illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine: Part 3

We’re at the halfway point! I know some of you are probably like “why doesn’t this guy just post the whole thing?” Well, for one thing – it would ruin the suspense; two – I would run out of content real fast; and three – there’s like 100’s of photos and each batch deserves their own time on this damn page for at least 24 hours!

BTW – thank you everyone for the shares and the comments! I love it! Keep it going…

IMG_9696 copy

Aaron’s R32 on bronze/bronze Meister 3PC. Looking great.

IMG_9695 copy

IMG_9704 copy

Charlie’s Supra looking fantastic. Another one of my favourites at the show – looks great with the red wrap and the Ridox/Shine aero. The carbon accents work well – I enjoy this look more than the white wrap he had last year.

IMG_9702 copy

IMG_9706 copy

IMG_9708 copy

I’m not – and never have been – a fan of bugeyes but this tickled my fancy. Maybe it was how well the paint looked or the Meister combo but this was nice and simple. Well done.

IMG_9710 copy

An aggressive 350Z in a lighter rootbeer colour and gold wheels. I dig.

IMG_9711 copy

The matte blue/purple wrapped STI that we’ve seen a few years now. Still one of the cleanest wrap jobs and nicer colours I’ve seen.

IMG_9713 copy

IMG_9714 copy

This AE86 rolled in a bit later, but still cool as hell. I wish I had one to park next to the FRS…

IMG_9716 copy

Gabriel’s Integra taking up a premium spot all to himself. Looked fantastic.

IMG_9719 copy

Moving over into the other lot for a bit… There were a ton of people there that it was hard to take pictures at all… And you all know me…

Anyway… the beetle I was behind at roll in…

IMG_9720 copy

IMG_9721 copy

A dumped and matte wrapped BRZ with a RB V1 GT wing on Gram Lights. I think I’ve seen this brotha on Deerfoot one day.

IMG_9723 copy

Brandon’s Varis Evo X

IMG_9726 copy

IMG_9728 copy

Mark’s FRS

IMG_9730 copy

IMG_9732 copy

Garrett’s Miata looking clean as ever coming from Edmonton

IMG_9733 copy

IMG_9734 copy

IMG_9735 copy

IMG_9737 copy

Alex’s TL-S

IMG_9739 copy

Bill’s fresh-out-the-shop ST-swapped sedan. Quite an amazing swap, really. The first SE sedan to have the ST turbocharged engine put into it and Bill (and friends) did it all in record time in his garage.

I think the more notable fact of all this is that the engine was the salvaged heart of Mario’s previous ST that was involved in a car crash. Many parts were taken from it and revived in some form in Bill’s car – of course, engine included.  I guess you can say that Ketchup (Mario’s ST) lives on in Mustard (Bill’s Sedan) and that the two condiments really do go together (HA).

IMG_9740 copy

Propped up hood to show the new heart.

IMG_9742 copy

Mario’s new Ford Fiesta ST. The mini-me version of the Focus – following the same style and look as his ST, Ketchup now lives on as Sriracha.

IMG_9741 copy

IMG_9743 copy

Kyle’s Celica

IMG_9744 copy

IMG_9745 copy

Clean Toyota Chaser. There isn’t enough of these…

IMG_9748 copy

IMG_9749 copy

John’s R34 4-door sedan on Work Kiwami’s from Funky Garage

IMG_9751 copy

Ross’s R34 on aggressive ZE40’s from Edmonton

IMG_9753 copy

Bro truck. I’d still drive one.

IMG_9755 copy

Some clean Silvia’s in the coming line up. I believe 51Fourteen was kind of split up.

IMG_9756 copy

IMG_9757 copy

IMG_9759 copy

IMG_9760 copy

Mitch’s S14 on Meister 2PC

IMG_9761 copy

IMG_9762 copy

IMG_9763 copy

IMG_9765 copy

IMG_9767 copy

IMG_9768 copy

Davey-Lee’s Veloster

IMG_9769 copy

IMG_9770 copy

IMG_9771 copy

IMG_9772 copy

Ya dig!? Part 4 tomorrow!

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