T1R Front & Overpipe!

After a few months, the gifts the guys, Diana and my sister got for my birthday finally all made it in to AJ-R and I got the shipment earlier this week. Last year, they got me the T1R Power Header to open up the exhaust system a little more, and now to fully complete it, they got the T1R front pipe and over pipe. Now I just have to find some time to bring it to Jackie at Balance Auto to install. I don’t think I want to get under the car and do it myself after the header install LOL. It’s likely an easier install but I’m not in the mood – nor can I figure a way to get my jack under the car with the sideskirts lol. I need to find a better way to jack my car up on my own…

While I was at it, I asked Ben to throw in a AJRC Type-O diffuser as well to spruce the rear up a bit more and balance the wing out. I was debating for months on whether to get a Valenti 4th light or just screw it and get a cage. I still don’t know what I want to do… But I’ll have to decide before the car comes out of hibernation finally. It’s been a long ass winter mainly cause the weather has been pretty shitty.

It’s always exciting to have some parts laying around waiting to be installed!




The diffuser. Plain Jane for now – mainly cause there isn’t a diffuser that I “love”. Hopefully one day something cool comes out.. *Cough* Voltex


Until I have time, they sit on my desk collecting dust…

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