New Garage Lighting

Not a huge or overly exciting post, but pretty exciting for me LOL.

Been seeing Spencer post about his LED lights and I’ve been wanting to change mine for the longest time but never bit the bullet. Finally decided to do it and I regret not doing it sooner!

Took about 10 minutes to mount up. When I turned them on, it was like a damn show room. I want 2 more just for that extra lighting – it might be overkill but it would also be awesome as hell to work in – especially at night.

A shot of the lights hanging. I gotta find some nice way to manage the wires but it’ll do for now.

Don’t mind the mess in front of the car – I’ve been doing a bunch of yard things and I’m too lazy to put them away LOL.

You already know how much I hate taking pics of my car because of the black/black combo. With these lights, I can literally see everything now. Imagine two more LOL

And just a few more shots from the back. I think by adding two more near the door of the garage will even the lighting out nicely…

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