Mini Red Roadster – Stanley’s Mazda Miata – Part II

Finally a follow up to Stanley’s shoot. All that was missing was rollers from the last set because I hadn’t gotten my wide angle yet. Then, after getting my wide angle – our schedules just never seemed to match up… Either he was busy, or I was busy, or there was a severe thunderstorm watch with hail included on the day we planned LOL.

Anyway, not a huge set – just enough to fill in the missing pieces and usually everyone’s favourites. As always, the only real reason I’m even able to get rolling shots is because JC is the pilot and knows exactly where and how to position his car in relation to the car I’m shooting and it always works out well. Shout out to JC !

Just a quick shot before we headed out

Typical sunburst in car photo…

Shooting at sunset is both challenging and rewarding. You have to take into account which way you’re going, where the shadows will be, and which roads you want to be on at the time to make sure everything works out for you.

For example this shot – shooting against the sun isn’t always ideal but it works if you can get the lighting and your settings right so that you don’t blow out the sky behind you or underexpose the car you’re shooting.

I dig the distant rolling shots because it adds a feeling of “space” to it all. Especially when there are no other cars around. Lots of rolling shots I see nowadays are really close and they’re great but you don’t get the feeling of a “fast” rolling shot. In this case, we were actually going pretty fast but the space in the picture helps add to the overall mood, IMO.

On the ramp to go for another run…

Other shots I like to do a lot are parallel rolling shots. A nice side profile rolling shot is always A+.

And ending it with probably my favourite one of the evening was just before we were going to get under the bridge with a little sun flare. I’m not typically a fan of sun flare, but it works well because Stanley’s car is a nice bright red… That paired with a nice open highway… It’s almost like you’re listening to “life is a highway”. LOL

Anyway that’s all for this post. illmotion’s Sunday School Show & Shine is this Sunday so I’ll have a ton of pics after that. If you’re not there, you’re missing out!

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