8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 3

Let’s get started on part 3, shall we? Admittedly, I thought I was going to get this coverage done in 4 parts, but after doing this batch last night – I realized I have a ton more to go through… So stay with me on this. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to power through all the photos in one sitting nor do I want to eat up all the bandwidth I have here by posting all the pictures in one or two posts lol. I did that last time with the Driven coverage and it pretty much broke everything no matter what browser/computer you used.

Anyway, part 3 takes us through the “other side” of the show/lot and the only real difference is that this side is all team/individual entries. Quality is no different on either side. The one interesting thing about the individual entries is that many of the cars that do show up are cars that I don’t see or have ever seen around and so it adds a nice breath of fresh air to the show for me. I may not know them personally, but trust me when I say that it’s nice to see these new builds coming to these shows because it indicates that the car community stretches much further than I thought. A few of the individual entries that I was able to see were from pretty young individuals and I say this from a pretty envious standpoint. All these young guys building S-chassis’s and bimmers and everything in between – when I was that age, I think I was driving my mom’s Corolla with no hope in hell that I was going to be driving a somewhat cool car.

But I digress – let’s just get a move on with part 3. We’ve got some cool whips coming…

Tommy’s R34 GTR sedan with the black and bronze TE37 combo. Tommy went on to win an honour roll award as well on Sunday which was very much deserved.

Under the hood, he’s sporting a twin turbo RB30.

This wild FC3S with an aggressive widebody and a 2JZ under the hood.

A very clean and immaculate Levin with TE37v’s

Jake and his S14 with an LS swap on Advan GT’s and CTS-V Brembos underneath. Jake’s car is so well built and clean – one of my favourite S14’s around.

A peak at the boosted LS underneath.

Ryan Dandurand’s Ferrari F355 slammed down on Meisters.

Mike Boulanger’s RX7 in red on a set of Advan RG’s and an Esprit wing out back. Always clean as usual.

I believe this S15 is “lady driven”, if you will. A super clean S15 Spec R, I think with some clean 326 power elements all around.

Binh’s Datsun 240Z. This thing was immaculate and incredibly well put together. It was my first time seeing this so this one was also another one of my favourites of the show. Underneath the hood was a plethora of titanium and carbon goods.

The colour looks “almost” like the lambo behind it but I believe it’s an original colour of the Datsun 112? I might be wrong and it might actually just be the same colour as the lambo… LOL EDIT: Confirmed by Binh himself that it is the original Datsun 112 colour

I have more shots of this later, but the front end of this is the “G” nose and was basically only built for Japan and badged as a Fairlady. Apparently a super rare piece that Binh was lucky enough to get his hands on.

Rear quarter shot and that wide rear. Bronze TE37v’s look great with the lime green.

On the inside, he was sporting an OG mesh racing seat. I only know all of this because Binh was nice enough to just talk about the car to anyone who came up and I don’t even think he knows me. I think Binh’s whole approach to the show was wholesome and genuine – something a lot of us, including myself – are missing. Although we’re all at the same car show, I think the difference is that we’re all there to “show off” what we built, while I felt that Binh was there to “show off” what he loves.

The key difference here is that we’re so entangled with the idea of trying to build something better than the person next to us that we forget that we do it because we just love doing it. Of course, we all want to build something great but when we forget the reason behind it – I think we start to lose sight of what brought us there in the first place. Binh told me about every unique piece on his car and why he loved it, he asked if I wanted the hood down or up for shots… There’s something genuine in that. It’s not for the scene points, kids. It’s for the love of the game.

Hawkeye STI with custom retrofits.

Very clean IS with a black/red combo. Almost makes me miss it a bit…

A very clean 240SX on gram lights

Aired out STI

Moe’s bagged Mustang GT

AJ’s bagged 335. I’m not sure what doesn’t look good bagged…

A nice line up of clean Silvia’s on this side. This one with the champagne-coloured body on bronze XD9’s

And an aggressive S13 right beside it

R34 in what looks to be close to midnight purple?

Another shot of that pink Civic from roll in. I still have more shots of this for later to show some details…

STI on TE37’s

Mike’s Civic – apparently the first time it’s been out in a few years? He’s done a lot of things to this and I always see him mentioning that it’s ruined or it’s garbage on his instagram but the memories stay with it!

Chris Allard’s clean white on white Integra on TE37’s. Don’t see too many DA’s around that aren’t all rusted out. Great job.

A taped spoon-themed S2000 on RPF1’s? I think that’s the look they were going for anyway.

White on white DC5

Aggressive Mustang aired out and flared out. Splitter that’ll cut your ankles and massive wing for the downforce.

Ray’s AKA Tito Bombet’s super clean MR2.

Romel’s ’77 Toyota Celica – what’s not to like on this thing? Those Filipinos be banging out wicked classics.

Drop top…

Benny’s incredibly rare R33 GTR R400. This man owns a number of great cars – including the AE86 you’ll see soon that I shot years ago. He just traded in his FRS for a CTR… I think he’s got a Ferrari… I don’t know the others…

Arnel Viray’s ’81 Celica. Another awesome classic.

Sunnie Au’s BRZ with tofu delivery livery along the side

And to end the Japanese classic row – Greg Legaspi’s ’76 Celica in yellow.

Not going to attempt the trucks again… Just know they’re cool.

Howard’s clean IS-F on grey TE37’s

Silvia on aggressive Work VS-KF’s

Another ‘newcomer’ was Terence’s freshly painted and put together K20 Civic hatch. I saw progress on this on Instagram but it kind of just stopped – likely intentionally to keep it a surprise. Admittedly, I talked to Terence at the show and even when I snapped this photo – it didn’t even click in my mind that this was his. It could’ve been because I was busy trying to get shots in that I wasn’t putting 2 and 2 together, but I only found out it was Terence’s when he won the Honour Roll award. I was literally mind blown.

We were talking about life, family and babies and I didn’t even once think to be like “yo Terence, your car is sick man”. I’m so sorry Terence! LOL

Either way – I’m glad I did get some good pics of this. Such a great build and well put together – we need more of these. Well done, Terence!

Brad’s Beetle looking great!

The nerve of this guy…

Shaylee’s S13 sitting low on Wedsports

Jacob’s M235i on bronze ZE40’s

3-series on mag blue TE37’s

3-series on Advan TC-III’s

Jack’s LS-powered Silvia

Arnold Wong’s CTR on bronze TE37’s. Can’t go wrong with champ white and volk bronze…

Arif’s EK with some new retrofitted headlights done by Aldrich. Lighting has always kind of been an underestimated addition to a car – if done correctly, this can change the look of your car completely.

And just ending it here for today. I didn’t have much time last night to get through everything I wanted to… Hopefully more tonight!

4 thoughts on “8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 3

  1. Killing it with the photos (as always) Jason!

    I forget the name but the colour on Binh’s 240 is actually the original paint code of that very car. It’s awesome that it was so close to the Performante; what a pair!

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