Japan Goodies!!

Late post – but better late than never right? It’s a filler so nothing too exciting, but cool to me nonetheless.

The homies came back from Japan last weekend and brought some goodies. I took a pic of some of the things they got me – while small, they are actually things I love – so that’s why I like to share.

A group shot of the goodies. One of my favourite mags that I like to read but don’t understand is Hyper Rev 86&BRZ. It’s massive for what it is but it has tons of unique builds and parts that you don’t see online or in other magazines. It’s pretty lowkey and local stuff to Japan that doesn’t really make its way here. Of course, there are big builds and more notable ones in there as well, but the small ones are the ones that catch my attention. I haven’t even cracked this one open yet…

Another is a special edition Takara Tomy 86GRMN edition. I was debating whether I should open this or not but decided against it. I’ll just enjoy the picture on the box and pretend…

Another is a TRD keychain. Small but meaningful to me. For a year now, I’ve been looking for a cool keychain. A YEAR.

At the end of the day, a keychain is a keychain but I’m super picky about what I wanted it to look like. Long, short, carbon fiber, no carbon fiber, leather, not leather. This list goes on. I ended up never getting one cause I couldn’t find the perfect one. Well, Punit and JC happened to bring back the perfect one without even asking if this is the one I wanted. Now I have a keychain! lol

The other cool part they got me is a TRD fuel cap cover. Yeah, it’s a cover, not even a replacement but it’s cool as fuck. The sad part of it all is that no one but me will ever see this. Not even at a car show will this be something someone can admire because nobody has their fuel door open at a car show. All of the things JC and Punit have gotten me for the FRS over the years have been cool as hell but are all parts nobody can see 😥

At least when I fill up gas, I’ll feel cool as hell. LOL

For Aria, they picked up a few shirts – this very appropriate Hello Kitty shirt. Another anime egg shirt and pants from Uniqlo. The kid has better clothes than me and Diana…

And a before shot of the fuel cap…

And after. COOL AS F*** RIGHT?!

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