Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Part 1

Time to get started on TAS coverage from Galen! One of my favourite things about TAS is the uniqueness of it and how there is such an abundance of difference. It’s obviously something we won’t ever get here because there just isn’t enough brand awareness here for “local” shops. Most shops in North America are retailers for the big brands we get to see at TAS, and if there are original shops in North America, they are so few and far between that they wouldn’t be able to hold a massive show to showcase their creations.

TAS is huge for us because it showcases all the great, the weird, the outlandish, and the not-as-cool-as-I-thought ideas from everyone from the big hitters like Varis, Liberty Walk, and Volk/Rays to the displays of new concepts like the Civic Type R, F1 cars, and everything in-between. Things you’ll only see at either a car show put on by a vendor with public cars or at an auto show for the stock lovers. In a sense, TAS is the show that sets a new standard for our scene here by showcasing new ideas, we slowly learn to evolve to take it on… But that’s just me complaining a bit because I can’t go and I have to enjoy through Galen’s photos.  Let’s get started shall we…


In no particular order… Aston Martin Racing with a V12 Vantage


INGS+1 kitted FRS on TE37SL’s. I was fully expecting a GT wing on this…But I’m biased.


Honda S660 – something we don’t get here… But not sure if I would be interested personally.


FRS on bronze ZE40’s beside a GTR in the Wing Takeo booth



An aggressive S660 in the Top Fuel booth sitting on Advan RZII’s with an Endless BBK peeping through.


I have a soft spot in my hear for Toyota Crowns – mainly because we don’t get it and if I could do VIP all over again, it would be with this. I wish the hood was down on this one so you could see the front bumper better. It’s like they incorporated the new GS-F front in with the Lexus front fascia coming through. A nice combination of new gen and older gen.


More from the Aston Martin Racing booth. Crazy diffuser set up.




One of the crazier cars from the shots Galen took was this Liberty Walk C63 AMG on Airrex suspension.


The rear is not as crazy as the front with the splitter set up, but still very aggressive with the trunk lip.



Close up of the trunk lip.


Perfect fitment under the LB fender flares.


Awesome rear quarter shot of the whole car laying on the ground.




Close up of the 3SDM wheels in matte/gloss black





BMW M4 and M2 on display at the 3D design booth. I love the new M2’s a lot. The new BMW lineup almost looks practically the same from the 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series – it’s very subtle differences IMO. the only models that stand out a bit more is the 2 series and 6 series. I get that they want similar appearances, but come on BMW – it’s like you got lazy.


The new Bentley Bentayga in the Mansory booth. Not a huge fan… I mean, there are a ton of SUV’s a lot nicer than this one aesthetically, but what do I know, I’m just a peasant.


Crazy futuristic looking Audi TT – sort of looks like the Audi’s from Minority Report or i, Robot.



Gangster mobile – Mercedes G500. I think the rear could use some updating…


But I love the front end


Blast from the past! A fairly toned down AE86 Trueno sits in a sea of wild cars. Still an amazing car to look at though…


Wide bodied S15 from Super Made.


A view under the hood.


Some artwork from Rowen


Can’t imagine what this piece costs for the Ferrari 458 in titanium… More than you can afford pal, that’s for sure.


And a display of a Rowen quad tip exhaust system for the STI.


Red Bull/Formula Drift RX7 in the Gram Lights booth showcasing their new wheels – 57CR, I believe. I like these wheels – they’re eerily similar to Advan GT’s/TC’s but likely at a more attainable price.


Civic Type R – I’ll say it this one time – I don’t like a GT wing on this. lol


I love this gen Type R a lot – I would’ve gotten this over the FRS if this was available in NA…


Better angle. Nice colour combo 🙂


10th Gen Civic showcasing the underside





Blitz FRS


At first, I was really unsure about the Blitz widebody but now that i see it without livery and decals, it looks super aggressive and has decent lines. I’m surprised more people haven’t done this set up – it’s a lot better than Rocket Bunny… Or perhaps I’ve just seen too much RB…




The new NSX on display…



Another S660 in the Noblesse X Mirareed booth.


Another creation from Kuhl Racing – well known for their fully hand carved FRS and GTR’s in gold and silver. Now with a wild design on the hood of an R34


I love R34’s in this colour though – if I ever got a car with a colour, it’d be this blue.


And to add to that fully hand carved/etched theme – they’ve added an STI to the collection.


Super crazy, and I totally respect the work and hours gone into this but man, I don’t know if I’d ever be seen rocking it… _dsc4140

On the other side, you have – you guessed it – my favourite van of all time – the Toyota Vellfire also carved/etched out.


I’m telling you guys – if this ever came to NA, I’d own this van so fast. This and the Alphard are two vans that are such good designs both inside and out – I don’t know why they aren’t here. Likely due to the very aggressive styling and the worry it won’t catch on here… But look at the new Sienna – Toyota took the risk with a sportier and more aggressive look and it turned out to be a very popular design.


A better view from the side.


T/A RX7 in aggressive RE Amemiya aero


Perhaps aggressive is an understatement with this massive custom chassis-mounted Voltex wing.


Exedy Lotus on Volk ZE40’s. Every wheel Volk makes looks good on every car. Too awesome.


Varis FRS on copper wheels


A very clean example of a wide-bodied Integra on aggressive TE37v’s


Not overly wide, but aggressive enough IMO


A shot of the rears


Rear quarters remind me slightly of an R32. It kind of takes away from the clean body lines of the DC2, but it works.



Ending it here for today! More TAS coverage coming tomorrow! Sorry, it’s taking a while – write ups take some time between baby, work, and sleep LOL!

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