagged GTI

A bagged S5 on Meisters. This look will never get old.

F20-powered AE86. No stranger to shows but always a welcome face.

Derrek’s ’94 Integra RS with one of the cleanest swaps you’ll ever see. I regrettably didn’t get a shot of it. Womp womp.

One of Josh’s cars at the show that day – his CTR on bronze TE37’s. A winning combo.

Nick’s Porsche 911 GT3 on TE37’s and a Voltex wing out back looking fresh as always.

Josh’s other – neglected – car was also at the show. Driven in by his dad as you saw in my first post. I don’t know why he doesn’t drive this more… But I guess if you have this and the Type R, it kind of becomes a tough decision. He says the CTR is better to drive in every way and I believe it, but there’s just something about a well built classic Honda that I probably couldn’t stay away from either. Probably the reason he has both… haha

Eric’s S15 laying super low on SSR’s. This is a great combo and probably one of best S15’s out there right now. He’s always pulled off the super aggressive and clean looks well on his cars.

Brandon’s RSX on TE37’s. Remember ladies, he’s single if you don’t mind doing dishes. Slide into his DM’s – his Instagram profile is private, but he really accepts anyone.

Trung’s Voltex S2000 on bronze TE37’s. One of the newer additions on his car were the EVS carbon door cards which obviously you can’t see here but they look dope.

Aldo’s white on white S2000. I hear that he’s sold the car and moving on… But I have not had time to confirm this with him… We’ll see.

Logan King’s bagged STI wrapped in red.

Another bagged and wingless STI right beside him

Justin’s S2000 on matte black TE37’s

My piece.

The only thing that makes my piece better is Levi modeling in front of it. I mean, he’s covering a pretty crucial part of the car, but I’ll let it go because he looks like he’s new to this type of gig…

I’m not sure if this was any better but again… But Hugo seems to be going with it…

I mean, I guess I’m thankful someone was willing to pose with my car… Thanks Levi!

Adrian’s K20 EJ1 Civic. If you recall from Driven – he recently had his whole exterior resprayed by Devon and it looks fantastic.

A shot under the hood. Adrian also went on to take an honour roll award home on Sunday – a lot of work has gone into Adrian’s coupe over the years and mostly by himself with the help of friends.

Gopesh’s flared GTI on BBS’s. Haven’t seen this thing in a minute.

Rob’s static and slammed STI hatch on VS-KF’s.

Kanji’s aired out BRZ with Aimgain flares.

Punit’s aired out GS450h. This thing is for sale btw – so hit him up @pdotpatel on instagram. He is also single… So if he sells this, he’ll have a ton of cash to buy you lots of chai and provide you free UPS delivery services of all the Hermes and Louis Vuitton bags and shoes that you’ll be ordering online paid for by the man himself.

Robert’s (AKA JC) CT sitting pretty as usual. Ladies, if you’re looking for someone that is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy – Robert is your man. He’s got great taste in music so rest assured knowing that if you need some baby-making music, JC will have it at the top of his playlist for you. He’s also one of the only Filipinos that I know that’s never late. That is worth more than gold, ladies.

Metallic red-wrapped G-wagon. I normally wouldn’t say I liked metallic wrap, but it’s not bad on this. I mean, I’d roll around in this.

Steve Chan’s GTR – also for sale. But he’s not single – don’t slide into his DM’s, please.

Ryan O’Hara’s EP3 on ZE40’s. It’s cars like Ryan’s that I look up to because of how long it’s been around. There’s only a few of them now – but even in my first car show back in 2008, Ryan was still rocking his EP3. It’s still very much relevant today but man… If only I could learn to keep a car that long…

Corey O’Hara’s S2000 on CE28’s

Last in the line up is Rich’s Honda Element with a bunch of really unique features that sets the Element apart from all the others you see on the road. From the very sick retrofit, to the retrofitted Honda lip and a custom lip spoiler and diffuser out back.

Rich here is also single and ready to drop the beats in your panties. Ladies, if you’re tired of DJ-ing yourself, let Rich be your DJ, if you know what I mean. He was doing it from practically 9AM till 4PM on Sunday – so you know he can go the distance.

Jeevs and his Porsche out of the lot, but still attracting a lot of attention as per usual.

Over on the last row, we start off with a 1-series in the Bavarian Brigade group.

A very clean Hyundai Genesis. I’m starting to not mind these at all with the way people have been building them.

Slammed Chevy Impala on some dubs – not sure what size but I dig.

Shane’s FRS on Gramlights with carbon exterior accent pieces all around.

Flared 3-series

A storm-trooper themed Focus ST

Another 135i in the Bavarian Bridge group.

J. Rafael’s M235i

Jeremy Law’s flared JDM GC8

Lime green Supra from roll in.

Ending off the Bavarian Brigade line up was this almost-camo themed 335i

White on white Focus ST

Bill from ThreeTwenty and his Ford Focus SE with an ST-swap – one of the very first in Canada, if I recall. He didn’t get his new wheels in time for the show but that’s alright because this is still a great looking set up.

My friend Bill here has been in the photography game for a while now and while he shoots mainly cars, I hear that he also likes shooting boudoir and lingerie sets. So if any of you ladies want those shots for free for your Instagram, Bill has his left ring finger open and free just for you.

