8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 2

Let’s get a roll on with part 2. I’m starting with the vendor/sponsor side of the lot and then in the next part, we’ll cover the team/individual side. Every year the sponsor side gets a little bigger and the prizes get a little better. While there are a lot of familiar cars in this lot, there is also a handful of newcomers that I’ve never seen before including a lot of different types of cars – not just of the import/euro variety – which is totally refreshing to see.

One day I hope that this show starts to attract a lot of the classics and more muscle to help spice things up a bit more. Everyone familiar with the show loves their imports and euros but there’s so much more out there that they can offer… Who knows, maybe it’s the fact that it seems like a boy-racer show that it turns the other crowds off. How can we change this?

Either way – enough chat – I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

We start off at the left of the entrance to the sponsor/vendor entrance with VEX – bringing out the big boys as always – starting with this super clean Supra.

Clean RX7 on Weds… I really want an RX7 one day…

Another Supra in white

An R32 also on Weds

Track-ready FRS

Camaro SS with an LS-swap. We need to see more of these!!

Money valve cover

Giuseppe’s S15 looking clean as per usual.

Landon’s RB S13

Lots of trucks came out on Sunday as well. I took this for Aria – she likes trucks lol.

Devin’s flared FC8

That cool fucking Ruckus I saw at Driven!!

Flared 350Z on bronze/bronze Work VS-KF’s

Spoon-themed ITR

Hyundai Genesis on CE28’s

Very clean IS-F on Work CR’s – I love the blue on white look.

Jimmy’s 3-series wagon sitting on an aggressive set of TE37’s

Bagged STI on Work CR’s

Lyle’s gloss grey Varis STI on CE28’s. This is still hands down the best wrap I’ve ever seen in person. It’s so clean in fact that it still looks like paint to me. Lyle messaged me a few days after Driven and told me that it was even wrapped in all the jams. Up close, you could barely tell it was wrapped on the corners and on edges – that’s how clean it is. Impeccable job!

The interior of Lyle’s STI had matching Status seats as well. Great attention to detail on his build. I love it.

An aggressive root beer coloured 350Z on Work CR’s and a GT wing out back. Not a stranger to local car shows.

Clean RX7 on bronze Advan RG-D’s

Gerard’s FD2 with a touch of Mugen and Spoon. The wheels look to be Work’s new emotion D9r’s? I had a shot of this during roll-in as well. I dig the spoon mirrors on this and the combination of parts on this and I think big reason this resonates with me is because I wanted one a long time ago.

Rear quarter shot.

3-series wagon on gold wheels and matching gold livery on the rear quarters

Nick’s A3 aired down on Niche wheels. Sorry for the sign in the pic – couldn’t get a better angle at the time.

Lowered F-150 – man… I can’t decide if I like trucks lowered or lifted. I’ll take both.

A 1952 Mercury M-7. This thing was wild – it sounded mean as hell too.

I love the rusted finish on it.

I want to say this is a Cummins diesel engine but I don’t know much about it to be sure. Someone can correct me on this if you know!

SO CLEAN. Right now, I like slammed trucks. LOL

Paul’s incredibly clean Accord wagon. Still probably the only one I’ve seen in person around here and he lives in Airdrie too! I think he had a set up in the car to play Mario Bros or Mega Man X if I recall correctly… That’s the way to win a 90’s kid’s heart – Mega Man X… Legendary.

Mike’s extremely clean bagged Camaro. I’m happy to see another black car with a great finish. Not too many of those… Although, his IG is flawlessdetailsinc – so I guess I couldn’t expect any less.

This was a pretty cool build – this was a narrow body WRX (pre-stock widebody gen) with flares built into it and it almost looks close to the stock widebody that Subaru used to offer. Bagged as well and wrapped in a glitter blue.

Again – I’m not scared to admit I don’t know what this is, but I was glad to see it there and I want to say I love it.

Yellow MR2

And the star of the show for me went to this guy. Completely out of no where it seems was this Pandem BOSS conversion Silvia. This was put together SO well and the colour choice was just perfect. I would trade my car in for this in a heart beat…

LS-powered under the hood

And the rear quarter. I think I have more shots of this later but this was incredibly well done. I’m not usually a fan of the cut rear bumpers to expose the metal framing, but I think this could’ve used it to really match the front. Either way – I need to build an S-chassis right now.

Shawn’s white on white Type R

Very clean and minimalistic EG on RPF1’s

The aggressive A7 you saw from roll in… (Corrected by Danny D – it’s not an RS7)

Kind of back to the quad crew that I took pics of rolling in – all aired out here.

Interior game on point.

Directly across from them – a flared out hawkeye STI

A Silverado aired down – I think? Someone tell me I’m wrong. THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT WHEN THEY’RE SLAMMED.  EDIT: As expected – I’ve been corrected on this – it’s not a Silverado, it’s a Colorado. I’m going to be honest and admit I didn’t know there was a Colorado. FUUU If I rolled around in a slammed truck in Airdrie… The looks I’d get… (because Airdrie all has lifted trucks)

This was another that was one of my favourites of the show. So different but SO good. The green paintjob with the gold accents and wheels everywhere just popped so well. We like to think our paintjobs are pretty good but the detail here is just insane…

Out back, the tank and hardlines set up with a subwoofer front and center…

And here’s where I was just mind blown. The design on his hood made it’s way into the dash and kept going. MAN… Too crazy. Great job sir!

And the last one in the group – again – I’m not going to guess because I’m just going to get it wrong – but bad ass.

A low down view of him basically laying frame and all the other components underneath. The cool thing about these is that the exterior – likely purposefully – looks worn down but all the components underneath and inside are cleaner than Brandon (@btl.88) washing dishes/wheels.

R34 Sedan with fender flares on Weds Kranze

Aggressive S14 on TE37’s

Liberty Walk G37

Stan’s Mazda Miata – squeezed in tight for this one.

Randy’s Rallybacker FRS and lambo doors.

Gerrick’s RB RC350

Modest STI on bronze ZE40’s. The headlights look to be custom too – almost derivative of the newer gen headlights with that frosted LED strip.

Steven’s Varis widebody STI on TE37’s now wrapped in black. A much darker version compared to his previous white set up.

Simon’s widebody FRS with cherry blossom livery

Lexus IS with an eerie resemblance to Black Panther’s Killmonger. Can someone confirm?!

Liberty Walk GTR

Zane’s Varis Kamikaze GTR – no stranger by now…

Jorge Magana’s GTR on bronze TE37’s

Lots of titanium goodies underneath too…

Top Secret GTR

Over at the Haute AG booth – the two LS swapped Porsches made their way to the show as well.

The BMW M coupe – AKA the shoe car – aggressive on those BBS’s.

That concludes part 2. I’ll be editing part 3 tonight and hopefully will have that set up tomorrow morning/afternoon! Thanks for joining!

2 thoughts on “8th Annual illmotion Sunday School Show and Shine – Part 2

  1. Orange slammed truck is a Chevrolet Colorado not Silverado! Dope coverage as usual and can’t wait for the next part!

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