Beyond Meet – May 2, 2018

Just a picture dump of the meet on Wednesday. Sorry – I’m a bit late to the game on this – been busy! I think I’m slowly getting to the cause of my dark pictures. Trying to change picture profiles helped a bit, but it’s not where I want it to be 100% yet. I need to start checking RAW settings and import settings in photoshop – I know it’s 110% user error – I just need to know what.

Anyway, enjoy the slightly less dark pictures.

Lan’s dumped Audi S4 on WCI wheels. Literally perfect fitment on his car while aired down. This is one car you don’t see much of. Lan also lives in Airdrie, so it was cool to finally be able to cruise half way across the city with someone to come to this meet lol.

Bill also came out for a bit in his Focus SE (ST-swapped). It sounds mean as hell – I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Bill would get this aggressive with this build but he’s gone above my expectations for the build… And that yellow! A bit more refreshing than our boring ass white/black colour choices. My next car will be a proper color – I swear!

Nothing new to see here…

Sorry, I’m not sure of your real name – but @S2000adventures on the gram. Brandon also photobombing at the back… I didn’t even notice till I started editing.

Errol and his Type-R finally on his summer wheels – bronze TE37’s

Don’t know the real name of the owner either, but a clean RHD Civic Type R.

Barb/Steve’s GTR on mag blue TE37’s

Terence came out in his 911 on Advan GT’s. I think GT’s are my second favourite wheel next to TE37’s and this combo is perfect. Been a while since I’ve seen Terence, so it was nice to see him out in his new-to-me car.

Don also out and about in his mini cooper – looking mean and small as hell. Not a bad thing lol.

Rich’s Element

Jackie’s Tundra

Brandon’s 4Runner

Front of Jackie’s Tundra at f1.4 FTW

Kaylee’s S14 on Work Kiwami’s. You can’t really see the purple here but its nice!

Dustin – Kaylee’s husband – and his S15 right next to her with that sun setting in the back.

Jason Divina’s Type R – I didn’t get a chance to say hi to him, but I said hi to his car. I dig black! I don’t know if I like this more than champ white or not…

Andy’s Ralliart looking a little bare due to some theft that happened last year. Unfortunate that this kind of stuff happens, but at least he’s still out and about.

Mario’s Fiesta ST looking good in red.

Derrick’s white on white Camaro LS

Joe’s Cayman as seen last week.

Can’t get enough of this fitment and wheel choice! So perfect on Lan’s S4.

Rear fitment. Tight.

One last shot of the black duo together. I’ll admit – they looked good side by side.

One thought on “Beyond Meet – May 2, 2018

  1. I remember when I bought the Focus to be my sensible daily driver. I love how a second set of wheels snowballed into Frankenstein’s monster there.

    Thanks again for the awesome shot! Lots more to come for that car still though. 😉

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