Color Test Shots

I’m posting primarily to test color/exposure on different mobile devices and to also act as filler content. I’ve been racking my brain on what it could be, and I could have done more harm than good at this point, but I’ve come this far so I’ll try anything.

I’ve been playing around with the picture profiles and trying to see if it will recreate the same results of pictures before this whole fiasco. I seemed to have gotten close, but I’m not sure if I’m exactly there yet… I’ll try again tonight at the meet to see if I can get better pictures than last week.

Either way, here are some test shots in the garage…

DSC01201 copy

A shot of the TiBurnt valve stem caps.

DSC01207 copy

This one in particular is pretty dark on the front of the car, and this is where I feel like I did not find a solution…

DSC01205 copy

But then this shot looks fine with little editing to the exposure.

DSC01204 copy

This one as well – shows fine and the histogram looks relatively normal.

DSC01203 copy

Then I get this darkness… LOL my camera is possessed!


DSC01209 copy

And maybe a new, but minor addition. After years of owning the car with the original Level One decal – I finally replaced it with a new one. The original holographic part was starting to become brown and transparent.

Anyway – more test shots tonight! Let’s pray.

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