The Chronicles: Tokyo Night Meet

A little late to the game – but some shots Galen took at the Tokyo Night Meet by Stickydiljoe. Most of you probably already all know now but there was a lot of drama and the meet didn’t go as planned due to some that came too early and got security’s attention. Anyway, most of that write up is on for those that are interested. I just wanted to post the rest up of what Galen took that night.


Level One NSX on Bronze CE28’s. Can never go wrong with bronze on black.








Cambergang BRZ sitting super low





More shots of the NSX up close. Great fitment on the CE’s





I didn’t like the new Miata’s much but they’re starting to grow on me…



I don’t know what that character is in this R34 but I hope it’s Sephiroth. Because then I approve. LOL







Crazy. It’s like something you’d see over here in NA.






























Line up of Bimmers



Toyota Crown with a outlandish hood graphic




A beautiful white NSX on black TE37’s.






_dsc4851 _dsc4850 _dsc4849 _dsc4847 _dsc4846

*Not TE37’s






More shots of the Level one cars











If only it were paint matched…



_dsc4825 _dsc4823 _dsc4821 _dsc4820   _dsc4817 _dsc4816 _dsc4815 _dsc4814 _dsc4813 _dsc4812 _dsc4811  _dsc4809 _dsc4808 _dsc4807 _dsc4806  _dsc4804 _dsc4803 _dsc4802  _dsc4800 _dsc4799 _dsc4798 _dsc4797 _dsc4796 _dsc4795 _dsc4794 _dsc4793  _dsc4791

And just to end it off here – that same orange Fit from the Super Fresh Meet. Gutted interior and caged.






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