Over on the other side, we have Mario’s Ford Fiesta ST with his newly added SS-tuning flares on the front which I mentioned look really great from roll in. I really dig the flow of it and the bolt-less install.

Mario here enjoys his women like he enjoys his food and cars. Although he’s driving an American car, he can’t help but add touches of the Import scene on there as well(Stickydiljoe plate frame). Whether you enjoy your late night ramen or if you’d rather just sip on some refreshing Arizona iced tea – Mario is your dude. Hell, if you drink your iced tea with your ramen, then I can’t see a match more perfect than Mario.

Mustard and ketchup side by side as usual but a good looking pair nonetheless.

Interesting livery design on this widebody hatch.

Derrick’s Camaro LS

Sue’s always clean and minty 240SX-vert. As some of you may know, Sue stumbled across this very immaculate 240SX and I’m glad that it was her that did. If anyone else would’ve, I’m sure this would’ve been rocket bunny’d and cut up by now but her plans are to keep it as stock as she possibly can. I’m glad for that because you don’t see these every day in the condition that it’s in. It’s almost like it just rolled off the show room floor…

Another heavy hitter of the show was this Evo IX in full Voltex aero and bronze ZE40’s. Lots of awesome goodies on this car and this starts off the Legit Society line up.

Evo X on TE37v’s and Voltex goodies.

And another Evo X with Varis goodies this time on TE37’s

And another Evo X on Meisters

And a Ralliart on TE37’s and a Voltex lip

And another Evo X with Varis and Voltex on bronze TE37’s

And another with Varis goodies on Advan’s

Whoa c-c-c-c-combo breaker! But a very welcome one at that. A very clean R33 on XD9’s. I always joke that these look like Impala’s from that back because of the design, but when built like this, they always look so good.

A BRZ series yellow

With an Edelbrock Supercharger under the hood. Quite a pricey set up but very nice nonetheless.

Xavier’s beetle in a very nice orange/red colour.

Another clean Genesis owned by Iain

Bugeye WRX flared wagon on red Te37’s

An FA5 on Gram Lights

This S4 was super dope – another one from roll in that was trailering his matching bike.

And there she is…

The two together. I love the lime green accents with the silver and black.

I believe this is an RB Genesis kit – I liked the colour on this a lot.

RB FRS on TE37V sans the RB livery that it used to have.

Kai’s 86 looking fresh with that TRD lip kit on ZE40’s. I really really like the new front bumper – makes me want to do a conversion too.

Syke’s hyperblue STI on TE37’s

This one is new to me – a super clean almost battleship grey STI on white TE37’s and a Voltex wing out back. I really like this combo – but white wheels have a special place in my heart.

and to end the line up – Carlo’s Varis VA widebody WRX. I can’t express how much I really love this new set up of his and even more so in red. Super killer.

One more angle down low.

As I was walking through taking pics of the Legit Society group, I couldn’t help but think to myself about how well the builds have been put together in the group. For those of you that don’t know, Carlo is the founder of legit society and like all groups – is made up of a small circle of friends. This may or may not be related – stay with me here – but Carlo is Filipino and as one would guess – the circle of friends that showed up at the show last sunday happened to ironically also be Filipino.

Now before I go on to what I thought to myself as I finished walking down legit society’s line up – I just want to say that I am half Filipino, so I am not being racist and Carlo is also a good friend that likely won’t be offended in anyway LOL

As you probably noticed by the pictures – the legit society guys love their Evos and STI’s. As I finished snapping pics of Carlo’s car – I couldn’t help but think that this group of Filipino guys probably got so sick of the damn relation to Rota (Rota is made in the Philippines) that they went and said “puck dis shit” and went and built the damn RAYS/Voltex/Varis catalogue cars. I couldn’t preaking belieb it. This is not a bad thing at all – in fact – it’s actually amazing how fast and well these guys put their cars together. Kudos to you guys for having one of the best line up of cars I’ve seen in a long while. Magaling! To everyone else in the group that’s not Filipino, you have equally well built cars too 🙂

If I have a bone to pick with anyone, it’s this guy Lanny and his super clean S4. This guy has the nerve to spend close to an hour with me at roll in – we were talking about life and cars and everything and he even lives in Airdrie like a community down from me. Then he has the nerve to go and post his photoset coverage on Facebook of the show and didn’t even take one damn picture of my car. I scrolled through that shit like it was on fire while I was on the toilet and man, was I upset.

I even made the effort to go to the end of the lot and said to myself “I better get a pic of this Lanny-guys car cause we’re cool”. Anyway, I hope you’re reading this and you feel bad. Your daughter is super cute too. Just kidding by the way 🙂

Again… Not going to try with the truck but this looks dope as fuuuuu.

MKVII GTI with Meisters and some big Porsche brakes underneath. Love it.

A B5.5 Passat Wagon – I love these things slammed so much.

Another great one in the line up was this MKI Golf Cabriolet. Classic VW’s are among my favourite to see done up like this.

Another super clean VW on BBS’s

And lastly to end the line up and this post is this MKVI Golf R slammed down on I think OZ’s? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway – that ends this for this long ass post. The final part 5 will be up tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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